Oct 24 – NCSAM Daily Tip

When it comes to passwords, it best to mix it up and stay unique! Keep them fun, easy-to-remember and don’t reuse them. #BeCyberSmart #CyberAware

Our partners at the Electronic Frontier Foundation have a great post on how to create a super secure password using dice. Computer passwords have the power to unlock vast troves of information, but some passwords are so simple that it’s easy for thieves to guess them. A common best practice is to steer clear of using familiar passwords (like “iloveyou”) and to add symbols or numbers to your passwords to make them harder to guess. However, attackers these days use computer programs to guess passwords—and those programs can guess millions of passwords every second. A password that such attackers cannot guess needs to be long and random. But long random passwords are notoriously hard for us to memorize.

For more details on creating passwords with dice, navigate to


FYI – Thanks to everyone who has taken the training modules after the last reminder. In the last 24 hours nearly 50 people participated!  Keep up the good work.