My Education Guru

Hello, my name is Mrs. Stone and today I will be telling you about my education gurus. This blog post will explain who they are and why.

So, first lets answer the question as to what is an educaiton guru? An education guru is a person that you look up to and admire. It is a person you beilieve in and would trust for educational information. An educational guru is also somebody you can turn to for help.

Can you have more than one education guru? The answer is, Yes you can! I have a few teachers I look up to and also a philosopher that I like as well. The teachers I look up to are Ann Stone, William Stone, Ann Raffensberger, Keri Mcsweeney and Barbara Ferguson. My philospher would be Friedrich Froebel.

The reason I feel that the teachers I have selected are my education gurus are because I trust them, they are knowledgeable and they have all taught for many years. I have personally seen these teachers in the classrooms and observed them many times. I have asked questions and learned a great deal from these teachers.

The reason that I feel that Friedrich Froebel is one of my educational gurus is because I like his practices and he is known as the father of kindergarten. I really like the idea of play based learning and feel that this should be something that takes place in the classroom.

The reason that play based learning should be going on in the classroom is because it is a great way for hands on learners to learn and it’s fun for the children. I like the idea of using play based learning in the classroom so the students are not just sitting in their seats with paper and pencil. I feel that it is letting children be children and they get to be intrested in what they want to learn.

Some may ask, “What is play based learning?” Well, play based learning is exactly how it sounds. This means the child plays freely and learns from it. So it could be a game, toys, or just another child. If you think about it, your child learns alot from play. For example, my niece likes to play with puzzles and barbies. I fully encourage this because not only is this something that pulls her away from electronics, but she is learning something from the playing. She is learning matching, problem solving, grooming habbits, social skills and so much more.

So if you get anything from this post, please keep an open mind and have as many educational gurus as you please. The more you have the more you will learn.

Until Next Time,
Mrs. Stone