Jingyuan Gao

Jingyuan Gao, pianist and Tell School of Music alumni, will start to pursue his Doctor of Musical Arts degree this fall with Prof. John Perry (https://www.johnperrypiano.com/), one of the most distinguished and popular piano teachers in the world at Rutgers University.

Jingyuan started his first piano lesson at the age of six with Tai Er, joined a professional choir and held the post of music theory advisor at the age of nine. He taught music theory classes and piano lessons at the age of twelve. Jingyuan was invited to play a recital at the Embassy of Israel in Beijing when he was in seventh grade. He participated in a popular TV show in China named “Welcome back to School” in 2007; in the same year, he performed with Yundi Li in Hongkong. He had privilege to sing in a choir concert with Jackie Chan in Congress Hall in Beijing in 2008. He also performed in concert halls like the China Grand National Theatre, Beijing Concert Hall and Forbidden City Concert Hall as a solo pianist and a tenor. His performance in Beijing Concert Hall was sold out in 2014. Besides piano, Jingyuan loves to compose, and his compositions have frequently been performed in public both in China and US. He finished his first concerto for piano and violin “The Wonderland of Rainbows Forever”, which is dedicated to his late grandparents and performed in his concert in Beijing last summer.

In 2014, Jingyuan Gao won the first prize in Lancaster Symphony Orchestra Solo Instrumental Competition and played Mendelssohn G Minor Piano Concerto with Lancaster Symphony Orchestra in May. He also played with Lancaster Allegro Chamber Orchestra as a soloist in October 2015. Jingyuan Gao studied piano with Dr. Xun Pan at Millersville University.

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