Another clothing order?

Hey everyone! We have had a wonderful season which is quickly wrapping up within the next few weeks. I just wanted to see if there was any interest in putting in another order for cycling team clothing. Right now I have about a total of about 4 jerseys and I need a total of 10 articles of clothing ( bibs, shorts, jerseys, vest…and so on) to put the order in. So please contact me ASAP if you have any interest. My email address is


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Collegiate Nats Race Reports

Another post by Rachel:  The road race on Friday was really difficult!   Rodney said, “There were a lot of strong people, it was literally the longest ride I ever went on in my life.”  To sum it up, as he so eloquently said, “ There were a LOT of hills!” He had a great finish though and ended up 52nd in the Mens DII field.  My race was next and I felt awful for the first two laps – I was waaaay in the back.  Somehow though, I got a second wind about 30 miles in and was able to make up a lot of space! I finished in 12th overall. 

Friday night we were joined by our very dear friend, Andrew Haggerty at the airport in Madison.  We spent Friday night and Saturday relaxing, sleeping, eating, and meeting some other cyclists. We toured the Capital Brewery which wasn’t anything amazing, except that we had endless free samples!  The awards banquet was next.  There I learned that all cyclists are quirky cyclists and that working for trek is apparently the best decision I could ever make for my future.  The entertainment Trek provided for the evening consisted of a trivia that made me feel stupid for not knowing anything about bikes, and a blind folded relay that reminded me of 4th grade field day.  It was still a lot of fun and the food was delicious.   

This morning we went an industrial park about ten minutes from our hotel for the crit.  My crit was first, but with just a lap to go, the girl right in front of me crashed after her tire got stuck in a groove in the road! I fell right behind her, and actually landed right on top of her!!  It stunk for her and she was screaming like she was in a lot of pain.  It made me feel really guilty about my comfortable, scrape-free landing.   Regardless, I didn’t know that you’re supposed to go through the finish line, no matter what so I DNF’d my last race of the collegiate season. Woops.

Fortunately, Rodney ended on a little better note! He got in the top 30 of his race!  He said it was a lot of fun and not as difficult as he had expected.

On the road Sunday night driving through the boring Mid-West; Andy is cuddled up in the back seat like a little kid, and I’m changing CD’s and trying to read.  We are not thrilled at the prospect of driving until 5am but need to get little Andy back to get his wisdom teeth yanked out.  Hopefully he won’t be in too much pain for long so he can fix my wheels later this week!

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Pictures from Iowa – or should it be Wisconsin?!

Here are some pictures from the adventures of Rodney and Rachel…
Rodney and the Brita that made our 13 hour car ride bearable!

Welcome to Iowa – Fields of Opportunities! Despite their very clever slogan,  we should NOT have seen this sign or driven 3 hours off course into this state! At least our diversion allowed us to see the Mississippi… twice.

Rodney, at the starting line of his race. He said he felt a little out of place but 52nd in that field of guys is not bad!

After the race we took some time to climb a lookout tower in the Blue Mound State Park that hosted the road race.

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Road Trip – Collegiate Nationals

Here is a post from Rachel:

Rodney and I left Millersville around 5:30 pm on Wednesday, and drove to the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania , where we stopped at the luxurious Comfort Inn around 10:30 Wednesday night.  We didn’t make it quite as far as we had hoped, so we got an early start today, leaving around 7:30 to quickly cross the border of our beloved state into crappy Ohio.

Right now, me and Rodney are driving through another very very flat, boring state, Illinois.  We have wondered on more than one occasion what sort of hobbies we would have if we had grown up around here.  I would undoubtedly have lowered my expectations for life and contented myself to garden, cook, and run.  Rodney would build a model plane, fly it around, and be a country singer.  I have heard his beautiful, tone-def voice this entire car ride, so I cannot disagree. 

In other news, we have completely exhausted the few CD’s in our possession and have resorted to corny country-ballad radio and weird classic rock mixes for unknown target audiences.  We’ve also gone through a lot of toilet paper and Emergen-C because Rodney is trying to get over a cold before tomorrow’s big race.  The biggest life saver on this trip so far has been Michele’s Brita filter.  Every dirty gas station bathroom has miraculously been a source of clean, drinkable water, thanks to this thing.  Although we haven’t been snacking too healthily, we have been staying well hydrated! (Thank you, Michele!)  If all goes well, we’ll continue to follow Rodney’s very thorough chicken-scratch directions, to arrive at the Residence Inn in Madison by six pm.  That will be just in time to register, sit through a meeting, go for a spin, and grab dinner on the town! 

