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    STEM Students Find Success with Help from the NSF In November 2021, Millersville University was awarded a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation Scholarships in STEM program. Two years later, the grant has gone on to provide a myriad of resources for STEM students, providing them with financial resources and real-world experiences.   The NSF S-STEM program provides financial and support services of up to $10,000 each year to a group of STEM students, renewable for up to four years. The program’s primary goals are to increase recruitment, retention and graduation of STEM students and their persistence in the field beyond the grant. The program also hopes to establish a sustainable and replicable model for this type of work for the University and other similar institutions. Principal Investigator and Professor of Mathematics Dr. Janet White says the program is currently on track to meet these goals.  “Additional broader impacts are to produce a strong, globally competitive STEM workforce, complete with students equipped with scientific literacy and confidence in their field of study and to disseminate the successes of those programs at various professional conferences,” White explains.   The program currently supports 19 students in a variety of STEM disciplines including: biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, mathematics, physics and robotics. The program will welcome 10 additional first-year students in the fall of 2024.   Over the summer after their first year, each S-STEM scholar participates in The Workforce Development Program, which is a paid immersive and research-based experience. Each participant prepares for an independent research project by developing skills in scientific literacy and experimental design. They travel to the Chincoteague Bay Field Station on Wallops Island, Virginia to gain hands-on experience and apply their knowledge by processing samples, analyzing data and preparing a scientific poster presentation. The second cohort of students will participate in the Workforce Development Program in May 2024.  “The Workforce Development Program ended with the first annual Millersville University National Science Foundation Scholarships in STEM S3: Supporting Student Success Research Symposium 2023,” adds White. “In groups of three, scholars presented their research project to approximately 60 attendees, including MU administrators, faculty, students, S-STEM grant personnel, family and friends.”  S-STEM scholars also attend monthly Community Building and Retention Activities, including two social events, two community service events, a workshop from on-campus support services and a colloquium event including MU alumni. Last year included workshops about professional presence and self-awareness, community service and time-management skill development facilitated by MU support staff from the Career Center, Academic Advisement and Success Coaching.  Lastly, the scholars are paired with peer and faculty mentors. Meeting with faculty mentors at least once a month and with peer mentors weekly, gives the scholars access to additional academic support.   White shares that the success of the program would not be possible without the project management team, which includes White, Dr. Carolyn Weaver (Biology, Project Manager, Co-PI), Co-PIs Dr. Judith Cebra-Thomas (Biology), Dr. Nanette Dietrich (Educational Foundations) and Dr. Nazli Hardy, and Senior Personnel: Dr. Marc Harris (Dean, College of Science and Technology), Dr. John Haughery (Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology), Dr. Ajoy Kumar (Earth Sciences), Dr. Kristen Lawson (Academic Advising), Dr. Xin Li (Physics), Dr. Melissa Mullen-Davis (Chemistry) and Dr. Miriam Witmer (Educational Foundations).   The program currently has an opening for a rising third-year student to begin in Fall 2024. Students must demonstrate financial need and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Interested students should contact White for more information on how to apply and interview at   The program is also recruiting peer mentors for the 2024-25 academic year, which is a paid position. Interested students should contact Weaver at for more information.     This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 2130176.  Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Nationa […] “STEM Students Find Success with Help from the NSF”

