Oct 30 – NCSAM – Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it’s a necessity all the time.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month may officially be over, but that doesn’t mean that you should ease up on your awareness activities. Organizations that prioritize security awareness are less likely to fall victim to the 13 email threat types. Regular education exercises are effective activities that are proven to reduce user click-rate and keep successful cyber attacks to a minimum.

Here are the action items that we ask ALL members of the MU community to do too help keep our digital lives more secure.

  1.  Get enrolled in Multi Factor Authentication. Email muncsam@millersville.edu to get signed up. Faculty and Staff will be using Duo Security and Students will be enrolled in Microsoft Authenticator.
  2. Complete your Cyber Security Awareness training. It will be active until Friday November 20, 2020.   You can login and complete the training at the following URL –   https://training.knowbe4.com/auth/saml/1a96552345e9
  3. Get enrolled in the Self-Service Password portal to equip yourself with the tools to manage your MU account. The portal can be found at   https://mumanager.millersville.edu/showLogin.cc
  4. Spread the word, she the above items with your colleagues. Send it to them in email, a text message, or phone call. It takes the masses too be more secure and it starts with each of us.

Remember, if you missed the presentation from Todd on Cyber Security Principles and Town Hall you may view that recorded presentation at   https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/185f3382-8e3f-4276-8c51-145b046ce5a1

If you have any questions about anything that was covered this month, please contact us by emailing muncsam@millersville.edu or contact the Help Desk at 717-871-7777.

Don’t forget “If you connect it, protect it!” and #BeCyberSmart.