Save Lite

by Sara Thomas   

Save Lite 1

At 6 a.m., Jane’s alarm rang. She groggily reached over, shut it off, and turned on her TV. The announcer said, “It’s December 16, 2067, and our top story this morning is about Tamagotchi pets. Seventy years after their heyday in the 90s, Tamagotchi pets have resurged as the ultimate status symbol. These ‘pets’ are digitized animals that strap to one’s wrist and require feeding, affection, and exercise.”… Read More

Carsten Jensen and the Very Bad Diner Food

by Lee Atkins

Carsten Jensen stalked down the sidewalk with a pained grimace. There were few people about that afternoon, and those few that were meandering in the midday sun paid Mr. Jensen very little mind. The grimaced stalker stalked on in silence, away from the diner he had recently exited. On the floor of the diner there was a woman. Her eyes were rolled toward the rear of her skull, and her back was concave in a way that contorted her figure to a most grotesque shape…Read More