Catharsis in Poetry

By Phillip James Bialor

Social Work to Me

We are the Lens
That concentrates all factors into one coherent plan.

We are the Rosetta Stone
Who translates disparity into unity.

Biologic, Psychologic, Social

Micro, Mezzo, Macro
Minute, Median, Grand

We are holistic
In thought and in action.

We are united by our code
And bound to serve those in need.

We are
Compassionate, Empathetic, and Humble
Kind, Willing, and Helpful

We strive for
Equity, Justice, and Understanding

We serve the greater good
Whether by individual, group, or society.

We are Social Workers,
And we are always there!



Pain doesn’t have to be Physical
Pain doesn’t have to be Seen
Pain can’t always be Measured

Pain can’t always be Treated
Pain can’t always be Explained
Pain can be Mental
Pain can be Psychic
Pain can be Hidden
Pain can be Incurable
Pain can be Localized
Or it can be Systemic

All forms of pain are debilitating
All forms of pain cause damage

Everyone reacts differently
Even to the same type of pain

But most importantly
Everyone is in some form of pain.


Love & Abundance

Love is deserved by all
Different people require different amounts of love

Some live their lives
starving for this vital emotion
Some live their lives
with little to none

Neither are weaker than the other
Neither are stronger than the other
Both are just different

Neither are more needy than the other
Neither are less needy than the other
Both are just different

Out of generosity and abundance
The Japanese fill guests cups until they overflow

Very few of us actually need this abundance
But some rare individuals do

This does not make them weak
It makes them strong

This is proof that Love & Compassion are paramount to these select few.
The biggest problem is that there is no abundance of love in this world.

So when you see someone freely giving of themselves,
Pay it forward and help them out.

Phillip James Bialor is a graduate student in the Master of Social Work program.