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    Prepare for Impact: Hurricane Season is Here Hurricane season has arrived, and communities are already dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl. Spanning from June to November, this period brings heightened vigilance and preparedness as meteorologists track potential threats and residents ensure their homes and families are safeguarded. Hurricanes, with their powerful winds and torrential rains, can cause widespread devastation, making it crucial for everyone in vulnerable areas to stay informed and ready. Whether it’s reviewing evacuation plans or stocking up on emergency supplies, preparation is key to weathering the turbulent months ahead. “Hurricane season typically spans from approximately June 1 to November 30,” says Dr. Eleanor Casas, assistant professor of meteorology and expert in interactions between the tropical cyclone boundary layer and TC structure and intensity at Millersville University. “However, hurricanes are particularly active from approximately August 20 through mid-October. We have not yet reached the most active part of a typical Atlantic hurricane season.” Casas says that this season is expected to be a highly active hurricane season, as Hurricane Beryl seems to indicate. This is due to extremely warm ocean temperatures and possible neutral ENSO or even La Nina conditions. These conditions mean that low “vertical wind shear” conditions are more likely in the Atlantic Basin, which allows hurricanes to more easily spin “upright” like a top. However, regardless of predicted hurricane season activity, it only takes one hurricane to be an active season for those impacted, such as those in Texas from Beryl. Coastal residents should always have emergency preparations and plans regardless of seasonal predictions. Hurricanes are rotating weather systems with low pressure in the center but no strong temperature differences around them. To be officially classified as a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, the sustained maximum wind speed must be at least 74 mph. However, Casas notes that wind damage is not the only hazard associated with hurricanes; a weak tropical storm or depression can still be devastating and life-threatening through various flooding hazards that are not currently factored into the Saffir-Simpson scale. According to Casas, hurricanes typically affect coastal communities along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts and in the Caribbean the most, especially by contributing to widespread flooding through heavy rain and storm surges. However, as we saw with Hurricane Beryl, inland states like in the Great Plains, Midwest, and broader East Coast can receive impacts of varying severity ranging from light drizzle to tornadic storms and hazardous flooding. “States unlikely to be directly impacted by hurricanes are along the Pacific Coast and in the Mountain West,” says Casas. “Surprisingly, although Hawaii does also regularly get impacted by hurricanes, there is typically high “vertical wind shear” around Hawaii, which can help to “protect” the islands from hurricanes to a certain extent by “tilting” or “disrupting” the center of the circulation of approaching hurricanes and weakening them.” So, what makes a hurricane different from a tornado? According to Casas, while both are typically classified as severe or extreme weather and spin rapidly, hurricanes and tornadoes are very different weather phenomena formed by very different processes. Tornadoes are a small but dangerous part of a severe thunderstorm, and you can see typically from one side of the tornado to the other when standing on the ground. In contrast, a hurricane is composed of many storm cells rotating about a center, and hurricanes can span the size of multiple states. Hurricanes can even spawn tornadoes within them when making landfall, more often on the side of the hurricane where the winds are blowing toward the shore or after landfall. For more information about the remainder of hurricane season, you can check out the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook from Millersville University’s Weather Information Center […] “Prepare for Impact: Hurricane Season is Here”

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    Corduroy by Barry Kornhauser opens in Chicago Barry Kornhauser’s award-winning play, “Corduroy,” is now running at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre at the Navy Pier. The play began its run there on June 18 and will continue through July 14.   The Theatre for Young Audiences play, written by Millersville’s own Barry Kornhauser, assistant director of Campus and Community Engagement, is based on Don Freeman’s popular children’s book of the same name. The play first debuted in 2017 at the Tony Award-winning Children’s Theater Company in Minneapolis and went on to win the American Alliance for Theatre & Education’s “Distinguished Play Award.” The story features a stuffed bear who lives in a department store and has a missing button on his corduroy overalls. He goes in search of the missing button so a young girl named Lisa can take him home.    You can watch a teaser of the play here.  While Kornhauser cannot see his adaptation in Chicago, the writer has been in close contact with the director throughout the rehearsal process and since the play’s opening. The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre is the 25th theatre to put on Kornhauser’s play and is, like CTC, a Regional Theatre Tony Award winner.    The original play spans 90 minutes with an intermission which is typically considered an unusual length of time for young children to stay attentive. However, “Corduroy” has proved to keep thousands of children’s eyes glued to the stage. With school scheduling, however, Kornhauser has worked with the team at Chicago Shakes to offer a shorter hour-long version.    There are a lot of things people can expect to see in this play adaptation, and Kornhauser has left out no details. He put much of the focus on the deserted department store at night, as that reflected the book author’s favored scenes. He also brought to life scenes between Lisa and her mother the same evening that expanded the story and created a personal journey for Lisa. The attention to detail in the original story is what really helped Kornhauser bring the story to life on the stage.   When asked what inspired him to write a play adaptation of this beloved book, Kornhauser pointed to the deeper meaning behind the story and why he often read it to his own children.  “For Corduroy, it’s the sadly mistaken notion we all may have now and again that we’re somehow not good enough and that we need to find a missing “something” to be worthy of another’s love,” says Kornhauser.    The play has been put on in over 25 different venues. Other sites include:    Olympia Family Theatre, Olympia, Wash.   Denver Center, Denver   TYKES Theatre, Rochester, N.Y.   Le Moyne College, Syracuse, N.Y.   Columbus State University, Columbus, Ga.   University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.   Seattle Children’s Theatre, Seattle   NCTC Drama, Gainesville, Texas   Rose Theatre, Omaha, Neb.   Emerson Stage, Boston   Imagination Stage, Bethesda, Md.   DeKalb School for the Arts, Dekalb, Ga.   Woodland Opera House, Woodland, Calif.   Winnipesaukee Playhouse, Meredith, N.H.   Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, Little Rock, Ark.   Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine, Portland, Maine   Cricut Theatre Company, Lake Zurich, Ill.   Savannah Children’s Theatre, Savannah, Ga.   Emerald City Theatre, Chicago   Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Chicago Fans in the Chicago area looking to experience the world of “Corduroy” can visit https://www.chicagoshakes.com/productions/corduroy/ to purchase t […] “Corduroy by Barry Kornhauser opens in Chicago”

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    Future Educator Academy Continues to Inspire Pennsylvania is facing a teacher shortage. The Future Educator Academy at Millersville University aims to help. The University will hold its fifth program July 21-27.    The program, hosted by Dr. Miriam Witmer, associate professor of Educational Foundations at Millersville and Dr. Aileen Hower, assistant director of the academy, is open to all high school juniors and seniors in Pennsylvania who wish to pursue a career in education. During the week, students have the chance to experience college life while also learning the fundamentals of teaching and preparing for college.   Witmer and Dr. Lara Willox, Dean of the College of Education, travel to schools around the state to talk about the program, hoping to recruit young individuals who have an interest in teaching. Teachers at the schools are asked to recommend students who would be good for the program, boosting their confidence in the application interviews. Students at high schools in the Millersville area can attend the week-long program for free, with their $750 tuition paid by the School District of Lancaster. Zoe Patterson, a senior at McCaskey High School, is coming back for her second year with the program, eager to learn more.   “As college is approaching and I’m learning more and more about education, I’m excited to gain more knowledge, more experience and more awareness about the next stages of life,” says Patterson.   The academy is part of a larger program hosted by Millersville University to aid students into successful careers in education. Other programs include the Color of Teaching Mentoring program and the Side-by-Side program, both active at MU. Middle school students start by joining the Color of Teaching program, then participate in the Side-by-Side seminars as underclassmen in high school, attend the Future Educator Academy as juniors and complete dual enrollment as seniors. The overall program has helped students make connections and land jobs in schools upon graduating college. “These folks are now school leaders. Lena Cordero just got her doctorate and she’s a principal and Jassinya Alvarado-Padilla is back at McCaskey as a central office administrator,” says Witmer, referencing former attendees who found success in their careers and benefited from the program.   The program is exclusive to Millersville’s campus, but students from school districts all over the state travel to participate in this experience. These districts include the Harrisburg Academy, the School District of York City, the School District of Lancaster, the Pottstown School District, the Central Bucks School District and the Lower Dauphin School District.   To simulate the experience of a real college class, Millersville faculty and staff, as well as other teachers and professors in Pennsylvania, participate in setting up lessons during the program’s week and hands-on field trips. The students also assist with a summer reading camp, co-teaching young readers.    Students stay in the South Village residence halls for the week and eat at the Upper Deck, one of MU’s main dining halls. Current Millersville students assisting in the program act as resident assistants and plan small events in the residence halls. They also hold discussions based on the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.”   When concluding the week, the students will be instructed to complete a “3-2-1 reflection,” allowing them to recall three things they learned from the experience, two practices they will continue, and one thing they will immediately implement. The students share their reflections at the end of the week, often bringing parents to tears. Along with this reflection, students will also receive awards for their achievements as well as a keepsake “challenge coin” that is inscribed with “Stars of the Future” and a motivational quote for them to take with them on their journey to becoming educato […] “Future Educator Academy Continues to Inspire”

