Responsibilities of Event Supervisors and Volunteers

Responsibilities of Event Supervisors and Volunteers


The responsibilities of event supervisors are:

  • Each event will have a state supervisor working to provide consistent events at the various regional competitions. Contact your event’s State Supervisor (Find the listing at: State Supervisor: Penn …or volunteer yourself!) for specific instructions and testing materials.
  • Conducting their event according to the current Science Olympiad Rules as printed in the Coaches Manual.
  • Bringing, or making arrangements for, all materials, equipment, and questions necessary to conduct the event.
    • Do not assume that materials/equipment will be supplied by Millersville University. We will do what we can to assist, but the supervisor is ultimately responsible for equipment and materials.
    • If you want to request materials/equipment support from Millersville University, contact the following individuals:
      Area Contact e-mail Telephone
      Biology Mr. Cyril Foray (717) 872-3038
      Chemistry Mr. Stephen Peurifoy (717) 871-7413
      Earth Sciences Dr. Alex DeCaria (717) 871-4739
      Physics Mr. Shawn Reinfried (717) 872-3864
    • When requesting materials/equipment, have the event name, location, and schedule handy.
    • Make all materials/equipment requests well in advance of the event. Last minute requests are likely to go unfilled.
  • Working with the PA Central Region Coordinator to obtain judges for the purposes of aiding in conducting the event.
    • Event supervisors should actively recruit judges for their events.
  • Encouraging and challenging students in a professional and friendly manner.
  • Completing scoring sheets and return them to the scoring team.
  • Communicating with judges prior to the event for clarification and assignment of individual responsibilities.
  • Supervisors are eligible for Act 48 Credit. The information required should be provided the day of the event: including:
    • Professional ID
    • Full name
    • Event that you supervised


The responsibilities of volunteers are:

  • Be familiar with the rules for your event.
  • Assisting event supervisors in conducting and scoring their assigned event.
  • Communicating with event supervisors prior to event for clarification and assignment of individual responsibilities.

NOTE: If you need to know the contact information for the supervisor or volunteer working with you in your event, ask the PA Central Region coordinator to give the information to you. It will not be listed on the website.

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