After missing an exit and taking a 2 hour detour, we finally arrived in Madison! We went for a spin, not feeling particularly wonderful, but chalking it up to a loooong car ride.  The name of the mountain we are repeatedly climbing tomorrow is called Mount Horeb. I think it sounds as daunting as it looks on course maps! Oh, then we practiced getting water bottles from each other.  It was a good day. Minus the fact that Rodney’s sense of direction is as good as my ability to grab a water bottle in a feed zone. (Not very.)

Oh well, it was worth it to criss cross over the Mississippi and mingle with the laid-back country folk.

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2011 Road Season off to a great start

Wow, I have never been so proud of the Millersville cycling team. We have had three great weekends of racing so far. There has been so much growth from returning riders and some amazing finishes from our new riders. We started the season off at Rutgers University where the team did amazing. The following weekend we sent a handful of riders up to New York City to race where the results again were awesome. This past weekend we had a crew of 11 marauder cyclist racing down in Philadelphia. This was the first race weekend we had THREE lady marauders racing. All of which finished no less than top ten in there races ( two of our women took first place finishes). I know i’m very briefly covering the past race weekends, but I could write a novel about all the achievements this fine team have made in the past few weeks.

I would just like to point out some of our exceptional cyclist I have had the opportunity to either race with or ride with. I would first like to start out with Alex Reich. Alex started out in men’s intro last year with decent finishes nothing spectacular. During last year’s season we eventually forced him to upgrade to men’s D to challenge him a bit more. He struggled a bit till he began to get the hang of things. This year, Alex is one of the top riders in his category. He has taken a number of top three finishes. He will soon be upgrading to men’s C where he will be challenged but I see great things to come from this young rider in the future.

Andrew Haggerty is another shinning star. Andrew started out in men’s D last year where he did very well. He eventually upgraded to men’s C where he struggled a bit. This year Andrew has consistently pulled out outstanding finishes. In three weekends he has a hand full of top three finishes. Andrew plans to to the big step up to men’s B where i see him having no problem succeeding. With the progress Andrew has made in the time I have watched him race I don’t doubt he will be racing men’s A by the end of next season.

Rachel Yodis, where to start. She is your worst nightmare in a race. This is a women who Just started racing and is dominating. She won her first race ever, then upgraded to women’s B and won that race as well. Give it one more weekend and she will be racing women’s A. The women’s A and B fields are combined when racing then scored separately. Rachel took 4th overall in her FIRST women’s A/B race. I have no doubt she will be headed to Nationals where she will make lots of women suffer.

Emily Binder is one of our other lady marauders who just started racing this year. Emily asked me before the race if she was fast enough to race with the other girls and if they would drop her. Emily is a very modest person, especially when it comes to he cycling ability. Anyone who has ridden with her knows she is a extremely strong rider. Emily took first place in both her races this weekend. With a little more race experience Emily will be moving up to women’s C in no time, where she will dominate.

Eric Moon and I started racing together in men’s D. Eric did not have the best finishes and i frequently beat him, the following year we both upgraded to men’s C where Eric began to really developed some solid race skills. Eric has taken the big leap from men’s C to B this year where he is shinning. I don’t think I know anyone so dedicated to training and logging hours on the bike as this guy. I hope to see him racing men’s A before the season is over, better yet, see him go to nationals.

Rodney Kauffman, I just don’t know where the power comes from. I swear my 13 year old greyhound has more muscle on her legs than he does. Rodney has also work his way through the ranks. He started out in men’s C last year and made his way up to men’s B where he took 5th place in his first men’s B race. Rodney started the season out in men’s A this year where he is racing against the best up in coming racers on the east coast. Rodney has already qualified for nationals and I and extremely proud that all his hard work on the bike has payed off.

There are so many other dedicated riders i have not mentioned. Our group consist of about 15-18 racers, the largest number I have ever seen. All of these individuals are exceptional in both academics and there riding ability. Stay tuned for more updates. Below are both the links from the season results so far and photo’s i have taken from the season so far.



-Greg Wesolowich

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Spring is almost here!

The snow is finally melting and the warm weather is here! I would like to take a minute to congratulate the 2011-2012 cycling club officers, Andy as President, Eric as Vice President, Tyler as Treasurer, and Alyssa as Secretary. I see a bright future for the cycling club with these four wonderful individuals in charge.

On another note, this years team kit has come in a lot sooner then we ever expected. If you have ordered a jersey or items and have not yet pick them up please shoot me an email at : , and we can set up a time for you to pick up your items.

This Saturday at 1pm, we will be meeting behind Wickersham to take a group photo. Please wear your new kit. Following the group photo we will be hitting the road for a fun ride/photo shoot.

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Jersey Order…

Will be shipped this coming Monday!!! The moment you have all been waiting for! If you have purchased items please stay tuned, i will be sending an email out to everyone once the order is in and has been checked through to make sure everything is correct. ALSO, i did order a few extra items, so if you were unable to get your order in on time, we may have something you are looking for.


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