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Are you ready to explore the world of music production, live audio, and music management at the Tell School of Music?

Join us for a FREE one-day event created for high school seniors who want to pursue a degree in the music industry.

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During the day we will have workshops to explore recording, production, and mixing for professional careers. Learn how to promote your band in our Artist Management Seminar, Bring a song and enhance your songwriting skills. Bring your instrument and play with a commercial music ensemble.

Our world-class program is a hidden gem in the central Pennsylvania area where our students are musicians first, and get to hone in on their music skills, but also learn music management skills, production skills, and live audio skills all within one degree program.

This action packed day is your opportunity to have a taste of the music industry, but also help you hone in what you need to know to compete in the world of the music industry. This is your day to explore!

This day is led by our professors Dr. Atticks, Dr. Estes, Dr. Jester, and Prof. Martinez who are leaders within their areas. They also know how to make learning all of this material fun and accessible. If you are brand new to this area or already have some background, this day is for everyone!

This event is free to all high school seniors and also includes lunch at no cost to you. More details will be sent upon registration. We look forward to seeing you at the event!

COVID – 19 Statement (As of Dec. 15, 2021) – We are aware of the current covid numbers and will be watching to make the appropriate call on this event. We want to make sure our event is safe for all participants and staff involved. Currently this event is scheduled to be in person. Please watch for updates if this changes.

Register for this event HERE!

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