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    Poetry Reading and Conversation at Millersville Millersville’s Department of English and World Languages is hosting internationally acclaimed poet and scholar of ecopoetics, Julia Fiedorczuk. Ecopoetics arose from the late 20th-century awareness of ecology and concerns over environmental disaster and emphasizes drawing connections between human activity—specifically the making of poems—and the environment that produces it.  Fiedorczuk is a writer, poet, translator and researcher. As an academic, she is an associate professor at the Institute of English Studies and a co-founder of the Environmental Studies Center at the University of Warsaw.  The event takes place on Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 2 p.m. in Ford Atrium. Fiedorczuk agreed to make Millersville a stop on her United States reading tour, which also includes Harvard.  The website that Fiedorczuk co-curates defines ecopoetics in this way: “We understand ‘poetics’ as a making. ‘Ecopoetics’ is the making of a home involving not only humans but all forms of existence who share this universe. Poetry has a special place in this making because of its historical association with ancient ritualistic and magical practices (such as shamanism), its attunement to the natural rhythms of the Earth and the body (through prosody and the voice) and because of its inherently subversive character (as a linguistic practice counteracting the fossilization of language into cliches).”   Ecopoetics is a multidisciplinary approach that includes thinking and writing on poetics, science and theory. “As a poetic practice, ecopoetics is a form of narrating reality that considers human interdependence with its environment as the most important factor of the storytelling,” says Dr. Katarzyna Jakubiak, associate professor of English. “Poets, like Fiedorczuk, who embrace this practice treat poetry as a form of environmental activism. For example, poems in Fiedorczuk’s most recent collection ‘Psalms,’ which she will read from, reflect on the human role in the contemporary world suffering from climate change, loss of biodiversity, humanitarian crises and ravages of war.”  Another major characteristic of ecopoetics is the search for new forms of expression, or new language that would do away with calcified ways of thinking and foster new ideas; hence this form of writing is known for poetic experimentation.  While speaking at Millersville, Fiedorczuk plans to read fragments of her novel “The House of Orion,” which partially engages with the migrant crisis at the Polish-Belarusian border, and the complicated relationship between this crisis and its setting in Bialowieza forest, one of the few remaining primeval forests in Europe.  Fiedorczuk witnessed the crisis unfold as she happened to be in Bialowieza in 2021, working on her novel.  The reading will be followed by a conversation and Q&A, moderated by Jakubiak.  Fiedorczuk’s academic publications include: “The Cyborg in The Garden: An Introduction to Ecocriticism” and, in collaboration with Gerardo Beltrán, “Ecopoetics: An Ecological Defence of Poetry.” As a poet and writer, she has published short stories, essays and novels as well as six poetry books.   Her latest volume, “Psalms,” was awarded the prestigious Wisława Szymborska Award in Poland in 2018. Her work has been translated into more than 20 languages. Her books in English include “Oxygen” (2017) and “Psalms” (2023), both translated by Bill Johnston.  Read selected po […] “Poetry Reading and Conversation at Millersville”

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    Millersville University to host 49th Annual Math Contest Two hundred and twenty-eight high school students will travel to Millersville University at the end of the month to participate in the University’s 49th Annual High School Mathematics Contest. Thirty-six schools will bring teams of students, grades 9-12, to compete on Wednesday, Feb. 28.   An annual event, the mathematics contest has grown since last spring, expanding its reach to schools within 100 miles of the University and increasing its number of registered teams. Students will begin to arrive at 8:30 a.m., with the competition to begin at 9:30 a.m.  The Dean of the College of Science and Technology, Dr. Marc Harris, will give opening remarks. Then, the competition proceeds in two parts, with test problems prepared by members of the Department of Mathematics. The first part is a short answer contest with 36 problems to be completed within a 75-minute time limit. This portion is completed by students individually, and the top five scorers receive recognition. The second part of the competition is team-based, where groups of 2-4 students from the same school will have 60 minutes to complete five problems. The top five scoring teams will receive recognition.   The students will tackle problems from a wide range of mathematical subjects at the precalculus level, including algebra, trigonometry, number theory, probability and statistics, geometry, graph theory and more.   While this contest is an opportunity for the high school students to showcase their mathematical abilities, it is also an opportunity for Millersville University to showcase the Department of Mathematics and the College of Science and Technology. After the contest ends at noon, students and their chaperones can stay for an optional STEM tabling session, where they will be provided with information about the University and can meet with faculty […] “Millersville University to host 49th Annual Math Contest”

