• Julianne posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    First blog post- Here we go!

    I have gone through both suggested blogs via D2L, and have decided to follow the Cult of Pedagogy. Not only is the name in itself enticing, but solely at first glance, the layout- color scheme, font, organization- is all very aesthetically pleasing. As I actually explored around the blog to see what it had to offer in it’s entirety, I came to the conclusion that the Editor In Chief, Jennifer Gonzalez, truly wants to help and inspire teachers. She speaks directly to the audience in a fun, yet professional manner that brings you in and is personable right away.

    I read the post “Diary of a First-Year Teacher: Entry 5 Looking Back”, by Shelby Denhof. Shelby doesn’t stick to the typical essay-style posting, but instead uses bolded subheadings to capture the reader’s attention, as well as uses personable, casual language that makes it a conversational piece, almost. What I like most is she addresses the mistakes she made, relating to the audience, since everyone makes mistakes, then follows it up with what she will, and did do, differently. She also addresses the reader as “you”, and doesn’t use jargon, but instead treats this article like a friend. I really enjoyed reading this piece.

    Going forward, I really would like to learn more about creative ways to adapt and modify lessons, as well as good tricks for classroom management.