Oct 5 – NCSAM – Get to Know These Social Engineering Red Flags

Ever get an email that just seemed off? An invitation to click on a link from a stranger, or a weird request from a usually trustworthy source?

Chances are these were examples of social engineering, cybercriminals’ attempts to manipulate, influence or deceive you into taking some action that isn’t in your own best interest or in the best interest of our organization.

Good cybersecurity practices and knowing social engineering when you see it go hand in hand. So this Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re sharing this training course covering the ins and outs of social engineering. You’ll learn:

• The different types of social engineering attacks cybercriminals use
• Key signs of social engineering
• What actions to take to avoid making yourself or or organization the latest victim of a cyber attack

MU Information Technology takes cyber security awareness training seriously. Starting this Fall, awareness training is required by all faculty and staff. The modules this Fall will take less then 30 minutes to complete and concentrate on password security, staying safe working in the cloud, how to report phishing, and the over arching “Your Role”.

Watch for your invitation in the coming days to take part in the Fall 2021 awareness training campaign.

If you have further questions, please contact the Help Desk at 717-871-7777 for email help@millersville.edu