Interactive Math Notebooks Expand the Brain

Interactive math notebooks are one of the greatest tools we can give to a child.

Notebooks are a child’s personal journal that helps them with remembering concepts that were previously. They are set up in a way in which the child understands because they have full creative control on how they want to design and organize it.

There are no right or wrong way to set up a journal. They can include:

  • Writings
  • Drawings
  • Pictures
  • Concept Maps
  • Diagrams
  • And more!

They also aren’t limited to any age. Students in preschool can begin using interactive notebooks. There may be little to no writing but drawing pictures and gluing documents in are just as effective.

Interactive notebooks also serve many purposes and benefits.

  • A portfolio
  • Students get their thought process down on paper
  • Encourage independent thinkers and writers
  • Track growth
  • Track understanding
  • Teacher and student interaction strengthen

Notebooks can be physical or digital. The only thing that matters is they should be readily available for whenever a child needs it Students in my class have both, but we spend more time on the digital. Our digital notebook is through an app called Seesaw. 

Seesaw is a digital portfolio for students and communication source between teachers and parents. Parents can see their child’s work as soon as their child’s teacher approves it. They can instantly provide feedback and see what their child is doing.

Interactive math notebooks should be a requirement in every math course. The best way to understand is when we organize and display it in the way that makes sense to us. I’ve seen my students become better learners because they have a resource to go to when they get stuck instead of automatically coming to me. Students are constantly expanding on their ideas and growing their mindset.