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    'Ville's Mobile Robotics Team Shines Millersville University’s Mobile Robotics Team recently showcased their innovative robotic platform, ALiEN 5.0 (Autonomous LiDAR-Based Environment Navigator, version 5.0), at the prestigious 31st Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition in Rochester, Michigan, from May 31 to June 3, 2024. This annual competition brought together top engineering talent from universities around the world, challenging them to design, build, and program autonomous ground vehicles capable of navigating complex environments. The Millersville team, known for their cutting-edge approach to mobile robotics, had been preparing their entry, ALiEN 5.0, for the past year. With its state-of-the-art LiDAR (laser sensors) for detecting objects, machine vision cameras for “seeing” lanes, and GPS module for following navigation waypoints, the robot was able to perceive its environment with high accuracy. These technologies were crucial for the AutoNav task, which simulated highway driving conditions (at low speeds) and required precise navigation and obstacle avoidance. The team’s efforts were rewarded, as Millersville University took home 1st to Qualify, 2nd in Performance, and 2nd overall from a field of 23 teams in the AutoNav class, showcasing their technical readiness and innovation. “The team has shown an extremely high level of resolve, focus, and technical skill to even qualify for this competition…not to mention they performed at the top of the competition in an international field,” says Dr. John Haughery, team advisor. IGVC is renowned for its rigorous standards and the innovative solutions it inspires, making it a significant event for aspiring roboticists and engineers. Participation in this competition provided team members studying Automation & Robotics Engineering Technology, and Manufacturing Engineering Technology at MU with a unique opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to practical problems, fostering skills in robotics, artificial intelligence, and systems engineering. Dr. John Wright, founding team advisor, says, “When we started the team in 2001, we never imagined the success and scope of engineering and technological development that we routinely do these days. The AEST Department prepares some of the best robotics and industrial control engineers in the world, as evidenced by our continued success at IGVC. I look forward to working with the students on next year’s design!” With over 50 first- to third-place awards in national and international competitions over the past 25+ years, Haughery says Millersville University’s Mobile Robotics Team has a storied history of excellence. Their consistent success underscores the University’s commitment to advancing technological education and innovation. This year, the team was supported by generous sponsors, including Phoenix Contact, USA, SICK Sensor Intelligence, and Millersville University. The team’s performance at this year’s IGVC not only highlighted their technical prowess but also underscored the University’s commitment to advancing technological education and innovation. For more information on the competition, please contact Dr. John Haughery or Dr. John Wright. For information on degrees in Robotics & Automation, c […] “‘Ville’s Mobile Robotics Team Shines”

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    President Wubah Speaks at UCU in Uganda Millersville’s President, Dr. Daniel A. Wubah, gave the keynote address for the Uganda Christian University Annual Public Lecture on Wednesday, July 3, 2024. The theme of the lecture was “A call to Prominence is a Call to Service.” Wubah was also the guest of honor and delivered the commencement address at Uganda Christian University’s graduation on Ju […] “President Wubah Speaks at UCU in Uganda”

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    Making College Possible: Millersville’s FAFSA Fiesta This summer, Millersville University’s Office of Financial Aid is hosting the FAFSA Fiesta event series. These events are designed to assist students and their families in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid while providing access to financial aid experts in a supportive, relaxed atmosphere. The events are free and open to everyone, regardless of whether they plan to attend Millersville. Completing the FAFSA is a crucial step in securing the financial aid needed to help make college possible. We spoke with Emiyaril Alvarez, Millersville University’s Director of Financial Aid, to learn more about the upcoming events and their benefits to our community. When and where will the events take place? The FAFSA Fiesta events will be held on July 16 and August 16 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Ware Center in downtown Lancaster. People can stop in at any time that is convenient for them, but it is strongly encouraged to register for the date and timeframe you plan to attend. To register and learn more about this initiative, go to millersville.edu/possible. What languages will be spoken? Our diverse and dedicated financial aid team will provide personalized, one-on-one assistance in multiple languages. Language support includes English, Spanish, Swahili, Arabic, Nepali, Hindi, Nigerian Pidgin and Yoruba. People can chat with financial aid experts in their native language and enjoy refreshments. What do you hope to accomplish with the events? The goal of these FAFSA Fiesta events is to help students toward the path of making college possible. The 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid form has posed numerous challenges. Our team is committed to helping people navigate this process and secure the financial aid they need. In conjunction with Millersville University’s “Make College Possible: Get FAFSA Ready” campaign, we aim to increase FAFSA submission rates in our local community and across the state of Pennsylvania. What should people bring with them? Before determining what to bring with you, first you should determine who needs to contribute their information on your FAFSA. People can find more information on who is considered a contributor and other helpful tips on our website: millersville.edu/fa-apply. Once you know that information, having the following items on hand can help you accurately complete the application and avoid any potential delays. All contributors will need a Federal Student Aid Account to log into the application and submit the FAFSA. This should be completed at least three days prior to the event. If you are struggling with this process, we can assist you at the event and schedule another time to complete the FAFSA. The Social Security Number or Alien Registration Number (if not a U.S. citizen) of all contributors. 2022 Tax returns (if applicable), W-2 forms, and any other financial information for each contributor. The name, date of birth, Social Security number, and email addresses of each contributor. Additional information potential attendees should know? This event is about more than completing the FAFSA; it’s about community. In the Office of Financial Aid, we consider ourselves a family. During these uncertain times, we want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable reaching out for help. We hope to see you, your family, your friends, and your support system. If you don’t have one, don’t worry—we’re here for you. Join us and become part of the amazing Millersvil […] “Making College Possible: Millersville’s FAFSA Fiesta”

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    'Ville Employees Assist Junior Achievement In keeping with one of the University’s core values of public mission, employees from Millersville have volunteered for the Junior Achievement program once again.  Since 2012, employees from Millersville have volunteered to work in local classrooms and schools with the non-profit organization Junior Achievement of South-Central PA. This year, 11 employees volunteered a total of 16 times with the organization:  Alison Hutchinson, Registrar  Andrew Welaish, Director of Library Operations  Dr. Brooke Martin, Adjunct Professor in Art Education  Gwendolyn Phillips, Criminology, Sociology & Anthropology Department Secretary  Jasmine Campbell, Director of Student Accounts  Dr. Jennifer Burke, Assistant Professor of Early, Middle & Exceptional Education  Jim Lee, Faculty Instructor of Business  Jorge Santiago, Talent Search Academic Caseworker  Dr. Leslie Gates, Professor of Art Education and Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinator of Art Education  Dr. Mary Beth Williams, Vice President for Student Affairs  Dr. Sarah Brooks, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Professional Development Schools  Millersville University was rewarded with a certificate of appreciation, recognizing the hard work each employee put into inspiring students in “financial literacy, career readiness and entrepreneurship.”  “Volunteering with Junior Achievement, or one of the many other organizations our employees serve, connects personal interests of our team members to the overarching values of our workplace, ultimately benefitting the communities in which we live,” says Wendy Bowersox, employee engagement specialist and interim Title IX coordinator at Millersville University.  Employees recall their experiences and how it benefits the students.  “These students get really excited to talk to adults who might be in the career they are considering,” says Alison Hutchinson, a registrar at Millersville. “They love hearing about college as an option. They absolutely know the value of a skilled trade, and competition for spots in our career and technology programs in Lancaster County is fierce. They know that they can make a good living a variety of ways.”  Most Millersville volunteers start their work in a familiar place: their own child’s classroom, others choose to work at the school closest to their home or at a school they attended.  “I had the opportunity to go back into my own middle school in the Pequea Valley School District to do the career clusters module,” says Hutchinson. “So, when I said to the classroom, ‘When I sat where you are sitting,’ I really meant it!”  “As educators and higher education professionals, we have the best information about careers that require a 4-year degree or more,” says Hutchinson. “We not only know about our discipline area, we know about all of the directions our grads might pursue. It’s pretty easy to start with your own child’s school, or the school closest to your home, and it is a nice short-term volunteer commitment of a few hours. It’s also a great way to show that Millersville cares about our local community.”  As a result of this successful year volunteering, the team in MU’s Career Center will strive to increase the number of volunteers for Junior Achievement in the coming years to ensure each student is prepared for their future.  “It takes a lot of volunteers to make Junior Achievement happen,” says Hutchinson.  Employees interested in volunteering for Junior Achievement should email the Career Center at MU at careers@millersville.edu fo […] “‘Ville Employees Assist Junior Achievement”

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    'Ville's FAFSA Fiesta Helps All This summer, Millersville University is participating in FAFSA Fiesta to help students and their families complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Completing the FAFSA is a crucial step in securing the financial aid necessary to make educational dreams a reality, and through the “FAFSA Fiesta,” the University is committed to making that process as smooth and accessible as possible. The FAFSA Fiesta events will be held on July 16 and August 16 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Ware Center. These events feature personalized assistance from Millersville’s Financial Aid team, language support in eight different languages, and the opportunity to engage with financial aid experts while enjoying light refreshments. For more information and to register, visit the FAFSA Fiesta Registration page. Millersville’s FAFSA Fiesta is a response to a national decline in FAFSA submissions. Millersville University is collaborating with other universities within Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education to boost FAFSA completions. The PASSHE Foundation has been granted $357,602, administered by the Educational Credit Management Corporation with funding from the U.S. Department of Education, to support this summer’s FAFSA outreach. Millersville, along with Commonwealth, Shippensburg, and Slippery Rock universities, is spearheading a regional initiative to assist students across the Commonwealth in submitting the FAFSA. Help is available to students attending both PASSHE and non-PASSHE institutions. For those unable to attend the FAFSA events, Millersville’s financial aid team is available to assist Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. One-hour appointments are offered in person, by phone, or virtually via Zoom. Schedule your appointment here. Millersville’s Office of Financial Aid provides helpful tips and resources for those who feel more comfortable starting the FAFSA process on their own. Learn more here. Millersville University offers a wide range of financial aid options designed to make education affordable. From federal and state aid to scholarships, grants, and work-study opportunities, the University is committed to helping students explore every avenue. Discover more about our financial aid options here. For more detailed information, please visit Millersville Universit […] “‘Ville’s FAFSA Fiesta Helps All”