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    Millersville Becomes Flavorville Do you have what it takes to become Millersville’s next Iron Chef? After a four-year hiatus, the Iron Chef competition has officially returned.   Starting at 7 p.m. on Feb. 21, teams consisting of three to four students will face off in a cooking competition taking place in the SMC Atrium. The registration form can be picked up at and returned to the Campus Recreation Office. “We chose to bring back the Iron Chef event since it was so popular prior to the pandemic,” says Samantha Wary, assistant director of campus recreation. “Now that our departments have gotten back into full programming and past the pandemic safety requirements, we thought it was the right time.”  As part of their registration process, teams will submit their recipe to dining so they can source the ingredients.  “Technically, no experience is necessary, but we recommend meeting with Chef John (Johnson) if participants are not familiar with the required ingredients to ensure their meal is prepared correctly and safely,” says Wary.  There will be a “People’s Choice Award” for the audience’s top pick after each plate is on display. Each individual audience member will receive one vote, and there will also be giveaways and fun throughout the competition for audience members.   The Iron Chef event was last held on March 9, 2020. The people’s choice winners were women’s soccer and women’s club rugby was awarded the judge’s choice. Millersville Iron Chef is sponsored and hosted by University Dining and Campus Recreation.  “The event is to bring students together during the colder season and allow for social and nutritional wellbeing,” says Wary. “Students who are not competing can come out and watch the event, vote for their favorite dish and check out the offerings of the local vendors in attendance.”  Back in 2018, teams were challenged to create a balanced plate with side dishes that showcased that year’s mandatory ingredient, alligator. This year, the theme is Cajun and Creole, with chicken breast and shrimp as the required ingredients.  “Each year, we have had great support from Dr. Judith Wubah and Chief Pete Anders as judges, as well as Mike Johnstone as our most popular emcee,” says Wary. “This year, we have Dr. Mary Beth Williams, Vice President of Student Affairs, as our third rotating judge.”  For more information regarding the 2024 Iron Chef competition, contact Allison Yarrow at Allison.Yarrow@mill […] “Millersville Becomes Flavorville”

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    15 Years of Empowerment: Disability Film Festival Marks Milestone Anniversary Approximately 22 percent of adults in the United States experience some form of disability, encompassing a spectrum from self-care to mobility challenges. The Disability Film Festival at Millersville University seeks to shift societal perceptions and redefine the narrative surrounding disability.   “A disability film festival plays a crucial role in promoting inclusivity and raising awareness about the diverse experiences of individuals with disabilities,” says Dr. Thomas Neuville, professor and principal investigator for the PA Inclusive Higher Education Consortium at Millersville University. “By showcasing films that highlight the disability community perspectives, challenges and achievements, these festivals contribute to breaking down societal stereotypes and fostering empathy.”  This year’s festival will feature three films:  “The Grown Ups” on Feb. 15 at 5:30 p.m. in McComsey Myers Auditorium: In a school for individuals with Down Syndrome, four middle-aged friends yearn for a life of greater autonomy in a society that marginalizes them as disabled. The Grown-Ups is a humorous and at times sad and uncomfortable look at the tragic limbo of conscious adults. Free and open to the public.  “Fire Through Dry Grass” on March 14 at 5:30 p.m. in McComsey Myers Auditorium: uncovers in real-time the devastation experienced by residents of a New York City nursing home during the coronavirus pandemic. Co-Directors Alexis Neophytides and Andres “Jay” Molina take viewers inside Coler, on Roosevelt Island, where Jay lives with his fellow Reality Poets, a group of mostly gun violence survivors. Free and open to the public.  “The Ride Ahead” on April 25 at 6:15 p.m. at The Ware Center: Samuel Habib, 21, wants to date, leave home, go to college. But he drives a 350-pound wheelchair, uses a communication device, and can have a seizure at any moment. Determined to find his path forward, he seeks out guidance from America’s most rebellious disability activists. Will they empower him to launch the bold adult life he craves? There will be a panel and post-screening discussion led by the filmmaker and member of the National Council on Disability, Theo Braddy and local leadership. Register by visiting Panel Discussion.   “By screening films in a disability film festival, non-disabled individuals can gain valuable insights into the daily lives, struggles and triumphs of people with disabilities,” says Neuville. “Viewers are made aware of the power of the disability rights movement. These films often convey messages of resilience, perseverance and the diverse abilities that exist within the disability community.”  For more information, contact Neuville at   For mo […] “15 Years of Empowerment: Disability Film Festival Marks Milestone Anniversary”

