More Than Just Another Pizza Shop

There are plenty of options for Millersville students in terms of dining on campus. However, for students that don’t have meal plans, there are additional places around campus to eat, such as Sugar Bowl and House of Pizza. While the dining locations on campus for students with meal plans are great, these are favorites among students as well. While these restaurants may seem like just another pizza shop, one Millersville student explains why Sugar Bowl is more than that. Considering himself a regular at Sugar Bowl, Tommy Cannon takes us on an adventure on one of his trips to his favorite lunchtime spot. Cannon reviews a cheeseburger sub, his regular order, and how the environment at Sugar Bowl makes it his favorite local restaurant.

Sugar Bowl Review

In this video, Ruby Mundok and Michael Zabkowski look into where students eat on campus besides the dining halls. Fellow student Tommy Cannon gives his Sugar Bowl review.