MUsings Introduction

The publication of MUsings : The Graduate Journal showcases the academic work of graduate students at Millersville University. The journal invites students to present highlights of their work in a venue that bolsters career-building experiences and celebrates their scholarly efforts.  Graduate students from the English department serve on the Editorial Staff.  Each issue features research articles, short stories, and literary essays. With this publication, MUsings seeks to encourage student creativity, commend innovative research, and generate student engagement in the academic and professional communities.

Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to Millersville University’s Spring 2019 edition of MUsings: The Graduate Journal.  Our journal continues to be a creative and scholarly outlet for our graduate students as they explore unique topics and share their expertise with a broad audience of peers, the wider Millersville community, and the academic disciplines represented by our graduate students. Read more.

About Musings

Publication information for the Spring 2019 Issue

Image Credit: “Life is a Cycle” by Benjamin Nelson. Ben is a graduate student in the Master of Art Education program and is an art teacher at McCaskey High School in the School District of Lancaster. Ben’s work is about finding harmony amidst crowded chaos. He describes the constant struggle within the wilderness of interwoven dominating forms that compete with one another for space and life, and yet appear peaceful in a framed view. You can learn more about Ben’s work at bennelsonart.com