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    From Millersville to the Movie Screen A Millersville grad is making a name for herself with her documentary “Paper Birds.” Allison Connelly ’23, from Avondale, PA, has her own story to tell, and a passion to do so. Her documentary, “Paper Birds,” aims to bring attention to recovered and somatic memories through sharing her experiences. In the fall of 2020, Connelly developed PTSD as a result of repressed trauma, referred to as delayed recall. Initially, this caused feelings of shame and self-blame, but after finding solace in the stories of others online, she saw an unfulfilled need for media representation. “I just really wanted to create a piece of media that other people, whose story sounded like mine, could resonate with and see their story on screen because I didn’t have that,” says Connelly. The film began production in November 2021 with the help of Millersville communications professor Dr. Changfu Chang and fellow students. As it is being developed intermittently, it is still in the works with hopes of completion in 2024. Connelly has already had the opportunity to screen her work-in-progress on two occasions: at the National Council of Undergraduate Research in April 2023 and at Tulsa Community College Research Retreat in October 2023. In late 2022, Connelly applied to participate in the National Council of Undergraduate Research being held in April 2023. After being accepted, it was there that she first presented her project outside of a classroom setting. “I don’t think I could have asked for a better crowd because it was a very intimate, vulnerable moment, and I was just kind of accepted into open arms,” says Connelly. Following her screening and artist talk, she was approached by Mona Easterling, assistant professor at Tulsa Community College, who invited her to speak at the TCC Research Retreat later in the year. Connelly attributes her success to her time at Millersville, where she majored in media arts production and minored in graphic communication technology. She especially expresses gratitude for her experiences with carrying out undergraduate research. As a transfer student during the COVID-19 pandemic, connections with professors and students were hard to establish virtually. “I feel like it allowed me to make connections where I didn’t get to the first two years,” says Connelly regarding her research. It was there where she felt immensely supported by her peers. “They wanted to help me advocate for this issue that didn’t personally afflict them, but because they saw the way it affected me and they became passionate about it,” says Connelly. She describes her time performing undergraduate research as, “free job training,” and says her experience at Millersville equipped her with the skills she utilizes now. Connelly regards Dr. Chang as especially helpful in her education, particularly relevant to her film. Connelly initially had the idea to share her story on paper through photojournalism, but it was Chang who encouraged her to learn about documentary filmmaking and share her story on the screen. After she took the two-part documentary courses, Chang oversaw Connelly’s undergraduate research and acted as a mentor, teaching her further. As a documentary filmmaker himself, Chang had tips and tricks that can only be learned from doing. “I feel like those skills that are not really something you can read in a textbook is what I most got out of Millersville,” s […] “From Millersville to the Movie Screen”

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    Three-Time Alum Hosts Educator Workshop Dr. Danielle Miles, a three-time Millersville University alumna and project director for the School District of York, will be offering a free virtual workshop on “Becoming a Culturally Relevant Teacher.” This workshop, held on Saturday, Feb. 3 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., will cover the Culturally Relevant and Sustaining Education guidelines as mandated by the PA Department of Education. The event is possible with the help of a Pennsylvania Department of Education Prep 2 practice grant, secured with the help of Drs. Miriam Witmer, Aileen Hower and Abdulsalami Ibrahim. Miles was asked to speak as she is heavily involved in her school district, overseeing areas such as principal coaching and supervision; equity, inclusion and belonging; and educator effectiveness, among others. Miles faced challenges as a woman of color majoring in math education. However, during her time at Millersville, she found others who helped her feel more at ease. “There were women and faculty who made me feel seen, heard and valued,” says Miles. “It’s hard to put a name on it, but there was this unspoken presence of power, where they held a space for women and helped me navigate throughout my undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees.” Dr. Miriam Witmer, associate professor of educational foundations, shares that to be culturally relevant, teachers must understand how to implement culturally responsive practices in their classrooms. “However, even before that, teachers need to reflect on their own biases and take steps to address them so they can be an equitable teacher for all students,” she says. “We live in such a diverse space. It would be unrealistic to expect us to learn absolutely everything,” Miles adds, explaining that cultural relevance is related to understanding yourself and your background and adjusting accordingly. “I hope attendees understand that most importantly, they have to understand themselves to be fully present.” Witmer also notes that attendees will leave the workshop with the confidence to learn more about the culturally relevant competencies and continue to incorporate these ideas into their teaching philosophies and practices. “We hope that attendees will appreciate these competencies and develop a positive attitude toward meeting the needs of today’s diverse students,” she says. While teachers and school administrators are invited, Witmer specifically explains that all education majors and pre-service teachers are strongly encouraged to attend this workshop. “Dr. Miles is an expert on culturally relevant and sustaining practices,” says Witmer. “This will give pre-service teachers an advantage when interviewing because they will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the new PDE guidelines, and it will help them develop their cross-cultural competence.” Sharing the messages of cultural relevance and these course competencies is important to both Witmer and Miles. “My research has focused on diversifying the teacher workforce, and one of the barriers for students of color when considering teaching as a future career is that they are too often marginalized in classrooms,” Witmer shares. “If this generation of educators understands and implements good culturally responsive practices, PK-12 students of color may see school as a more welcoming place that supports them. Then, they may choose to be a part of the school system, which would help to diversify the teacher workforce.” Miles says sharing her expertise is meaningful to her because she knows what it feels like to be both accepted and to be left out of certain spaces. “I have this juxtaposition of having experiences on both sides,” Miles says. “Often, there are spaces where you are expected to fit in or don’t come, but it’s not healthy to leave who you are at the door. A culturally relevant teacher is one who understands this and sees you.” “This is part of my call. It’s part of what I’m destined to do – create space for people,” Miles concludes. “It’s essential because you can’t build anything until you feel belonging, even if you have to make your own space at the table. That’s the culturally relevant space.” For those interested in registration, click here. For more information about educational foundations at Millersville University, visit […] “Three-Time Alum Hosts Educator Workshop”