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    National Rankings for the 'Ville Millersville University has been recognized by various national organizations for the academic caliber and monetary value of its degree programs. Study Abroad Aide Out of 8,060 universities across 69 countries, the site Study Abroad Aide ranked Millersville in the top 21% of universities with the best value for international students. According to the site, rankings are determined based on the “academic quality, comprising 75% of the weight, and cost of education for the remaining 25%.” This ranking highlights the many benefits of Millersville’s numerous degree programs, including cost-effectiveness. Forbes Advisor Millersville University’s Emergency Management program has been recognized as one of the Best Online Emergency Management Degrees Of 2024, which was published this spring on Forbes Advisor Education. Forbes Advisor’s education editors are committed to producing unbiased rankings and informative articles covering online colleges, tech boot camps and career paths. Their ranking methodologies use data from the National Center for Education Statistics, education providers, and reputable educational and professional organizations. Online Master’s Degrees The site Online Master’s Degrees has ranked Millersville in the top 9% of U.S. universities with the best online and hybrid graduate-level degree programs. Online Master’s Degrees determine their rankings by evaluating “which universities offer the best value regarding education quality, availability, cost, and flexibility.” Three different Master’s degree programs were specifically recognized for their merit. 13th place in “Best Online Master’s Degrees in Emergency Management” 20th place in “Best Nurse Educator Certificate Online Programs” 31st place in “Best Online Clinical Social Work Programs” CounselingPsychology.org CounselingPsychology.org ranked Millersville’s Master of Social Work degree program as the third-best MSW program in Pennsylvania. Counseling Psychology ranks programs “through a multifaceted assessment process encompassing several key criteria,” where they evaluate “the overall quality, impact, and effectiveness of programs, ensuring a fair and accurate representation of each program […] “National Rankings for the ‘Ville”

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    Chick-fil-A Coming to the ‘Ville in 2025 Millersville University and Student Services, Inc., are partnering to join more than 300 universities nationwide that have a Chick-fil-A on their campus. The restaurant will open during the spring semester of 2025. “This is the next step to diversify student dining options on campus,” says Dr. Daniel A. Wubah, President of Millersville University. “Our students have long been interested in having a Chick-fil-A on campus, and we’re hoping this will be the first of additional adventures for the University.” The University will handle all the operations of Chick-fil-A, which will be housed in part of the space currently occupied by the Galley in the Student Memorial Center. Like other dining facilities on campus, AFSCME employees and University students will fill the positions at Chick-fil-A. There will continue to be additional dining options in the Galley. Plans are now underway to renovate the Galley for this new opportunity. This fall, the Galley will be closed, and dining staff will be reallocated to the Cove, Anchor, Upper Deck and Marauder Express. The move will allow for extended hours and services in those locations to accommodate the extra need while the Galley is offline. “We’re pleased to help bring a new restaurant to Millersville University’s campus and the community,” says Geoff Beers, CEO of SSI and Student Lodging Inc. “This project has been in the works for over two years, and we’re excited to make the announcement.” Students, faculty and staff can use Marauder Gold and Flex dollars at Chick-fil-A. The campus community and the public can use credit cards or […] “Chick-fil-A Coming to the ‘Ville in 2025”

    • jredd replied 3 weeks ago

      Wow that sucks. Their anti-LGBTQ views really align with our EPIIC values.
      I’ll continue to boycott their gross food.

      Editor’s note: We understand there are concerns about Chick-fil-A’s past contributions and positions, though we also recognize the changes Chick-fil-A has made over time to be more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. The decision to have them on our campus is all about offering diverse dining options to our community.

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    The Convenience Trade-off of Forever Chemicals Forever chemicals have been in the news a lot lately. Nonstick cookware, grease-resistant food packaging and waterproof clothing offer significant convenience, but this comes at a cost. These products contain PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances), also known as “forever chemicals,” a class of manmade chemicals that provide water, stain and grease resistance. Unfortunately, PFAS are also highly toxic, even at extremely low levels. “These characteristics make them popular for use in thousands of commercial products, such as non-stick pans, outdoor gear, cosmetics, food wrappers and more,” says Paul Hill, director of Environmental Health and Safety at Millersville University. “However, PFAS are long-lasting chemicals that break down over tens of thousands of years.” PFAS are used extensively, resulting in widespread presence in humans, animals, soil, air and water. Their occurrence in water originates from various sources, including runoff from PFAS-containing soil, biological pathways, wastewater treatment, industrial processes and leaching from landfills into water reservoirs. “PFAS can be removed from drinking water through a number of different complex processes,” says Hill. “Common treatments include reverse osmosis, microbial degradation, carbon filtration, oxidation processes and others.” According to Hill, a study conducted by Johns Hopkins suggests that buying bottled water is not a better alternative because it found that 39 out of more than 100 bottled waters tested contained PFAS, including those labeled as “purified.” However, purified bottled water is often treated through reverse osmosis and generally contains lower levels of PFAS than bottled water labeled “spring water.” Drinking water contaminated with PFAS at dangerous levels poses several health risks, including high cholesterol, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, testicular cancer, kidney cancer and pregnancy-induced hypertension. Avoiding exposure to forever chemicals can be daunting due to their widespread presence in the environment, including water and food sources. According to Hill, individuals can take steps to reduce their exposure by minimizing the use of non-stick pans, stain and water-resistant fabrics and waterproofing treatments. Additionally, opting for water filters rated for PFAS removal and choosing products labeled as PFAS-free can help mitigate the risk of exposure. Hill suggests staying informed about PFAS sources and regulations in your area and advocating for stricter regulations and safer alternatives. Also, dispose of PFAS-containing products responsibly according to local guidelines to prevent contamin […] “The Convenience Trade-off of Forever Chemicals”

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    Millersville Students Impress at PennVet Presentation Millersville University students sophomore Kate Vossen and senior Evelyn Orlowski wowed attendees with their all-star presentation on their findings during owl pellet dissection at the Barn Owl Event at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinarian School this spring. The PennVet professionals were impressed by their “depth of knowledge, engaging delivery, and the seamless flow of their presentation.” Their academic excellence and professional poise showcased the exceptional talent and dedication nurtured at MU. Kate Vossen is a biology major with a concentration in animal behavior. She’s from Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Why was this project important to you? I have always loved animals, which translated into an interest in conservation. As a kid, I loved the television show Wild Kratts; that’s where I got my start in learning about conservation. As I have gotten older, I have been lucky enough to have some truly amazing opportunities in conservation. Last summer, I participated in a conservation education internship at Elmwood Park Zoo and wanted to continue working in this field. I was lucky enough to have an amazing academic advisor, Dr. Brent Horton, who connected me to Dr. Aaron Haines and Evelyn Orlowski and the work that they were doing and quickly started helping and later presenting with Evelyn. I think it is so important to connect some serious topics, like the conservation of disappearing and endangered animals, with fun and educational activities like dissecting owl pellets. That kind of activity can be utilized in an educational setting for people of all ages and can really help with education on conservation. I certainly didn’t expect this project to turn into such an amazing experience in conservation education, but I am so glad it did. What’s next for you? Going back to work at my local doggy daycare, my yearly service project working on repairing homes in Appalachia and summer class at Chincoteague Bay Field Station, Virginia, for the summer until I come back to Millersville to start my junior year. Once I am back at college, I will continue to work at our campus rock climbing course, manage the mixed martial arts club as club president, and hopefully continue and expand our work in Dr. Haines’ conservation lab. Evelyn Orlowski is a biology major with a concentration in animal behavior. She’s from Coatesville, Pennsylvania. Why was this project important to you? I have always enjoyed dissections as a kid. Dr. Aaron Haines informed me of the opportunity to participate in research on this project. Working with professionals in conservation has been such an amazing opportunity that I have benefited so much from. I have gained interest and motivation from industry professionals to continue diving further into the project. This project has been meaningful to me because of the opportunities to work on a real-life problem affecting barn owls and small mammal conservation in the state.  What’s next for you? Over the summer, I will work at a local veterinarian practice and Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, fostering kittens and continuing this research project by identifyi […] “Millersville Students Impress at PennVet Presentation”

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    Faculty/Staff/President Activities   Millersville University’s faculty, staff and president had a busy spring. Here are a few of their accomplishments, awards, books, etc. Dr. Betty-Jo Bowers, associate professor of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology and the MU chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals, were named Outstanding Student Section of the Year for 2024. The section exceeded all three requirements: professional development, research and campus and community involvement. The chapter was ranked above fellow PASSHE institutions, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Slippery Rock University. Bowers and the section will receive $5,000 to fund scholarships and research for the University. Dr. Joe Cernuto, assistant professor of music, has been selected as a finalist for The American Prize, which celebrates American excellence in the arts. This company hosts the most complex series of music-related contests in the United States. Cernuto is in the Band Conducting—College/University edition category, representing MU nationwide. He received recognition for this award by sending in videos conducting the MU Wind Ensemble. The winners of the award will be announced in the fall. Ethan Hulsey, director of athletic communications, recently won two first-place writing awards. Both awards are for the 2023-24 CSC Fred Stabley Sr. Writing Contest. His awards fall in the categories of Season Recap/Preview and Event Coverage in the College Division.  His articles covered the golf and football teams at Millersville. Dr. Kaitlin Mondello, assistant professor in English & World Languages, had her review “Darwin meets Dickinson” of the book “Natural Magic: Emily Dickinson, Charles Darwin, and the Dawn of Modern Science,” published in the journal “Science.” Not only did the popular magazine publish Mondello’s work, but it was also featured on the main page of the website in early May. The website reaches an audience of over 1 million people. Dr. Jack Ogutu, professor and chairperson of Applied Engineering, Safety and Technology and Hope Schmids, director of the Workforce Development Program, represented Millersville University at the IU13’s 26th annual Lancaster County Partnership Appreciation Luncheon. Their invitation resulted from providing slip, trip and fall prevention training to over 50 IU13 job trainers and 250 students through the Susan Harwood grant SH-30182SH2, which was from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of The U.S. Department of Labor. Dr. Lara Willox, dean of the College Education and Human Services, received an award from Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve on June 4. The award is presented to individuals who have shown immense support to a person in association with the National Guard or Reserve. Dr. Alex Redcay nominated Willox for the award in appreciation of the accommodations made to her for her military service.  Dr. Karen Rice and Casandra Miller were on hand at the award presentation to Willox. Dr. Daniel A. Wubah, president of Millersville University, was recently honored by the African American Cultural Alliance. Wubah was acknowledged at the Black Excellence Gala and Award Ceremony on April 25.  This year, the event’s theme was ‘Knowledge is Power,’ honoring those who have shown great achievement in spreading the importance of education to young individuals and the surrou […] “Faculty/Staff/President Activities  “

