Exciting news is brewing at The Tell School of Music! Our very own team of music research fellows has achieved a remarkable milestone by gaining acceptance into The Council on Undergraduate Research’s Scholars Transforming Through Research (STR) Program. The Tell School of Music research team has been handpicked for their demonstrated excellence in undergraduate research and their profound understanding of the significance of advocating for this transformative educational experience.

 Meet the Team: Under the expert guidance of Professor Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol, our Campus Representative and a seasoned authority in undergraduate research, we proudly present the following music students who have secured their spots in the program:

  • Ty Geiger ( Music Industry Major)
  • Sydney Rauchut ( Music Education Major)
  • Kylie Calogero ( Music Education Major)

 The STR Program: This prestigious program offers a unique opportunity for our music research team to hone their skills and make a meaningful impact:

  • Storytelling for Impact: Our music team will master conveying their research stories to diverse stakeholder groups, including funding agencies, association partners, elected officials, prospective employers, the community, and beyond. This skill is vital for ensuring that the importance of undergraduate research is widely understood and appreciated.
  • Policy Integration and Effective Communication: The program equips our music fellows with valuable skills in integrating research outcomes into policy formation. They will also learn how to effectively communicate the impact of undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative inquiry experiences.
  • Celebrating Achievements: Our music team will have the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments alongside fellow program participants and the broader undergraduate research community. This sense of community and recognition is pivotal in nurturing a passion for research.

We couldn’t be prouder of our Tell School of Music research team for their well-deserved acceptance into CUR’s Scholars Transforming Through Research Program. This journey promises to be unforgettable, brimming with opportunities to advocate for undergraduate research, develop indispensable skills, and celebrate the profound influence of music in academia. Stay tuned for more updates as our team embarks on this thrilling adventure!


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