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    Empowering Students: New Space Offers a Refuge for Growth A new space opened at the start of the semester to provide a physical refuge for students seeking to focus on practices that promote their spiritual and mental wellbeing. The Meditation and Mindfulness room is in room 203 of the Student Memorial Center, just above the Galley. “After reviewing room usage data within the SMC, we chose to transform an underutilized conference room into an active space that will provide ongoing support to our student body,” says John Hearn, director of operations of the Student Memorial Center at Millersville University. Previously, students expressed their wish for a dedicated space on campus exclusively reserved for interfaith prayer, meditation, and mindfulness. However, the realization of this dream was hindered by the absence of an ideal location. Fortunately, the Student Memorial Center conducted a comprehensive space study in collaboration with WTW Architects. Thanks to continuous input from students, the SMC master plan has now been updated to incorporate a designated area for meditation and mindfulness. “Although long-term plans are vital for growth, the Division of Student Affairs desired to provide space that will meet and address the needs of our students today,” says Hearn. The space is designed to cater to a diverse range of needs, whether students choose to use it for prayer, meditation, or reflection. Its purpose is to support various faiths, promote positive mental health practices, and provide a welcoming environment for exploring personal interests. The room includes newly painted white walls, three chairs along the perimeter, a tower lamp, four salt lamps, additional prayer rugs, meditation and mindfulness cards and resources, sound machines to block excess noise and window tint to provide privacy.  The focal point of the room includes a hand-crafted wooden map of the world on the central wall to remind people who utilize the space of MU’s EPPIIC value of Inclusion. Crafted with inclusivity in mind, this space incorporates thoughtful details to embrace Millersville’s diverse student community. Notably, a wall decal has been included to indicate the Qibla, the direction toward the city of Mecca that holds significance for Muslims during prayer. This intentional design feature aims to create a welcoming environment for all students. “Our hope is that this space will feel open, warm and inclusive of our diverse student body,” says Hearn. The room is open on a walk-in basis during SMC operational hours. For the spring, that’s Monday – Friday 7 – 12 a.m., Saturdays from 8 – 12 a.m. and Sundays from 9 – 12 a.m. If students prefer, they can utilize the room alone for up to 20 minutes by changing a sig […] “Empowering Students: New Space Offers a Refuge for Growth”