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    From RN to BSN in as Little as 12 Months According to the Hospital and Health System Association of Pennsylvania, the state is predicted to face a shortage of over 20,000 nurses by 2026, the worst in the nation. However, a new agreement between Millersville University and HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, offers a promising solution for Central Pennsylvania. The Millersville/HACC Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Concurrent Enrollment Program was announced on June 12 on Millersville University’s campus. “This innovative partnership between Millersville University and HACC is a win-win for everyone,” says Dr. Daniel A. Wubah, president of Millersville University. “It allows us to create a seamless pathway for students to pursue their nursing careers, meets our EPPIIC value of serving the public, while addressing the critical need for more qualified nurses in our region.” Dr. John J. “Ski” Sygielski, HACC’s president and CEO, said, “HACC is thrilled to partner with Millersville University on this initiative, which will give HACC nursing students a head start on their BSN program while completing their studies at HACC.” Students can take one Millersville course per term while working on their registered nursing degree at HACC. This concurrent enrollment means that once they complete their HACC degree, they can finish their BSN at Millersville University more quickly. Concurrent education students are expected to complete their BSN within 12-15 months after graduating from HACC. Some students can finish in as little as 6-12 months. Students will be assigned advisors at MU and HACC, who will collaborate to help them achieve their academic goals. After earning their ASN from HACC, the MU advisor will continue to guide their academic progress through the BSN program. All MU courses will be fully online and span seven weeks. Depending on the student’s credit needs, enrollees can take telehealth certification and other 300-level nursing courses, such as professionalism and environmental health. Concurrent education students will also have access to the Millersville University library and other MU resources and be eligible for undergraduate scholarship opportunities. Any HACC student accepted into the HACC Nursing Program can apply for the Millersville RN to BSN Concurrent Enrollment Program. Students must be accepted into HACC’s ASN program before applying to MU. Participation in the Concurrent Enrollment Program is optional; HACC students may choose to complete their ASN before beginning their BSN. Interested students are encouraged to apply in their first or second semester at HACC. Joining the Concurrent Enrollment Program helps accelerate a student’s path to earning a BSN or even an MSN degree. Additionally, depending on their HACC credit load, joining the Concurrent Enrollment Program can help students maintain their part-time or full-time status, making them eligible for federal financial aid. For additional information, click here: millersville.edu/nursing/ […] “From RN to BSN in as Little as 12 Months”

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    MU Continues Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Earlier this year, State Senator Art Haywood and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission released a report on racial harassment at state schools. Haywood embarked on his “ENOUGH Listening Tour” from April 2022 to November 2023 to visit PASSHE Schools across the state, listening to students’ experiences and taking note of each school’s efforts to address racism and build up students of color. In Haywood’s report, Millersville University was noted for providing opportunities for students and staff to learn more about the University’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The report also explains how Millersville University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion is conducting research to create a comprehensive, long-term strategy for best supporting its marginalized students. The University’s Chief Diversity Officer, Carlos Wiley, explains that the specific goals of this research are to first find out why students of color might leave Millersville or why they are successful at the University. “We’re also conducting an equity scorecard to see what inequities exist that may be blocking students of color from being successful,” he adds. “Or, if students are successful, we’re hoping to discover how to upscale those things that are helping them.” Wiley also notes that to meet student needs, the Intercultural Center is looking to expand its staff to further facilitate all departments on campus to work on their own plans for inclusive excellence. “This way, we can better serve and meet the needs of our students of color, along with all of our marginalized student populations.” In addition to this research, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion ensures there are many opportunities to provide information to the community, including in-person and online workshops. Through the Intercultural Center, these workshops focus on four different components: the art of listening, cultivating connection and belonging, dismantling our prejudices and building empathy and self-awareness. In the fall, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion will offer non-credited certificates related to these workshops. The report also highlights the importance of having these conversations about diversity and inclusion in the classroom. “Students from different backgrounds can engage with students who may have differing beliefs and cultural practices that they can engage with. This will make our students better equipped to enter a diverse workforce,” Wiley adds. “Through the research we’re doing, we will also get more in-depth information from students around their experiences with racial harassment or bigotry,” Wiley concludes. “We can then begin to build in some programs for events like orientations and EPPIIC Welcome Weekend, which will allow us to talk to students about where they can report these things and what steps have already been taken for us to address them.” Additionally, the Behavioral Intervention Team provides a form for students to report harassment and discrimination, which Wiley notes helps the University respond to situations in real-time. The Behavioral Intervention Team is designed to help assist in situations where students, faculty or staff are displaying disruptive or threatening behaviors that potentially impede their own or others’ ability to function successfully or safely. For more information […] “MU Continues Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion”

  • The Gardens of Millersville June is the perfect month to stroll through Millersville University’s campus and enjoy the beautiful flowers, as well as the campus gardens. Millersville’s campus is home to several gardening initiatives in efforts to promote sustainability and intentional “green” space. These spaces allow students hands-on experience in gardening and opportunities to give back to the Millersville community. ‘Ville-age Garden The ‘Ville-age Garden was introduced on campus in the fall of 2013 and has been upheld every year since. Consisting of 12 raised garden beds, the space is used to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs. In previous years, some of the food that has been grown at the ‘Ville-age Garden has been donated to the HUB in efforts to combat food insecurity on campus. “This is my 25th year at Millersville and I would say that not one semester has gone by that a student hasn’t talked to me about their lack of ability to get food,” says Dr. Nadine Garner, associate professor of psychology and ‘Ville-age Garden manager. “I think for people to be able to grow some of their own food supplementally is huge.” Food insecurity continues to be an ongoing issue on college campuses, affecting student health and graduation rates. Herbs and greens from the garden have also been donated to dining services in the past. The ’Ville-age Garden also provides students with a therapeutic release, as gardening can be beneficial to mental health. “I think from a mental health standpoint, gardening gets people in a more mindful state that is just so helpful to the human brain,” says Garner. The garden beds are designed to be accessible to all. “When I was designing the space, I wanted it to be ADA compliant,” says Garner. “If someone needs wheelchair access, or has a different type of restriction, they can still use the garden.” The beds are available to be claimed on an annual basis at no cost. Participants must sign an agreement stating that they’re willing to maintain the space over the summer and clean up in the fall. Interested students and student organizations can contact Garner at Nadine.garner@millersville.edu. Community Garden Plots Millersville provides another gardening opportunity by offering plots of land for personal use to students, faculty, staff and community members. There are no requirements regarding what should be planted in these spaces. People are invited to plant both flower gardens and food. The community garden plots have been a long-running initiative on Millersville’s campus. “It’s great to build the relationships between the town, borough and the University while using otherwise unused land for a common good,” says Kaitlynn Hamaty, Millersville’s Sustainability Manager. “Having these garden plots gives people an opportunity to engage with the environment and with agriculture, something we’ve been removed from.” Having areas for gardening allows for intentional “green” spaces which promote environmental sustainability. “I think we’ve become used to having just grasses and green,” says Hamaty. “Gardens create dimension.” Located near the water tower at the corner of West Cottage Ave and North Duke St, plots are 14 feet by 45 feet in size and are available for $25 on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are 15 plots. To purchase a plot, visit the Palmer Building. For more information, contact Hamaty at kaitlynn.hamaty@millersville.edu. The Orchard Further efforts to combat food insecurity, as well as to beautify Millersville’s campus, are made possible by an orchard of fruit trees. Located near the water tower, these trees were planted in 2022 as part of a long-term plan among PASSHE faculty and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation to plant orchards on PASSHE campuses. Millersville’s orchard follows that of California University of Pennsylvania in 2016 and Shippensburg University in 2019. The trees are set to produce fruit three to five years after being planted and are well on their way to doing so. “As sad as it is not to get fruit from the trees immediately, I remove most of the fruit now so that the plant can invest more into healthy root and shoot growth,” says Dr. Christopher Stieha, associate professor of biology and faculty member in charge of the orchard. This process allows for the trees to grow bigger, faster. Students have had a hand in caring for the trees and will continue to be able to in the future. “The orchard encompasses many of Millersville University’s EPPIIC values,” says Stieha. Once the trees can bear fruit and maintain health, the produce will further benefit students. “Fruit will be distributed to the community through organizations such as the Campus Cupboard,” says Stieha. “Although it is starting slowly, once it gets going, the orchard will give back to our community for decades in fresh fruit and hands-on experience.”     […] “The Gardens of Millersville”

