Oct 7 – NCSAM Daily Tip

Security breaches have grave consequences for organizations. The average cost of data breaches increased by 15% compared to the previous year, reaching $3.5 million. Breaches can additionally lead to undesired downtimes and each data record that is lost or stolen and of confidential or sensitive nature cost an average of $145 to the organization.

Thus, it should be evident that security awareness must not be taken lightly by organizations as it can actually reduce the costs of doing business by mitigating possible losses from cyberattacks.

MU IT has partnered with KnowBe4.com to offer awareness training to all faculty, staff, and administrators. Everyone is encouraged to take part in the training. There is a 30 minute module that gives a general overview of phishing, social engineering, and more. Also included in this years bundle are 4 smaller modules on topics like ransomeware, mobile device security, travel wifi, and safe web browsing. The welcome message / invitation will be sent starting at 10:00am today and will come from muncsam@millersville.edu and be signed by Todd Echterling our Campus IT Security Specialist.

If you have any questions about the training, please contact the help desk at x7777 or help@millersville.edu.