Dr. Jennifer Jester

Tell School of Music faculty Dr. Jennifer A. Jester is a contributing chapter author of the latest release from Oxford University Press – Teaching Instrumental Music: Contemporary Perspectives and Pedagogies reflects the music pedagogy of recent years while acknowledging traditional instruments and styles. Written by a diverse, expert team of 47 authors, the text covers both the teaching of individual instruments and the teaching of instrumental ensembles. It can serve as the sole comprehensive text to accompany any instrumental music education class, including concert band, jazz band, marching band, strings, and popular music.


* Meets the need for a contemporary text for the instrumental music pedagogy course taught in music education programs
* Unlike older texts that reflect the music pedagogy of past decades, this text is based on the latest methods and theories in music education
* Includes an online companion website, an extensive collection of video examples demonstrating the content of each chapter, making it a timely resource for the new generation of post-millennial music teachers

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