  • Fallows Receives Newman Civic Fellowship  English secondary education major and student-athlete Julia Jane Fallows was recently appointed as a 2024 Newman Civic Fellow. The Newman Civic Fellowship is a yearlong program that recognizes students who stand out for their leadership potential and commitment to creating positive change in communities. The fellowship is named after the late Frank Newman, one of Campus Compact’s founders, who tirelessly advocated for civic engagement in higher education. In the spirit of Newman’s leadership, each fellow is nominated by their campus president or chancellor, who is invited to select one exemplary community-committed student from their campus each year.   Fallows is the president of the University’s Color of Teaching Mentorship Program, where she connects middle and high school students with college mentors to provide them with opportunities for higher education. Fallows shares her deep passion for teaching and the importance of access to public education, “My desire to work in secondary education stems from my experience with educators during high school; their unwavering compassion after my father’s death is not lost on me, and I intend to use that passion with my students.” Additionally, Fallows advocates for supporting women in their academic journey as vice president of the University’s chapter of the American Association of University Women. Fallows continues demonstrating her leadership as she volunteers as a tutor for underserved youth.   Through the fellowship, Campus Compact provides students with learning and networking opportunities that help nurture their development as civic leaders. Programming emphasizes personal, professional and civic growth, which can empower them to collaborate effectively across disciplines and create large-scale positive change.   Fallows also received applause from Millersville University’s president, Dr. Daniel Wubah, who expressed his support of her achievement: “Through her leadership, Julia embodies a steadfast commitment to equity and active citizenship, collaborating with campus and local stakeholders to enact meaningful social change.”   Fallows plans to graduate from Millersville University and find a career in secondary education, creating a safe and welcoming environment for children and young adults to learn and discover further opportunities.   For more information about the Newman Civic Fellowship Award, visit Newman Ci […] “Fallows Receives Newman Civic Fellowship “

  • Bringing International Students to MU Pursuing a degree overseas is one of the most important decisions a student can ever make. Immersion in a new culture introduces students to new perspectives, ways of thinking and experiences that can be the basis for building the global skillset required for an increasingly global workforce. That is why Anna Bradford, associate director of International Admissions and co-chair of StudyPA, works with international students from other countries to bring them to MU. StudyPA is an organization that helps to brand, market and grow PA as a desirable location for international students. Sponsored by U.S. Commercial Services, StudyPA has support from the government to see education be promoted and grow in the United States. Bradford explains that many universities, including MU, use StudyPA as a place to reach international students. “Universities participate as it is a platform to better promote their institution internationally, collaborate with peers at other institutions for events and expand their professional network.” As Bradford is the co-chair of StudyPA, her work is very beneficial to the University. Throughout her time with the organization, Bradford has attended conferences to promote MU as a destination for international students. “In May 2023, I represented MU and StudyPA at the “Study in the USA” pavilion. NAFSA is the largest professional education network in the world and typically brings over 9,500 higher education professionals from over 100 nations together for one week.” “Following NAFSA, Millersville was able to host six Education USA advisors from Germany, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, Syria, Hungary and Montenegro on our campus. Millersville was the first location these advisors visited before going to Temple and Weidner Universities,” Bradford explains. Dr. Charity Alinda, MU’s associate director of International Student and Scholar Services, explains the importance of having international students on campus, emphasizing Bradford’s work. “International students play a vital role in promoting cultural diversity and enhancing the overall campus experience. They bring unique perspectives, traditions and languages that expose domestic peers to a wide range of ideas and values. Also, interacting with international students helps foster interpersonal skills such as tolerance and empathy, which are crucial for a globalized world.” Yi Wang, an international student from Harbin, China, adds to Alinda’s statement explaining how she benefited from studying abroad. “My two years at Millersville gave me the most valuable experience of my life. I have gained incredible friendships and invaluable professional experiences here that will be irreplaceable in my future life and career.” Overall, Bradford emphasizes that her work to bring international students to MU is met with the support of the campus community, ensuring that each student feels welcome. “It takes a great deal of courage to leave everything you have ever known to pursue a dream across the globe. While some days are easier than others, sharing an extra smile, taking the time to check in or asking a question of genuine interest about someone’s home nation or food can be all it takes to ensure our international students know they are a vital part of our campus community.” For information on international admiss […] “Bringing International Students to MU”

