#5 trip to home-stayed village

We went to home-stayed village for three weeks. We all have our own partner, we talked a lot with them. I really like my partner, she is a wonderful person. Each Friday, we talked with our own partner and then we got together to learn some interesting things.

The first week, I and my partner met each other and asked some questions about family, experience and opinions for studying. Then we taught them some Chinese words which we thought have special meaning. Next week, the conversation became more relax, we played some simple card games. Then we learned some cultures about thanksgiving from them and told them some festivals in China. My partner prepared very seriously, she printed some pictures to show us.

IMG_20171117_095735 IMG_20171117_105923

The last week, we exchanged our phone number and I was surprised that she gave me a beautiful handcraft which means good luck. Then we studied Chinese New Year together, we talked the originate, the food, and way to celebrate it. It was an exciting and meaningful trip. Although the trip ended, we will still contact each other.

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Blog#4 trip

Last week we went to Lads Village & Farm Museum to learn something about people lived in hundreds of years ago. It is an unusual museum, made up of many different houses. Most of things are vivid and you can touch them. It makes you feel immersive there.图像 2017-11-2,下午5.10 (1)

At the beginning of visiting, we watched a video about their lives. Then we went to a room with something symbolic. I found a very thick book which attracted my eyes. Kristin told us this book was used to record the history of a family.图像 2017-11-2,下午5.10 (2)

In the rest of the journey, we followed the clues on the map to find something interesting. In one of the houses, an old man was working on a craft. He told us one of the small flowers took about one hour to be finished. They are really beautiful and make people want to learn it. It was a wonderful trip and we learned some knowledge.图像 2017-11-2,下午5.10 图像 2017-11-2,下午5.10 (3)