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    More Than 20 Talented Artists Nominated for Broadway World Awards The Millersville University Theatre, productions, students, alumni and an assistant professor have been nominated in various categories for the 2023 Broadway World Central Pennsylvania Awards. Some of the students and recent graduates have even been nominated for their work at theatres outside of the University. Local Broadway World website editors set the award categories, and then BWW readers and audience members chose the nominees. Winners will be announced sometime in January. “I repeatedly meet folks in the Central PA theatre community who are surprised that Millersville has a theatre and entertainment tech program and/or they are surprised that we produce live theatre,” says Jonathan Strayer, assistant professor and director of dramatics at Millersville University. With theatres like the Fulton and Ephrata Performing Arts Center included, Strayer doesn’t expect to top any lists, but he does believe that the higher MU Theatre is on each list, the more exposure the program and University will receive. The Broadway World Regional Awards are the largest theatre audience awards, with over 100 cities worldwide participating. The Broadway World Regional Awards let readers have their say on the best local and touring productions around the country and world. Broadway World is the largest theatre site on the internet, covering Broadway, the West End and beyond to 100 US cities, 45 countries and in 12 languages worldwide. The awards honor productions that had their first performance between October 1, 2022, and September 30, 2023. Voting took place from early November and ran through December 31. Here is the list of nominees from MU: Best Direction Of A Musical Jonathan Strayer – “CARRIE THE MUSICAL” – Millersville University Theatre   Best Direction Of A Play Jonathan Strayer – “CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME” – Millersville University Theatre Rachel Luann Strayer – “PUFFS” – Millersville University Theatre Guest Artist/Director   Best Musical “CARRIE” – Millersville University Theatre   Best Play “CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME” – Millersville University Theatre “PUFFS” – Millersville University Theatre   Best Performer In A Musical Anya Ditzler – “CARRIE THE MUSICAL” – Millersville University Theatre Ed Major   Best Performer In A Play Dustin Schneider – “THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME” – Millersville University Theatre Theatre Major Nathaniel Hawley – “PUFFS” – Millersville University Theatre Theatre Major Giancarlo Cooper – “PUFFS” – Millersville University Theatre Theatre Minor Bailey-Rose Collington – “PUFFS” – Millersville University Theatre English Major; Journalism Minor   Best Ensemble “CARRIE THE MUSICAL” – Millersville University Theatre “PUFFS” – Millersville University Theatre   Best Lighting Design Of A Play Or Musical Adam Boyer – “CARRIE THE MUSICAL” – Millersville University Theatre Nic Pappas – “PUFFS” – Millersville University Theatre ENTC Major   Best Scenic Design Of A Play Or Musical Janet Hershey – “PUFFS” – Millersville University Theatre Dec 2022 Grad – ENTC Major   Best Supporting Performer In A Play Calvin Butler – “PUFFS” – Millersville University Theatre Theatre Major Ashley Calderon – “PUFFS” – Millersville University Theatre 2023 Grad – Theatre Major   Favorite Local Theatre Millersville University Theatre   Current Students in Non-MU Theatre Projects: Best Supporting Performer In A Musical Ryan Slusky – “THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME” – The Belmont Theatre Theatre Minor   Best Direction Of A Musical Kat Thorpe – “THE LIGHTNING THIEF: THE PERCY JACKSON MUSICAL” – ACMO Theatre Major   MU Theatre Alumni in Non-MU Theatre Projects: Best Supporting Performer In A Play Major – Ian Wettlaufer – “MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR” – People’s Shakespeare Project 2021 Grad – Theatre Major   Best Performer In A Musical Major – Ashley Calderon – “THE PROM” – Ephrata Performing A […] “More Than 20 Talented Artists Nominated for Broadway World Awards”

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    #1: Historic Fundraising Campaigns Our #1 story this year celebrates two incredible fundraising milestones: Millersville’s “Imagine the Possible” campaign and the annual One Day Give event. Imagine the Possible The “Imagine the Possible” fundraising campaign concluded in August this year, reaching a record-breaking $110,056,873, making it the most successful fundraising effort in the history of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. The accomplishment is the culmination of a six-year fundraising campaign that surpassed a $90 million goal in March 2022 and topped $100 million in January 2023. The total of $110M+ exceeds the overall campaign fundraising goal by more than 22%. This was the first campaign focused entirely on students, so the priority areas for donations included Scholarships, Student Learning Experiences, Marauder Athletics and Campus Revitalization. One Day Give This year’s 10th annual One Day Give raised $582,465 from 2,026 gifts. These gifts will support student scholarships, Millersville athletics, the EPPIIC Student Compassion Fund that assists students facing undue financial hardships who need emergency assistance, and more. 15 new scholarships were also created during this year’s fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who made 2023 a year to remember. Happy new year fr […] “#1: Historic Fundraising Campaigns”