  • Congratulations to Spring 2024 Dean's List Congratulations to the students who made the Dean’s List for Spring 2024. Students are eligible for the Dean’s List if they earn a semester GPA of 3.50 or higher. Abachnou Sophia Myrtle Beach SC Abdelhalim Hamida Exton PA Abdolhadi Miriam Millersville PA Abson Toni Pottstown PA Adams Isabella York PA Adelman Ethan Conestoga PA Adiletti Ava Roxbury CT Afutu Daniela Millersville PA Ahrens Brock York PA Ailinger Casserly Schwenksville PA Aldinger Skyler Lancaster PA Allen Elizabeth Marietta PA Alley Kacie Stewartstown PA Almuhtaseb Israe Pottstown PA Altland Chayse Airville PA Amis Ethan Royersford PA Anders Vanessa Emmaus PA Anderson Ari Strasburg PA Anderson Cecilia Kane PA Andes Elizabeth Townsend DE Andrea Danielle Lansdale PA Angelo Aleese Aurora OH Aniceto Julianne Ambler PA Aponte Paola Toa Baja PR Aragbada Oreoluwa Lagos Armstrong Emma Chambersburg PA Armstrong Steven Morgantown PA Arsenault Emilie Strasburg PA Artim Sydney Gilbertsville PA Askins Gage Harrisburg PA Asobayire Finn Seven Valleys PA Asprea Michael Milford PA Atkinson Evan Millersville PA Atticks Ryleigh Middletown PA August Timothy Churchville PA Aviles Emily Ephrata PA Bachman Lindsey Mohnton PA Baez Yesenmarie Lancaster PA Bagnouls Paul 66000 Bailey Camryn Kinzers PA Bailey Isabella Wrightsville PA Baker Grace New Oxford PA Baker Jadyn Myerstown PA Ballesteros Luke Stewartstown PA Banaszak Gerald Lancaster PA Bangs Kate Southampton PA Baniewicz Andrew Huntingdon Vy PA Bantang Ronald Jackson NJ Barker Caiden Hanover PA Barndt Riannah Columbia PA Barnes Madicyn Newville PA Barnett Kayley Holtwood PA Barnhart Zachary Abbottstown PA Barrick Carlee Mc Alistervle PA Barrows Marshall Ephrata PA Barry Everett Millersville PA Barshinger Caitlyn York PA Barton Stuart Lancaster PA Basile Michael Lancaster PA Bass Rashawn Myerstown PA Battle Mark Sprng Brk Twp PA Baublitz Brady Westminster MD Baumberger Jillian Garnet Valley PA Bearinger Angela Lancaster PA Beattie Ben Lancaster PA Beatty Zyah York PA Becher Nikolaus Harrisburg PA Bednar Oliver Emmaus PA Behrenhauser Nichole Leola PA Beichler Emily East Berlin PA Bell Benjamin Palmyra PA Bellanca Madison Ronks PA Bencke Suarez Victor Manuel Porto Alegre Bengough Larry Gilbertsville PA Benjamin Katelyn Wrightsville PA Bennetti Cameron Glasgow Bermudez Jeyda Reading PA Bernardino Konrad Center Valley PA Bernhardt Sidney Medford NJ Berry Erin Mount Joy PA Bertoldi Mia Hummelstown PA Bertoni Michael Downingtown PA Beynon Evan Port Deposit MD Bhanot Eshika Lancaster PA Biagio Madison Conestoga PA Billie McKenna Downingtown PA Binder Ruby Macungie PA Binder Shyanne Marietta PA Binkley Molly Seven Valleys PA Bixler Zachary Hummelstown PA Blackburn Jillian Monroeville PA Blackman Hannah Athens PA Blair Emma Oley PA Blair Paige Wash Boro PA Blank Karis Lancaster PA Blankley Brett Denver PA Blankmeyer David Downingtown PA Bleacher Helena York PA Bley Cambria Myerstown PA Bliss Ryan Gilbertsville PA Bloch Mariska Lancaster PA Bodish Nickolaus Millersville PA Bogle Caroline Annandale VA Boguslowski Valerie Shillington PA Bolash Carson Mechanicsburg PA Bond Abigail Hvre De Grace MD Boughton Kiara Howard PA Bowersox Mason York PA Bowman Daniel Pequea PA Boyd Emma Glen Rock PA Boyer Patrick Elizabethtown PA Boyle Gina Columbia PA Braim Keriann Breinigsville PA Brandt Abigail Old Greenwich CT Breault Tanner Elizabethtown PA Brennan Madison Hanover PA Brito Anghy New Holland PA Brittelli Madalynn Lancaster PA Brixius Molly Harrisburg PA Brooks Dylan Annapolis MD Brosky Emily Whitehall PA Broussard Madison Pottstown PA Brown Bryan Ephrata PA Brown Christina Upper Darby PA Brown Jenna Peach Bottom PA Brown Natalie Camp Hill PA Brubaker Megan Palmyra PA Brumbaugh Connor Lancaster PA Brunnabend Makayla Breinigsville PA Brunner Camdyn Manchester PA Bube Alexandra Lancaster PA Buck Jeremiah New Holland PA Buckwash Maretta Franklintown PA Bueno Noemi Reinholds PA Bumgardner Kendra Centre Hall PA Bunty Antonia Dover PA Burd Holly Stevens PA Burke Jacob Denver PA Burke Taylor Telford PA Burnell Clara Lansdale PA Burns Alexis Woodlyn PA Burns Shayla Strasburg PA Burnside Jayden York PA Burton Fletcher Ardmore PA Bush Zoe York Haven PA Buss Emily Macungie PA Buss Nicholas York PA Butler Emelia Millersville PA Butterfield Rebecca Enola PA Byrne Alyssa Willow Street PA Callithen Lance Strasburg PA Calloway Alyna Canyon Country CA Calogero Kylie Hanover PA Calv Brendan Asbury NJ Camacho Arianna Lancaster PA Carl Brandon Mohnton PA Carper Brady Ephrata PA Carrigan Alena Lebanon PA Carson Nicholas Lancaster PA Carugno Ralph Mays Landing NJ Cascario Mya Danielsville PA Casler Sarah Elizabethtown PA Cassidy Hailey Lancaster PA Castillo Yahelis Lancaster PA Castro Sebastian Guayaquil Catalanello Grace York PA Catania Isabella Camp Hill PA Caudill Krystina Lancaster PA Cedeno Brianna Coatesville PA Cerquetelli Santina Philadelphia PA Ceulers Ava W Brandywine PA Champion Rayn Little Elm TX Chapin Maxwell New Holland PA Charles Joey Allentown PA Charles Sarah Lancaster PA Charles-Monwuba Munachukwuso North Ridge, Accra Chehovin Jena Mechanicsburg PA Cheifetz Ryan Newtown PA Chen Zhang Lancaster Chernich Brenna Lebanon PA Chieffo Sydni Birdsboro PA Chiejina Godswill Ibeju Lekki Chiume Edas East Stroudsburg PA Chodkowski Kelly Mountville PA Chubin Jordan Norristown PA Clair Savanna Pequea PA Clark Dekklan New Providnce PA Clark Kiarra Easton PA Clark Stevie Middletown PA Clinton Anthony Broomall PA Cloutier Kaitlyn Etters PA Cochran Jared Elizabethtown PA Coco Cassandra Nazareth PA Cofield-Thomas Ke’Auni Harrisburg PA Cole Lilly Matamoras PA Coleman Ella Millersville PA Coleman Karissa Dallastown PA Collazo Adaliz Reading PA Collins Abigail Ambler PA Collins Sabryna Reading PA Colon Aiyana Lancaster PA Colon Ariel Harrisburg PA Colosi Kaitlyn Puyallup WA Cominsky Leah Royersford PA Connors Gabrielle Hainesport NJ Conrad Ryan East Earl PA Consigliere Picco Lucía Villa De Otura Constein Madison Reading PA Conway Coby Douglassville PA Cook Cassidy Columbia PA Cook Conor Philadelphia PA Cook Craig Burlington NJ Cook Jessica Glen Rock PA Cope Ashlyn Allentown PA Copeland Maggie Lancaster PA Copenhaver Mikalah Hummelstown PA Corbin Saniya Lititz PA Corpus Angus Newton NJ Corpus Brendan Plymouth Mtng PA Cortez Jovanne Coplay PA Cosey Taryn Chambersburg PA Costanza Kaitlin Bloomsburg PA Coyle Ella Sewell NJ Crabbs Hunter Hanover PA Craddock Lincoln Lancaster PA Cramer Kate Lebanon PA Crawford Cara Red Lion PA Crawford Jillian Fallston MD Creamer Wyatt Ocean View NJ Cremins Julie Mount Joy PA Crimmel Erin Mifflintown PA Cristellon Veronica Millersville PA Crowell Lily Leesport PA Cruz Catalina Lebanon PA Cruz Jerason Lancaster PA Cruz Santos York PA Cruz Flores Alma West Grove PA Crysler Sarah Marlton NJ Cuba Rivera Ariana Mountville PA Cugino Gianna West Chester PA Curry Elizabeth Birdsboro PA Cushey Elliot Marietta PA Cutler Caleb Peach Bottom PA Czyzyk Emily Landenberg PA Dang Nhu y Pham Conestoga PA Darr Anaya Manchester PA Daub William Zionsville PA Davi Julianna Freehold NJ Davies Grace Downingtown PA Davies Leah York PA Davis Chance Arendtsville PA Davis Hope Hellertown PA Davis Julia Oxford PA Davis Lydia Christiana PA Daye Keyana Mount Joy PA De Koning Jasper Zeist De La Cruz Mauricio Jose Mount Joy PA Deacon Samuel Philadelphia PA Deardorff Elizabeth Lancaster PA Del Toro Sarah E Stroudsburg PA del Villar Shane Lancaster PA Delich Andrew Marietta PA Delong Sydney Hanover PA DeLuca Naomi Prospect Park PA Demler Ethan Lancaster PA Demmel Lauren Hummelstown PA Denis Josue Lansdowne PA Desmornes Sabentina York PA DeVinney Claire Millersville PA Diaz Angeliz Mountville PA Diaz Yulisa Quarryville PA DiBerardino Tristan Coatesville PA Dichter Kevin Conshohocken PA Dick Nathaniel Lancaster PA Dickson Caleb Huntingdon PA Diehl Tanner Downingtown PA Diem Sierra Lancaster PA Dietrich Kelly Lock Haven PA Ditmer Adam Lancaster PA Ditmer Cierra Pequea PA Ditzler Anya Lancaster PA Dixon Gabriella Harrisburg PA Dolan Christopher York PA Dolan Jillian Allentown PA Dolan Tatum Bushkill PA Dombach Josephine Lancaster PA Domencic Simon Lebanon PA Donovan Elise Lititz PA Dorosz Natalie Lititz PA D’Ottavio Gabriella Vineland NJ Dowlin Kaitlyn Collegeville PA Downs Julia Lititz PA Downs Madison Lewisburg PA Drahusz Hannah York PA Duffy-Parry Chene Malvern PA Dugan Holly Yardley PA Dunst Madylin Woodbine MD Dutton Sarah West Chester PA Duvall Charles Lancaster PA Dwinal Kylee Reading PA Dzbynski Emily Hanover PA Eakins Addison York PA Eberly Claire Lancaster PA Eberly Gracie Manheim PA Ebersole Olivia Newtown Sq PA Ebner Valentin Oetwil An Der Limmat Eby Kathryn Lansdale PA Eby Kelsey Greencastle PA Eckert Leah West Lawn PA Edwards Joshua York PA Effinger Kya