Road Trip – Collegiate Nationals

Here is a post from Rachel:

Rodney and I left Millersville around 5:30 pm on Wednesday, and drove to the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania , where we stopped at the luxurious Comfort Inn around 10:30 Wednesday night.  We didn’t make it quite as far as we had hoped, so we got an early start today, leaving around 7:30 to quickly cross the border of our beloved state into crappy Ohio.

Right now, me and Rodney are driving through another very very flat, boring state, Illinois.  We have wondered on more than one occasion what sort of hobbies we would have if we had grown up around here.  I would undoubtedly have lowered my expectations for life and contented myself to garden, cook, and run.  Rodney would build a model plane, fly it around, and be a country singer.  I have heard his beautiful, tone-def voice this entire car ride, so I cannot disagree. 

In other news, we have completely exhausted the few CD’s in our possession and have resorted to corny country-ballad radio and weird classic rock mixes for unknown target audiences.  We’ve also gone through a lot of toilet paper and Emergen-C because Rodney is trying to get over a cold before tomorrow’s big race.  The biggest life saver on this trip so far has been Michele’s Brita filter.  Every dirty gas station bathroom has miraculously been a source of clean, drinkable water, thanks to this thing.  Although we haven’t been snacking too healthily, we have been staying well hydrated! (Thank you, Michele!)  If all goes well, we’ll continue to follow Rodney’s very thorough chicken-scratch directions, to arrive at the Residence Inn in Madison by six pm.  That will be just in time to register, sit through a meeting, go for a spin, and grab dinner on the town! 

After missing an exit and taking a 2 hour detour, we finally arrived in Madison! We went for a spin, not feeling particularly wonderful, but chalking it up to a loooong car ride.  The name of the mountain we are repeatedly climbing tomorrow is called Mount Horeb. I think it sounds as daunting as it looks on course maps! Oh, then we practiced getting water bottles from each other.  It was a good day. Minus the fact that Rodney’s sense of direction is as good as my ability to grab a water bottle in a feed zone. (Not very.)

Oh well, it was worth it to criss cross over the Mississippi and mingle with the laid-back country folk.

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