In higher education, guiding principles are the compass that helps institutions navigate toward their mission, vision, and goals. At Millersville University, we hold these principles close to our hearts, shaping our academic community’s actions and aspirations. These values, collectively known as EPPIIC – Excellence, Professionalism, Public Mission, Integrity, Inclusiveness, and Compassion – are the foundation on which we build our educational legacy.

Dr. Barry Atticks, a Tell School of Music faculty member, has been awarded an EPPIIC Value Award (EVA). The EPPIIC Value Award is a testament to the dedication and commitment of faculty and staff who consistently demonstrate these core values in their roles or whose contributions significantly advance the university’s strategic goals. Dr. Atticks is a shining example of how these principles can be woven into one’s work to achieve remarkable results.

Throughout his tenure at Millersville University, Dr. Atticks has exemplified excellence in teaching, setting a standard that inspires and elevates his students. His unwavering commitment to professionalism demonstrated in every interaction, has left an indelible mark on our academic community, fostering an environment of respect and collaboration. Furthermore, Dr. Atticks’ deep-rooted commitment to our public mission has enriched the lives of countless individuals, both within and beyond our campus. This recognition is not merely a celebration of Dr. Atticks’ achievements; it is a reflection of the collective strength and character of our School of Music community. It underscores our ability to nurture outstanding individuals who align closely with the values that define us.

His achievement is a powerful reminder of the collective dedication within our School of Music to uphold the EPPIIC values, which not only define us as a community but also guide us in our relentless pursuit of academic and artistic excellence.

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