Exton PA Eichhorn-Terry Skye Hanover PA Einheber Emma Southampton PA Elia Faith Churchville PA Elko Andrew Newtown PA Ellis Norah-Symone Crum Lynne PA Emig Jeremiah Lancaster PA Engle Emma York PA Engle Logan Carlisle PA Englehart Kimberly Lancaster PA English Isabel Downingtown PA Erb Sydney Mount Joy PA Erb Zachary Lancaster PA Erickson Robert Brandywine MD Esbensen Ryan Reading PA Ested Jahme Richmond VA Esterhuizen Erin Johannesburg Eurillo Kasey Douglassville PA Everly Lauryn Middleburg PA Fabian-Chavez Brayan Reading PA Fair Emma Ijamsville MD Faison Hezekiah Millersville PA Farmer Hannah Harrisburg PA Farmer Marissa Marietta PA Farrell Erin Haddonfield NJ Farrelly Kaitlyn Garnet Valley PA Fazekas Daniella Pocono Summit PA Feiler Joseph Abingdon MD Feldman Amy Zionsville IN Felix Kathryn Carlisle PA Feliz Kayly Lancaster PA Feng Marshall Millersville PA Ferguson Austin Lititz PA Ferguson Nathan Lancaster PA Ferguson Reagan Hollidaysburg PA Fernandez Robi Noelle Elmhurst NY Ferrari Maciel Breno Nova Lima Ferry Robert Richfield PA Ferster Madison Columbia PA Filak Lauren Stewartstown PA Filemyr Nicholas N Cape May NJ Fillak Alexis Myerstown PA Finnell Christina Croydon PA Fiordimondo Anna Hanover PA Fischer Julia Langhorne PA Fisher Adam Columbia PA Fitzer Christina Pipersville PA Fitzwater Victoria Ephrata PA Flaharty Emma Windsor PA Flannery Amy Blandon PA Fleegal Logan Harrisburg PA Flexer Peyton Stevens PA Folcarelli Zoe Elizabethtown PA Forney Abigail Leola PA Forry Shelby Dover PA Forry Zachariah Mount Joy PA Fossett Danielle Columbia PA Fox Lauren Denver PA Fox Veronica Morgantown PA Fragale Lauren Kennett Sq PA Frampton Anna Carlisle PA Francklin Roudenie Lancaster PA Frankel Avery Ardmore PA Frankhouser Bryn Pottstown PA Fredericks Adam Mertztown PA Freedman Peter Lancaster PA Freeman Isabella Reading PA Frey Laura Seven Valleys PA Frick Carrington Mountville PA Frick Madison Forest Hill MD Friday Leah Chester Sprgs PA Fries Eliza Reading PA Fry Colin Strasburg PA Fry Edward Willow Street PA Fry Justine Lancaster PA Fuentes Matthew York PA Fullam Elizabeth York PA Fulmer Madison Lancaster PA Fultz Jaida Lancaster PA Funk Kaleigh Collegeville PA Funston Alexander Manheim PA Gabel Jason Denville NJ Gable Anna Lebanon PA Gabler Jack Chambersburg PA Galvan-Ayala Joseph Lancaster PA Gao Yufei Anyang Garlinger Zachary Enola PA Garman Kailei Lititz PA Garman Kira Stevens PA Garner Aaron Manheim PA Garonzik Mileena York PA Gartner Alec Mount Wolf PA Garvin Duncan Fairfield PA Garwood Jayda Reading PA Garza Skylar Middletown PA Garza Sydney Middletown PA Gaston Caleb Ephrata PA Gautieri Connor Williamsport PA Gearhart Joshua Hummelstown PA Gebhard Kailyn Manheim PA Geesey Paige Hollidaysburg PA Gehret Sarah Mechanicsburg PA Gehrt Benjamin Kennett Sq PA Geiger Ty Emmaus PA Geisel Shane Milford PA Geisel Taylor Harrisburg PA George Luke Bethlehem PA George Seriah Macungie PA Gephart Andrew Roaring Spring PA Gerace Valerie Birdsboro PA Gilbert Katie Lansdale PA Gilbert Lauryn York PA Gill Evan Emmaus PA Gingrich Joshua Lancaster PA Gipson Ashley Palmerton PA Girouard Emily Dallastown PA Girton Carmen Mechanicsburg PA Glick-Lynch Adam Lititz PA Goetz Elizabeth Mechanicsburg PA Gomez de la Torre Daniela Lancaster PA Good David Elizabethtown PA Good Mason Windsor PA Good Toby Denver PA Good-Miller Lucas Lancaster PA Gorski Logan Sinking Spg PA Grant Justin Perkasie PA Grasty Ellie Oxford PA Graves Sanyaa Yardley PA Gray Shawn Morrisville PA Gray Taylor York PA Greb Gabriel Mifflinburg PA Green Nyckoli Lincoln Univ PA Gretzinger Trey Ottsville PA Griffin Caroline Napanee Grim Fayth Manchester PA Groft Logan New Oxford PA Gromlowicz Luke Wind Gap PA Groshong Garrett Lancaster PA Gross Silas Carlisle PA Grosse Victoria Center Valley PA Grossman Alexandria Lancaster PA Grubb Rachel Glenmoore PA Guinther Paige Souderton PA Gurreri Brynn York PA Haas Ruke Effort PA Hagenbuch Keri Springfield PA Hahn Mackenzie Hanover PA Hahn Rebecca Nazareth PA Hahn Ryan Lancaster PA Haibach Kyla Columbia PA Haines Ashley Fayetteville PA Haines Maeve Millersville PA Haldeman Hailey Stevens PA Haldeman Sara Stevens PA Halsey Caroline Chester Springs PA Hamm Jack Middletown DE Haney Elizabeth Bloomsburg PA Hansen John Lancaster PA Hansen Kate Yardley PA Harchuska Kayla Lebanon PA Hare Michele Bowie MD Harley Milan Philadelphia PA Harris Sean Lancaster PA Harris Zoe Harrisburg PA Hart Madelyn Airville PA Hartenstein Thomas Warminster PA Hartman Drew Mechanicsburg PA Hartman Ruby Columbia PA Hauck Megan Newmanstown PA Hauf Darian Denver PA Hawbecker Eliz Camp Hill PA Hayes Chad Kirkwood PA Hean Alyssa Wash Boro PA Heaps Joshua Ephrata PA Heberling Kobey Lebanon PA Heck Connor Blandon PA Heilman Cora Mechanicsburg PA Helfrich Dara Mountville PA Helsel Jenna Richland PA Henderson Libby Oxford PA Henry Madison Palmyra PA Hepner Jewels Lewisburg PA Herman Maci Nazareth PA Herrington Samantha Downingtown PA Herrmann Julia Greencastle PA Hershey Jordan Lititz PA Hertzog Abigail Ephrata PA Hertzog Landon Lancaster PA Herzog Philip Marietta PA Hess Hailey Marietta PA Hess Olivia Lancaster PA Hessler Sarah Lincoln Univ PA Hessling Emily Easton PA Heyward India Lancaster PA Hicklin Joshua Harrisburg PA Hicklin Mikayla Harrisburg PA Hickok Aaron York Springs PA Hicks Jeremiah Hanover PA Higley Parker Dushore PA Hildebrand Dorothy Sunbury PA Hill Charles Mechanicsburg PA HIller Raven horsham PA Himmel Colton Harrisburg PA Hintz Eleana Ephrata PA Hirsch Michael Lititz PA Hitchner Hannah Littlestown PA Hoangvan Alex Brownstown PA Hoats Emma Dallas PA Hockenberry Cameryn Port Matilda PA Hoenisch Daniel Langhorne PA Hoffert Emily Mohrsville PA Hoffman Owen Parkesburg PA Hoffner Abigail Dillsburg PA Hogbin Molli Steelton PA Hoke Stephen Millersburg PA Hollinger Anne Maytown PA Holtzinger Haley York PA Homa Corinne Phoenixville PA Hook Owen Macungie PA Hopton Gideon Cogan Station PA Horchheimer Mia Fairless Hls PA Horne Kiley Lancaster PA Hossain Karina Bushkill PA Hostetter Abigail Lititz PA Houde Mya Lancaster PA Houtz Samantha Auburn PA Howe Matthew Athens PA Hower River York PA Hrouda Shelby Philadelphia PA Hubler Lily Shamokin PA Hughes Jamie Lancaster PA Hunsicker Brendan Telford PA Hunter Sarah Lancaster PA Hurst Sam Newmanstown PA Hynoski Alexandria Red Lion PA Ibrahim Hadeel Millersville Ilgaz Ozlem Lancaster PA Ilgenfritz Holly York PA Illes Hailey New Holland PA Impink Alexander Perkiomenvlle PA Itwaru Crystal Ephrata PA Jachimowicz Audrey Millersville PA Jackson Kaylee Bensalem PA Jackson Savannah Mechanicsburg PA Jacobs Sarah Yardley PA Jamison Robert York PA Jean-Louis Bethlyne Lancaster PA Jenkins Zariana Lititz PA Jervis Camdyn Eynon PA Jessel Anna Beaver PA Johnson Abigail Wellsville PA Johnson Benjamin Coatesville PA Johnson Emily York PA Johnson Samantha Dorothy NJ Johnson Sarah Chalfont PA Johnston Bradley Mechanicsburg PA Jones Aiden Emporium PA Jones Erica York PA Jones Jordan Lancaster PA Jones Malcolm Millersville PA Jones Melanie Mineral Point PA Jordan Caleb Glen Allen VA Jozwiak Tucker Mohrsville PA Juarez Jennifer Clifton NJ Juarez Maria Oxford PA Juliano Christine Chalfont PA June Alexis Elizabethtown PA Kamel George-Joshua Blandon PA Karagiannis Evangelia Harrisburg PA Kargo Jake Lancaster PA Karpf Hannah Lansdale PA Kast Campbell W Hampton Bch NY Kauffman Ethan Mountville PA Kauffman Paige Langhorne PA Kaufman Easton New Holland PA Kaur Ireshpreet Coatesville PA Kavanaugh Quinn Lancaster PA Keahtigh Kaylynn York PA Keeley Margaret North Wales PA Keene Devon Millersville PA Keeney Rachel Jarrettsville MD Keiser Jason Ephrata PA Keller Gabriel Harrisburg PA Kelly Madison Cresco PA Kelly Raysa Orwigsburg PA Kelso Kelly Lehighton PA Kepley Alexis Strasburg PA Kerr Ethan Bayville NJ Kerr Josiah Willow Street PA Kerwin Emma Chantilly VA Kessler Corinthia York PA Kessler Jacob Hellam PA Keyser Evan Gettysburg PA Khuc Kaithlyn York PA Kintzer John Womelsdorf PA Kissinger Chloe Shippensburg PA Kissling Emily Robesonia PA Kjartansdottir Gudrun Manchester MD Klidonas Athan York PA Kline Adelaide Pequea PA Kline Kyle Macungie PA Knaub Mackenzie Dover PA Kohajda Sophia Felton PA Kok Lauren Uppr Chichstr PA Konstantopoulos Christina Chadds Ford PA Koser Zoe Chambersburg PA Kosoff Lucille Mount Gretna PA Koterwas Erica Red Lion PA Kothari Yash Mumbai, MAHARASHTRA Kovaschetz Toby Langhorne PA Kowalski Marisa Aston PA Krady Leilani Lancaster PA Krafsur Jesse York PA Kramer Lydia Carlisle PA Kraynak Olivia Norristown PA Krebs Katlyn New Freedom PA Kregel Lyndsey Fallston MD Kreider Madison Manheim PA Kreiser Richelle Fredericksbrg PA Krimmel Peter Lititz PA Krol Emily New Cumberlnd PA Kuhn Bryley New Oxford PA Kulp Hannah Quakertown PA Kurian Elizabeth York PA Kurtz Kylie Reading PA