Join Us For Our Celebrate Percussion Event!

Prepare for an extraordinary percussive experience at the highly anticipated Celebrate Percussion event hosted by the esteemed Tell School of Music at Millersville University on January 27th, 2024. This immersive day is designed to captivate and inspire prospective students, offering various engaging activities.

Participate in interactive workshops led by the Tell School Percussion Faculty. Explore various percussion techniques and refine your performance skills. Learn from experienced professionals who will provide valuable insights into the art of percussion.

Music faculty and percussion studio members will be available to share information about the Tell School’s programs, curriculum, and exciting prospects for future students. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the state-of-the-art facilities and supportive environment that distinguish Tell School of Music as a premier destination for music education. The day culminates in a spectacular concert featuring the Millersville University percussion faculty, students, and anticipated guest artists. This is your chance to witness exceptional talent and become a part of an inspiring musical celebration.

Save the date for January 27th, 2024, and prepare for an immersive event that will ignite your passion for percussion and open doors to endless musical possibilities. If you are interested, register by clicking the box below. Please feel free to reach out by email to ask question to

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