In reflection…

· Where I’ve Been ·

Overall, the R2P blogging experience challenged me in a new and interesting way.  Prior to developing my own posts, I always viewed blogs as a simple and fun resource.  While I still find posts engaging and interesting to read, I now understand the complex process behind composing a blog post.  Whenever I began to craft my posts, I spent a significant amount of time considering the three aspects of the rhetorical triangle.  Since the majority of my assignments in college require formal academic writing, this experience forced me to think differently.  While the writing was still supposed to be professional, I had to figure out how to simultaneously make the message conversational and inviting through my word choice.  Further, I gained experience creating an appealing format for my site and finding reliable, yet practical, resources for my readers.  Despite feeling overwhelmed by the task of creating a blog from scratch at the beginning, I have grown to learn how to craft a succinct, engaging, and informative story through this experience.

· Where I’m Going ·

Prior to this experience, I never saw myself creating a blog page or website.  Now that I have learned how to set up a blog and have practiced writing posts, however, I feel more likely to maintain one in the future.  Once I begin teaching in my own classroom, blogging could be a great way to showcase my favorite strategies and share the lessons I learn through my experiences.  Joining the blogging community can also expose me to new ideas in return.  Currently, I believe that the R2P experience will help me as I begin to construct the website for my e-portfolio.  I am excited to see what the future holds and send best wishes for everyone in their teaching careers!