Oct 8 – NCSAM Daily Tip

In many cases, credential sharing for a computer or software doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. If you’re in a hurry or out of the office, sharing credentials can allow someone else to give you a hand by performing a simple task or checking something for you. If the other person has the same level of access as you (like having an account on the same computer), it may not seem detrimental to let them use your account if they’ve forgotten their password. However, by sharing credentials you can put yourself and MU data at risk.

Today is Technology Tuesday. Stop by the SMC to connect with MU IT and the Cyber Defense Organization. We will be there from 11:45am – 1:00pm. Come with your questions.

** Due to a technical issue with the awareness training platform many emails did not make it to everyones inboxes. The invite will be sent again this morning. We apologize if have already received the link. **