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    #2: Brooks, the Trauma Dog Coming in at #2, the Millersville University Police Department welcomed a new officer this year: K-9 Brooks, who was sworn in at a ceremony in September! As a trauma dog, Brooks is trained to help those who need emotional support directly after a traumatic event to reduce stress and anxiety, by demonstrating affection while exercising restraint. Trauma dogs also provide comfort to officers, who often handle dangerous and traumatic situations. Brooks is a popular pup on campus – tons of students came out to his first birthday party in October, where Brooks got to meet new people and play with his handler, Officer Ivan Gonzales. The MUPD currently has an ongoing campaign to raise money and support Brooks. These donations are used solely to help toward Brooks’ care, including grooming, food, training and modifications to police vehicles to assure safety for Brooks. For more information on how you can support Brooks during his time at Millersville, click here. You can also keep up with Brooks’ adventures on his Inst […] “#2: Brooks, the Trauma Dog”

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    #3: Lampire and Climavision Partnerships Our #3 story of the year highlights two corporate partnerships, which brought and will continue to bring exciting opportunities for Millersville’s STEM students. Lampire Biological Laboratories On March 31, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the partnership between MU and Lampire Biological Laboratories, an international biotech life science company that produces biological reagents used in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. The ceremony celebrated the new Life Science incubator on Millersville’s campus, which will give students hands-on industry experience in the laboratory and access to jobs and internships. The University was chosen for the partnership because of its location and access to the student and alums workforce. There will also be opportunities for Millersville’s biology, chemistry and biochemistry faculty to collaborate with Lampire scientists on education programming, such as guest lectures, site visits and colloquium talks. Climavision In June, a partnership between Millersville and Climavision saw a new weather radar system installed on campus. This is the first partnership of its kind between Climavision and a university, which the University celebrated with a ceremony at Caputo Hall on August 29. The new weather radar system is the first X-band weather surveillance radar in the Lower Susquehanna Valley, filling in the gaps not covered by current radar systems. This information will help improve forecasts for areas like Lancaster County that may be prone to hazardous weather and will also help improve emergency planning and preparedne […] “#3: Lampire and Climavision Partnerships”

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    #5: The ‘Ville Goes Global Our next top story of the year focuses on the ‘Ville making international headlines. At #5, here are some notable stories for MU across the globe. UCC Visits the ‘Ville In February, Millersville University was visited by representatives of the University of Cape Coast, after President Dr. Daniel A. Wubah spent time there representing MU and building a relationship with the other institution. The delegation from Ghana met with a variety of Millersville faculty and administrators to collaborate and discuss how each institution could benefit from a continued partnership. UCC has been a driving force in meeting and maintaining manpower in many industries and across many disciplines, including doctors and health care professionals, business professionals, administrators, legal professionals and agriculturalists. Millersville and St. John of India In another collaboration, Millersville and St. John Technical and Educational Campus in India signed a memorandum of understanding on June 5. This allows for students at St. John’s affiliate institutions to attend Millersville University and for faculty collaboration between the two institutions. The agreement also establishes possibilities for dual-degree and transfer-degree programs and non-degree programs. The agreement will allow the exchange of scholarly and pedagogical materials and the development of academic research, workshops or other joint projects. President Wubah earns Honorary Degree President Wubah receives his honorary degree On July 29, Dr. Daniel A. Wubah, president of Millersville University, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. Wubah previously received his bachelor’s with Honors in botany and Dip. Ed. in education from the UCC. UCC is the topmost-ranked university in Ghana and West Africa, the 4th in Africa and among the 400 topmost-ranked universities […] “#5: The ‘Ville Goes Global”

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    #6: Google and Amazon Partnerships Millersville University furthered opportunities for its students through quite a few corporate partnerships this year. Coming in at #6 are two very notable partnerships with Google and Amazon. Google Career Certificates Governor Josh Shapiro visited Millersville University in August to announce the partnership between Google and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, making industry-recognized Google Career Certificates available to Millersville students and the public to help them secure good-paying jobs. Amazon Career Choice In October, Millersville University Provost Dr. Gail Gasparich visited the new Amazon distribution center in York to announce the new partnership between the University and the Amazon Career Choice program. This program provides eligible Amazon employees with funding, like pre-paid tuition and reimbursement for textbooks and other fees, while they work toward their undergraduate de […] “#6: Google and Amazon Partnerships”

