Oct 21 – How to successfully setup and use the Duo App

Now that we have discussed what MFA is and what the different authentication methods are, today we talk about the best way to use the Duo App for our day to day operations.

First and foremost, we recommend that everyone use a PUSH notification as their primary form of authentication. The main reason is because this will work both with or without cellular service as long as you are joined to WiFi. So if you instruct or work in a building with poor cell service, joining the campus WiFi will allow push notifications to function.

DID YOU KNOW – If you do not have any wifi or cellular service you can still use the Duo App to generate the 6 digit number needed to authenticate. Open your Duo App, click on the account you need a code for and you will see the code. Then on the Duo prompt on the computer screen click on the “Enter Passcode” button. This will authenticate you as well.

Another best practice is to add a home and/or office phone to your Duo account so that if you forget or misplace your cell phone or tablet you can still authenticate so you can access campus resources and information. If you have a tablet you can also install the Duo App as another device that act as your authentication device. An Apple Watch also is quite handy when it comes to authentication.

Lastly, the Duo App can be used with other websites and services that use MFA. So you can add your bank accounts, social media, or any website that leverages MFA.

If you would like to dive deeper in to the functionality of your Duo App, their guide is a great resource and can be found here https://guide.duo.com.

Another resource that can be handy is the MU Duo Self-Service website available at https://myaccount.millersville.edu/duo/  Here you can manage your devices used for MFA.

If you have questions about the Duo App or MFA best practices please contact the Help Desk at 717-871-7777 or via email at help@millersville.edu.