Explore Emergence with Matt Grocoff on Campus Sustainability Day

On Tuesday, October 25th Matt Grocoff, founding principal of the Thrive Collaborative and net zero energy leader, will lead an exercise for Millersville University students to explore the connections between biomimicry, emergent behavior and sustainability.

Headshot_of_Matthew_Grocoff Matt Grocoff, Founding Principal THRIVE Collaborative

During the event, which will be held from 2:35 to 3:30pm in the Student Memorial Center (SMC) Reighard Multi-purpose Room (MPR), students will follow simple rules of behavior relative to the students standing around them.  Doing so will create system-wide patterns similar to what’s seen in this video.

The exercise is open to all Millersville University students and is one of two events being held with Matt Grocoff to celebrate campus sustainability.  The event will demonstrate how simple rules of behavior can lead to surprisingly coherent system-level results.  The discussion that follows will focus on what these understandings teach us about sustainability.

The event also serves as a lead in to Matt Grocoff’s talk at the Ware Center at 7pm that evening, which will be a profound look into the design opportunity of transitioning to visible, bottom-up, complex adaptive water, energy and food systems based on local knowledge and simple rules.

Learn more about Matt Grocoff’s visit to Millersville University.


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