Let’s Have a Talk. A Number Talk.

Here is the problem of the day.

I’m Eight.

What was your answer?

Problem of the day is a great way to jumpstart the day. There are multiple ways you can use this before a lesson or class begins. Problems can be about prior content, currently learning content, and content you haven’t yet covered.

They are also a great tool when entering into a number talk.

What is a Number Talk?

Number talks are brief discussions that focus on a student’s mental math computation of a single problem. When students are explaining how they came to their answers, teachers visually draw out their thought process for other students to understand.

Students who participate in number talks on a regular basis develop stronger number senses. They also find it easier to make important mathematical connections.

Math talks have 3 essential aspects.

  1. Structure
  2. Computation Strategies
  3. Talk moves and discussion starters


You do not need to be a rocket scientist in order to successfully implement math talks into the classroom. Jo Boaler, an education author and professor of Mathematics Education has a wonder video where she explores successful ways of implementing number talks into the classroom.

From Stanford Online’s “How To Learn Math for Teachers and Parents”: Number Talks

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Don’t be afraid of talking about numbers. Actually, most of math class should be talking about numbers and how to compute them. Use problem of the days and growing ideas!