As I reflect on this past semester, I realize I have learned so much. This post is going to highlight some of the key lessons that have stuck out to me from ERCH 496- Curriculum Instruction and Assessment. Some are more serious than others, but all are helpful as I plan for my teaching experience. Enjoy the read!

Lesson #1 Consider the Rhetorical Triangle in all your communication!

The rhetorical triangle reminds us to make our presentations (no matter what media) engaging, informative and personable. Our audience will connect with us much better when we keep them in mind!

#2 Learn how to respond to children when you asked to pretend you are pregnant, invited for sleep-overs and find yourself as the object be fought over.

Children, especially preschoolers, can be extremely fun (and funny!) You may find yourself doing and saying things you never imagined for yourself. But respond with care and creativity. Their hearts are so impressionable and you will leave a lasting impact on them.

#3 Mix and match to create curriculum that works for you and your students.

From Waldorf, to Creative, to High-Scope to Montessori, there are many ways to approach teaching. I personally am a fan of extensive time outside and plenty of imaginative play. (Thus the picture of a friend and I in a tent). Learn different techniques of teaching and the philosophies behind them, and make a unique curricula tailored to your class. 

#4 Encourage Inquiry- Let children ask questions, and ask questions yourself!

Children are curious. Most go through a stage of constantly asking “why?” They want to know the reasons and the “hows” of life. But over time, the negative responses that children are given to their questions discourages them from asking. But questions are the engines of learning!

#5 Last, but not least, take the time care for your mind, soul and body!

Teachers are often busy and preoccupied with caring for their students and families. But you will most effectively support others if you yourself are refreshed. Be intentional to eat healthfully, exercise properly and engaging in activities that you enjoy. Maybe that means going to the beach to watch the sunrise!

I hope that you take some helpful information with you from this post. I could say much more about what I learned (like the fact that if I look tired at an 8am class, Dr. Powers may so kindly make me coffee), but I don’t want to tire your eyes. Maybe I’ll go do some yoga for some self-care, join me if you’d like!