Keep that Fire Burnin’! Peer tips and encouragement to promote well-being and general awesomeness!

Hi MSW peeps!

In case you didn’t see my post in the HBSE “things to share” discussion board, I would like to start a forum/blog to encourage us to pull together to rock this MSW program!  We all have lives, and it’s hard to juggle the work-life balance while submitting quality graduate-level work in our MSW program.  We want to do our absolute best and keep that fire burnin’!

This would be a place where we exchange ideas on ways to manage our lives and give tips on things like:

-tips on the field practicum

-eating right when you’re too busy to cook

-how to improve motivation and inspiration when you’re burnt out

-music, workouts, aromatherapy, food, or other ways to wake up and get to work!

Here are some quick ideas of mine:

1. Workout!  Do some yoga, cardio, or weight lifting to stay active.  (Personally, I love my martial arts group – Get Real Martial Arts at Spooky Nook.  MMA helps me keep my sanity.  Shameless plug coming soon!)

2.  Music!  Is it a surprise that I’m a powermetal addict?  😛  Found this gem recently and kept it on repeat (also posting due to the fire-theme!) Fireborn by Stratovarius:

One more song, courtesy of my older sister – “I’ll make a Man out of You” from Mulan:

3. Aromatherapy –  I have one of those candle-powered oil burners, and peppermint and/or eucalyptus oil is great for stress and getting myself focused.  Lavender is great for calming.

4. Food – to save time, I’ll make a big vat of something, and then freeze it in several tupperware containers so that I always have something good to eat if I’m in a hurry.

I have more ideas to share with everyone, but it’s getting late, and I have to get ready for my field prac meeting tomorrow…  :/  I’m kinda nervous, I hope I get a good placement!

In the meantime, Patrick was awesome enough to share a link on mindfulness:

(try this search while logged into our SOCIndex database on the Library:

P.S.  It might be a good idea to write a letter to yourself as to why you got in the program to begin with, so that you can remind yourselves of your dreams when you feel discouraged.  By all means, share those letters here if you want!  We could all use some inspiration from each other!

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