Oct 10 – NCSAM Daily Tip

There are many things that MU IT does behind the scenes to help protect our data and intellectual property from getting in the hands of the bad guys. One of which is we employ a technology to protect us at the DNS (Domain Name Services) level. Cisco Umbrella provides that first line of defense against threats on the internet.

Basically it means that anywhere you are accessing the Internet that traffic goes to Umbrella first and so it becomes kind of your secure on ramp to the Internet. That means IT is able to block computers from connecting to any sites that are hosting malware or phishing campaigns. This helps block threats before they ever reach our computers.

With so many people bringing their own devices to campus and connecting to Marauder WiFi, these devices could potentially already be infected with malware or other viruses. Umbrella can intercept any malware that might be communicating back to the attacker, so we are able to stop data exfiltration.

Umbrella helps keep MU secure. For example, in the last week, Umbrella blocked nearly 12,000 connections to malware associated web addresses. There were also close to 400 connections to cryptomining addresses from devices on campus. Umbrella not only helps block the traffic from getting to the internet, but it also helps our support techs know which computers might need attention.

If you would like to learn more about Umbrella and DNS security cut and paste this link to a partner site :

How IT Works: Security at the DNS Layer with Cisco Umbrella

http://cdw.io/gIVnXO Our expert security architect explains how DNS level security works using Cisco Umbrella, which taps the Cisco Talos SOC to vet 100 billion DNS requests daily.

Thanks for helping make MU become more #CyberAware.