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    #8: MU Students Share Their Success Between conferences, competitions, individual and team awards and more, many Millersville students found a lot of success this year. Coming in at #8, we’re recognizing students and clubs who had a lot to celebrate. ‘Ville Robotics At the 2023 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition held in Rochester, Michigan, ‘Ville Robotics scored big. Their autonomous robot, named A.Li.E.N. 4.0, won 1st to Qualify, 2nd Place Performance, and 2nd Place Overall in the AutoNav Class. They also won 3rd Place in the Grand Award, which combines the results of both AutoNav and Self-Drive class competitions. The robotics team was also selected as one of just 13 teams in the nation to compete in the TiM$10K challenge. The competition is organized by SICK, one of the most prominent companies for sensor-based applications and sensor intelligence. Undergraduate Research Conference In April, students representing an array of different majors traveled to the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire to present their undergraduate research. The National Conference of Undergraduate Research is held annually to showcase undergraduate innovation, scholarships and creativity. While at the conference, students not only presented their research to hundreds of other student researchers, but they also met peers and faculty in their field of research, learned about research in different fields, learned about graduate schools and employment opportunities and developed their presentation skills. Student Receives NSF Award Annisa Saengdara, Millersville University junior environmental and spatial sciences student, was one of 10 students awarded the National Science Foundation Research for Undergraduates award in Interdisciplinary Problem Solving. She looked at human-dominated wetlands during the 10-week program at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Print/Packaging Awards Millersville University graphics and packaging technology students Sydney Hargrove, Reagan Steinberg, Kaylena Travitz and Ben Troyano won awards in two different competitions. Hargrove and Steinberg were awarded for their submissions in the Neographics sponsored by the Print and Graphic Communications Association. Hargrove’s screen-printed T-shirt “Posterization” earned a Franklin Award for Excellence in the Student/College category, and Steinberg’s Digital “Variable Data Postcard” earned a Franklin Award for Excellence and the Best of Category in the Student/College category. Travitz and Troyano’s “Ville Hardware” design was selected by the Association of Independent Corrugated Converter’s Student Packaging Design Competition committee as the second-place winner in the structure category. Student appointed to State Board of Education Breanna Chernich Brenna Chernich is serving a two-year term on the State Board of Education’s Council of Higher Education. The dual early childhood education and special education major with a minor in integrative STEM education methods was approved by the State Board of Education to serve as an advisory member on the council. NEMA MU’s National Electronic Media Association chapter won big at the Broadcast Education Association conference this year, bringing various awards back to campus: The Motivated Chapter Award Chapter of the Year NEMA Student of the Year: Nicole Dalton, sophomore media arts production major, NEMA Professional of the Year: Stacey Irwin was recognized as the NEMA Professional of the Year. Honorable Mentions for the Video Entertainment and/or Music Program: Two MUTV productions received honorable mentions, including the Plugged In production and the “Cookie Butter Catastrophe” episode from The Trend MU. WxChallenge Meteorology students from across the nation signed up to participate in the WxChallenge contest, and this year several Millersville University students placed high in the competition. WxChallenge is a collegiate-focused meteorological forecasting competition. Forecasters predict the daily high and low temperatures, maximum sustained wind speed and cumulative liquid precipitation amount for select locations across the United States. The competition runs for 10 weeks in the fall semester and 10 weeks in the spring semester. Safety Chapter Millersville University’s American Society of Safety Professionals student chapter once again received national recognition. The chapter placed third out of 12 schools in the national 2022 – 2023 Outstanding Student Section of the Year Award competition. After winning first place last year, this makes it the second year in a row that the student chapter has been nationally recognized for its outstanding stude […] “#8: MU Students Share Their Success”

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    #9: Land Acknowledgment and Trees of Peace Our next top story builds off the University’s Land Acknowledgment Statement and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. In October, the University planted four white pine trees to honor the land’s traditional occupants and caretakers in a ceremony that was open to the public. Attendees learned that White Pine trees were chosen as a symbol of peacekeeping, teaching us to put aside differences and create a safe place. The White Pine is the “Tree of Peace” to the Iroquois Confederacy, a group of “first nations” living in present-day New […] “#9: Land Acknowledgment and Trees of Peace”

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