Welcome to the Millersville University Theatre Concentration Program


Theatre is a beautifully powerful craft that has stood the test of time. To be  involved in theatre is to be creative, confident, brave, sociable, ambitious, passionate, and hardworking. Here at Millersville University, theatre is an appreciated art in our community that is beloved not only by our students but by faculty alike. When joining the MU theatre family, you will be supported, pushed, and taken out of the box when it comes to working towards becoming a better theatre professional. Make lifelong connections, participate in unforgettable productions, and learn one-of-a-kind information as we guide you through a unique college experience of being a theatre major at Millersville University.

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Faculty and Staff 

During your time at Millersville University, you will encounter many faculty members in the theatre department who are willing to help you become the best version of you inside the theatre and out. The first person you will probably encounter will be Dr. Lowery Woodall who is the chair of the communications department and overlooks all majors that fall under the communications degree. Specifically in the Theatre department, you will encounter many friendly faces who you will get to know during your time in the major. Our director of dramatics is Jonathan E. Strayer who is also the staff advisor of the Citamard Players, an on-campus theatre organization that allows for acting and live-performance opportunities for people of any major. Harry Schueren is our production manager and keeper of any archival photos or videos from past MU theatre productions. Finally, we have Adam Boyer and Michael Meservey who both fall under the entertainment technology branch of communication, but often serve large roles when it comes to putting on theatre productions as the two majors tend to work hand-in-hand.

Classes within The Theatre Concentration

There are many different classes within the theatre concentration that give students of the major the opportunity to try out and improve the many skills that go into working in the theatre field. Not only do we provide classes on acting, but we also offer classes on directing, theatre history, theatre appreciation, and script analysis. We also offer a theatre practicum which is receiving academic credit for taking part in an MU theatre production. 


Every academic year the theatre department puts on two productions; one production takes place during the fall semester and the other is done during the spring semester. Every other year we put on a musical for our fall production while the spring production is a play. On the off-years where the fall production is not a musical, we put on two plays. This schedule was made in the hopes that all theatre students have the opportunity to experience at least one musical during their time with MU theatre.  

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Most of our classrooms within the theatre concentration are located on floor two of  Dutcher Hall. There we have our studio theatre lab conveniently set up with stage curtains, lighting, movable desks and chairs for easy access to open flooring, and a costume room. All spring productions are held in Rafters Theatre which is also located in Dutcher Hall and gives students the opportunity to perform in a smaller theatre space. All fall productions are held in the Clair Performance Hall in the Winter Center which also gives students the opportunity to perform in a larger theatre space. We want our students to have a well-rounded experience when it comes to live-performance and gain the ability to be comfortable in any stage space given to them. 

Image of Dutcher Hall by Jack Hollingsworth on Google Images

On-Campus Theatre Activities/Organizations

There are two main on-campus theatre organizations that exist separately from the theatre concentration that a majority of our theatre students are involved in: the Citamard Players and the All Campus Musical Organization. Citamard is a student run theatrical organization that puts on short one-act plays, a stand up/skit show known as Citamard Night Live, improv comedy shows, and workshops that focus on a number of different topics. The All Campus Musical Organization (also known as ACMO) is a student run musical theatre group that puts on a fall showcase and a spring musical every year. Citamard is advised by Jonathan Strayer while ACMO is advised by Adam Boyer and both organizations are for students of any major. 

The Citamard Players and All Campus Musical Organization Logos

Other Introduction Content

Not only do you have this blog to rely on for an introduction to the Millersville Theatre concentration program, but a plethora of other digital content made to represent different aspects of the major to better represent the community that exists within MU theatre.

    • Nathaniel Hawley–lead actor from the 2023 fall production of Macbeth–provided us with an insightful webinar on the often preached, “Goals, Obstacles, Expectations, and Tactics” mindset that can be accessed here.
    • An e-book on the different behind the scenes jobs was written, including real on-site images of Millersville theatre students in action, which can be accessed here.
    • Success stories of current students and alumni on their time at MU theatre can be found here.
    • Frequently asked questions on the concentration program can be found here.
    • An alumni video recapping some favorite past productions can be found here.
    • Two podcasts with a current theatre professor–found here–and a current theatre student can be found here.
    • Finally, an infographic breakdown of method acting featuring Francesca Calautti–lead actress from the 2023 fall production of Macbeth–can be found here.

In Conclusion:

MU theatre is a way for students interested and involved in theatre to blossom into the professionals they were born to be and work with like-minded individuals who will assist them in reaching their potential. With the amount of opportunity given to students, community within the department, and mutual love for the craft among all, you are destined to find a home in theatre at Millersville University.


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