Oct 7 – NCSAM Daily Reminder

What Is Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training is the process of providing formal cybersecurity education to our campus community about a variety of information security topics. Topics covered in security awareness training often expand beyond the digital world and discuss physical security and how employees can keep themselves and loved ones secure both at home and at work. Such training can take a variety of forms but is most often presented in an online or computer-based format. The training and the program are integral to building a culture of security in modern, digitally dependent campuses.

Why Is Security Awareness Training Needed?

Security awareness training is critical because cyber threats abound in our always-connected work environments. What’s more, threats are continually changing. The common thread for some of the most significant threats today is people; our colleagues, friends, and family. Hackers know people are the weakest link in many organizations and know their exploits can be successful. Studies show that 28% of an organizations employees would have difficulties identifying a phishing email.

The point of security awareness training is to equip the campus community with the knowledge they need to combat these threats. Employees cannot be expected to know what threats exist or what to do about them on their own. They need to be taught what their employers consider risky or acceptable, what clues to look for that indicate threats, and how to respond when they see them.

In the coming days, you will be invited to take part in the semiannual MU Cyber Security Awareness Training. MU IT has partnered with KnowBe4.com to offer awareness training for our campus community. Topics will include security awareness, phishing, mobile device security, and including COVID topics.  This email will come from “Millersville University and KnowBe4.com”, it is not spam or phishing this will be your invitation to train.

If you have any questions about the forthcoming Cyber Security Awareness Training, please contact the Helpdesk at help@millersville.edu or 717-871-7777.