Blog #2: (The trip to farm)

381507740459_.picOn October 6th, we went to a farm near our university.
The land is divided into different regions and different things.
You could see many rows of apple trees and pear trees. There is a huge pumpkin patch next to the trees.


Teacher told us that we could choose our own pumpkin. We spent a long time looking for the pumpkin we liked. 401507740465_.picThen I used a long pair of scissors cutting the stem of the pumpkin which I chose. The pumpkin is much heavier than I thought. It is litter difficult to walk with it. However, it is still an interesting experience.


Finally, we went to the farm’s store. It sells many interesting things that I have never seen before. For example, the gourds have many kinds of strange shapes. Besides there is the orange corn. The apple cider tasted delicious. It was a perfect trip.351507740454_.pic231507740430_.pic