Kylie Calogero is a junior at Millersville University, double majoring in music education and vocal performance and minoring in psychology. Kylie’s goal is to obtain a doctorate and become a professor of music education. At Millersville University, she has held several leadership roles, including president of the National Association of Music Education Chapter 92 and vice president of Millersville’s American Choral Directors Association chapter.

Under the guidance of Dr. Micheàl Houlahan and Dr. Philip Tacka at Millersville University, Kylie’s academic interests have centered on the philosophy of music education, particularly the Houlahan-Tacka teaching model. Kylie was intrigued by their recent publication, “Choral Artistry: A Kodály Perspective for Middle School to College-Level Choirs, Vol. 1.

Kylie embarked on a research journey to explore the efficacy of the Houlahan-Tacka methodology in high school choral classrooms. She interviewed 18 high school choral directors from diverse backgrounds and teaching philosophies, examining topics such as rehearsal techniques, curriculum goals, and student musicianship levels.

Her findings showed the stark contrast between performance-based curriculum models prioritizing memorization over music literacy and methodologies incorporating solfege, rhythm syllables, and other recommended strategies. Teachers utilizing the Houlahan-Tacka approach reported significantly higher rates of music literacy among their students, with 80-90% demonstrating the ability to read music.

Kylie presented her research at the Made in Millersville Conference, highlighting the importance of incorporating effective teaching strategies to foster music literacy and enhance student learning outcomes. Her research contributes to the academic discourse and informs her future aspirations of becoming a choral director dedicated to implementing evidence-based instructional practices in her classroom. With her passion for music education and commitment to research, Kylie is poised to make a meaningful impact in Music education.

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