Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to Millersville University’s Spring 2023 edition of MUsings: The Graduate Journal. As I write this message, a warm April sun is shining through my Lyle Hall window, revealing a beautiful but ordinary day. Students and faculty are walking to class, groundskeepers are preparing commencement, staff and administrators chat as they walk to meetings. All is going as it should on our campus.

That itself is remarkable.

The world has changed in many ways since we first confronted COVID-19 in March 2020. During the long months of seclusion brought on by quarantine and lockdown, the future seemed very uncertain. Now, I see an ordinary day and know that the strength and resilience of our graduate students and faculty have produced this remarkable outcome. We can carry on with our lives and our studies as we have collectively overcome these challenges.

The key to our success has been a wide-ranging dedication to innovation, particularly in online learning. Many faculty and students shifted to this modality during the pandemic, developing the teaching and learning skills necessary to succeed in the digital learning space. The shift to online graduate education is a positive legacy of the complicated times we faced together.

In the past year we have more than doubled the number of fully online master’s programs offered at Millersville, adding programs in Social Work, Language and Literacy, Nursing, English, and Integrated Scientific Applications. The flexibility of online programs will expand access to our programs, while ensuring that Millersville provides the quality graduate education we have been known for.

Whether online or in person, our students continue to pursue excellence in their studies. The articles contained herein provide a snapshot of the great work happening in the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning. As our student contributors clearly demonstrate, the future no longer seems uncertain, but indeed shines bright.


James A. Delle
Dean, College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning
Associate Provost for Academic Administration