Collegiate Nats Race Reports

Another post by Rachel:  The road race on Friday was really difficult!   Rodney said, “There were a lot of strong people, it was literally the longest ride I ever went on in my life.”  To sum it up, as he so eloquently said, “ There were a LOT of hills!” He had a great finish though and ended up 52nd in the Mens DII field.  My race was next and I felt awful for the first two laps – I was waaaay in the back.  Somehow though, I got a second wind about 30 miles in and was able to make up a lot of space! I finished in 12th overall. 

Friday night we were joined by our very dear friend, Andrew Haggerty at the airport in Madison.  We spent Friday night and Saturday relaxing, sleeping, eating, and meeting some other cyclists. We toured the Capital Brewery which wasn’t anything amazing, except that we had endless free samples!  The awards banquet was next.  There I learned that all cyclists are quirky cyclists and that working for trek is apparently the best decision I could ever make for my future.  The entertainment Trek provided for the evening consisted of a trivia that made me feel stupid for not knowing anything about bikes, and a blind folded relay that reminded me of 4th grade field day.  It was still a lot of fun and the food was delicious.   

This morning we went an industrial park about ten minutes from our hotel for the crit.  My crit was first, but with just a lap to go, the girl right in front of me crashed after her tire got stuck in a groove in the road! I fell right behind her, and actually landed right on top of her!!  It stunk for her and she was screaming like she was in a lot of pain.  It made me feel really guilty about my comfortable, scrape-free landing.   Regardless, I didn’t know that you’re supposed to go through the finish line, no matter what so I DNF’d my last race of the collegiate season. Woops.

Fortunately, Rodney ended on a little better note! He got in the top 30 of his race!  He said it was a lot of fun and not as difficult as he had expected.

On the road Sunday night driving through the boring Mid-West; Andy is cuddled up in the back seat like a little kid, and I’m changing CD’s and trying to read.  We are not thrilled at the prospect of driving until 5am but need to get little Andy back to get his wisdom teeth yanked out.  Hopefully he won’t be in too much pain for long so he can fix my wheels later this week!

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