Kurtzman Ava Chalfont PA LaBar Matthew Sussex NJ Ladrilleros Mariana Kennett Sq PA Lafferty Lee Mohrsville PA Lahr Tala Harrisburg PA Lamb Rachel Langhorne PA Lamey-Timmons Phoenix Lewisberry PA Lane Maura Honey Brook PA Lanius Sophie Felton PA Larry Camryn E Petersburg PA Larry Emily East Petersburg PA Lattanzi David Virginia Beach VA Lau Bridget East Norriton PA Lausch Cody Ephrata PA Lavin Niles Mechanicsburg PA Lawlor Sara Levittown PA Le An Thi Ho Chi Minh city FR Leakway Morgan Lititz PA Leash Joshua York PA Leash Ryan York PA Leber Allysen Manheim PA LeBlanc Leah Mount Bethel PA Ledger Kaitlyn Middletown DE Lee Vanessa Lancaster PA Lefever Ripley Millersville PA Lefkowitz Peter Rockaway NJ Legarht Hunter Pine Grove PA Leib Griffin Reading PA Leister Kaitlyn Oaks PA Leitner Rose Shippensburg PA Leitzel Ariane Harrisburg PA Lenker Aubrey Herndon PA Lennon Morgan Elverson PA Leopold Luke Womelsdorf PA Lerch Timothy Coopersburg PA Lesher Kinsey Ephrata PA Lesinski Heather Collegeville PA Letner Makayla Dillsburg PA Letsas Evangelia Harrisburg PA Levin Holland Quakertown PA Levine Max Holland PA Lewis Christina Centreville MD Li Jingxi Xinyang Li YaJing Guangzhou, Guangdong Lilly Mattison Palmyra PA Lingenfield Jessica Camp Hill PA Linthicum Ella Stewartstown PA Little Cameron Hanover PA Little Claudia Harrington DE Lively Emma Annville PA Lockhart Alexandra Old Bridge NJ Logan Bryce York PA Loiacono Kylie Temple PA Long John Ephrata PA Long Taylor Lancaster PA Longo Ciara E Stroudsburg PA Lopez Emilee York PA Lopez Jalise New Holland PA Lopez Lebron Carelys Lancaster PA Loughlin Colin Loganville PA Lountzis Elias Lancaster PA Lowery Mary Ronks PA Ludwig Emma Gilbertsville PA Luong Caroline York PA Lutsky Jared Punta Gorda FL Lutz Claudia Mount Wolf PA Lutz Cody Lititz PA Lutz Josiah Manheim PA Lutz Logan Felton PA Lynch Kevin Blue Bell PA Ma Jinge Lancaster MacDonald Lucy langhorne PA MacDougall Brecken Glen Rock PA MacDougall Logan Glen Rock PA Mack Alexa Gilbertsville PA Mackison Jered Maytown PA Macminn Dacey Etters PA Mader Joseph Harrisburg PA Magill Evan Lancaster PA Maiellano Nathaniel Mount Wolf PA Maldonado Olivia Reading PA Malesker Henry Dallastown PA Malesker Samuel Dallastown PA Mangano Nicholas Lewisburg PA Mankin Ellie Quarryville PA Manning Brady Downingtown PA Manns Marisa Macungie PA Mark Rachel Fstrvl Trvose PA Marmol-Oramas Alaisha Coatesville PA Marquette Asia York PA Marshall Lael York PA Martin Ainslee Boiling Spgs PA Martin Alexander Lebanon PA Martin David Dallastown PA Martin Jared Lancaster PA Martin Natalie Lititz PA Martin Timothy Lancaster PA Martinez Gabrielle Bushkill PA Martoccio Emma Lattimer Mnes PA Massage Emily Hummelstown PA Master Anastasia Lititz PA Mathias Abigail York PA Matthews Anabella Hummlestown PA Maynard Aaron Chambersburg PA Mays Stephen Ephrata PA McCarthy Kaz Westminster MD McCarthy Katie Chalfont PA McCarthy Michael Quarryville PA McCarty Collin Columbia PA McCarty Erin Littleton CO Mcclair Courtney Columbia PA McClelland Jane Trenton MI McCrea Thomas Jenkintown PA McDevitt Ashlyn Levittown PA McDonnell Lilly Broomall PA McEowen Austin Airville PA McFadden Rachel Purcellville VA McHugh Brianna Harrisburg PA McKnight Kellie Glen Rock PA McLaughlin Aether Levittown PA McNew Cassidy Hanover PA Mcpherson-Claggion Christian Virginia Bch VA McPhillips Meg Red Lion PA McShane Thomas Stewartstown PA Meakim Bo Hatboro PA Means Samara Mount Wolf PA Meckley Megan Ebensburg PA Meder Shannon Oreland PA Meister Allison Abingdon MD Mejia Johanna Yorkana PA Mello Camryn Northampton PA Mengel Allison Northampton PA Mercado Madison Manheim PA Messenger Gabriella Etters PA Metz Brynne Warminster PA Meyer Sarah Beach Lake PA Meyers Jason Pottstown PA Michaels Julianna Birdsboro PA Miekley Julianne Carlisle PA Mikolon Lexey Nanticoke PA Mikula Sadie York PA Miles Emmalee Stewartstown PA Miles Jordan Reading PA Miller Abigail Manheim PA Miller Cavin Lancaster PA Miller Colin Quakertown PA Miller Corrine Phoenixville PA Miller Hope Sinking Spg PA Miller Kamryn Mount Joy PA Miller Yusuf Harrisburg PA Millhouse Layla Mountville PA Mills David Myerstown PA Mills Morgan Mohnton PA Mills Samantha Strasburg PA Minnich Mariah York PA Miosi Ella York PA Miosi Kayla York PA Misher Kayla Dresher PA Mitchell Kayla Manorville NY Mitzel Rylee Wrightsville PA Moktan Punam Lancaster PA Monk Emily Glen Rock PA Monroe Ryan Madison Twp PA Montha Lex Chambersburg PA Moore Ethan Wrightsville PA Moore Kerris Lancaster PA Moraca Mary-Anna Mullica Hill NJ Morales Nayeli Ephrata PA Morano Violet Sellersville PA Morgan Gavin Horsham PA Morral Brody Wellsboro PA Morris Jada Atglen PA Morris Matthew Red Hook NY Morris Nathaniel Emigsville PA Morris Nicole Easton PA Morris Samuel Spring City PA Mosher Sidney Lititz PA Moss Emma Landenberg PA Mounce Marissa Broomall PA Mowery Sonja Conestoga PA Moya Serenity Allentown PA Moyer Emily Dover PA Moyer Ryan Elizabethtown PA Moyer Stephanie Levittown PA Moyer Sydney Mountville PA Mucha Erin Phoenix MD Muller Matthew Folsom PA Mummert Cameron York PA Mundi Milese Hummelstown PA Mundi Stella Hummelstown PA Murphy Katelyn Sinking Spg PA Murray Lillian York PA Murray Wyatt Pottstown PA Music MJ Wrightsville PA Musser Mason Narvon PA Myer Kaitlyn Stevens PA Myers Colin Glen Rock PA Myers Kaitlyn Mechanicsburg PA Nafziger Ashton New Holland PA Nagle Ellie Quakertown PA Nardella Kathryn Mechanicsburg PA Nase Bryanna Telford PA Natali-Rude Marco Ardmore PA Nauman Malia Manheim PA Nedimyer Rylee Stevens PA Nelson Daniel Harrisburg PA Nelson Nicole Ephrata PA Nevins Kendall Millersville PA Newkirk Connor Mount Joy PA Nguyen An Pittsburgh Nguyen Dennis Lancaster PA Nguyen Quang Thinh Lancaster Nickey Amber East Berlin PA Nieves Edward Milford PA Nogle Zoë Lititz PA Nogoduka Qhayiya Millersville Nossbaum Mayah Maple Glen PA Notobartolo Selena West Reading PA Nye Brett Shamokin PA Nye Sarah Wellsville PA Obadofin Modebareoluwa Lancaster Oberg Ellinor Lancaster PA Oberholtzer Hess Noe GETTYSBURG PA Oister Ian Douglassville PA Oleyar Sofia Drums PA Oliver Jordan Lancaster PA Omahen Elizabeth Greenland NH Omondi Ethan Burnsville O’Neill Brian Stroudsburg PA Ortwein Brenna Easton PA Osman Julia Lancaster PA Ossman Jarod Ashland PA Ou Yongqiu East Petersburg PA Owens-Patterson Lily Berwyn PA Pacharis Sarah Mohnton PA Pack Joshua Reading PA Palmese Carias Ernesto Choluteca Pancoast Bradley Malvern PA Papadiamantis Alexandra York PA Parker Keith Downingtown PA Parker Reilly Langhorne PA Pastelak Liam Manasquan NJ Patches Molly Strasburg PA Patel Sejalben Harrisburg PA Patterson John Newville PA Pauser Justin Ephrata PA Pavey Leah New Park PA Peachey Brittany Paradise PA Peakes Kayla West Chester PA Peckman Aliyah Orwigsburg PA Pedmo Bridget Houtzdale PA Pena Perez Falon Hazleton PA Pena-Holbrook Gabriel Conowingo MD Pensyl Rylee Coal Township PA Pento Jacqueline Harrisburg PA Perella Mia Leola PA Perez Daica Lancaster PA Perez Melissa Lancaster PA Perez Yaneris Ephrata PA Perez-Vazquez Michael Honey Brook PA Pernia Zachary Riegelsville PA Pessolano Amanda Columbia PA Peters Mikayla Manchester PA Peters Timothy State College PA Pezzone Nicolina Struthers OH Pfeiffer Kaylee Maytown PA Pfeufer Alexas Du Bois PA Pham Tracy Ho Chi Minh City Phillippy Ryan Palmyra PA Piacentino Gianna Pottstown PA Pinto Francisco Hershey PA Pirhalla Kathryn Downingtown PA Pisanick Claire Hatboro PA Plempel Jordan Harrisburg PA Pogachar Taylor Lorain OH Polk Evan Fleetwood PA Pope Ayden Elizabethtown PA Pope Jacob Hershey PA Porrecca Maya Collegeville PA Posey Ashley Gap PA Potter Wyatt Lancaster PA Preston Zakara York PA Price Hailie Lancaster PA Prince Harrison Thornton PA Pritts Adam Yorkana PA Pritts Cameron Bainbridge PA Procopio Kyle Lansdale PA Puffenberger Taya Strasburg PA Quinn Ashlynne Pitman NJ Quinn Evan Willow Grove PA Quinn Noel Havertown PA Radulski Alexa Williamsport PA Ramelli Jamie Howell NJ Ramey Blake Shrewsbury PA Rangel Munoz Cesar Newport PA Raquet Hannah Lansdale PA Rarick Jessica Pocono Summit PA Rechkemmer Ariana Horsham PA Redanauer Julianna Philadelphia PA Reed Andrew Hereford PA Reed Larissa East Berlin PA Reeder Melissa Williamsport PA Reeves Rachel Brookhaven PA Rega Anastasia Hanover PA Reheard Abbey Dallastown PA Reid Sara Gilbertsville PA Reilly Christina Holland PA Reinhart Eric Lititz PA Reinhart Lauren Lititz PA Reisinger Madison Marietta PA Reitnauer Delaney Millersville PA Remollino Grace Strasburg PA Renninger Crosby Lancaster PA Ressler Joshua Lancaster PA Reuwer Kinsey Harrisburg PA Reyes Carliz Lancaster PA Reynolds Bryce Felton PA Reynolds Marcella Virginia Beach VA Reynolds Samantha Willow Street PA Rhine Abigail Wrightsville PA Richards Katelynne Mount Joy PA Richwine Zachary Carlisle PA Riddell Alexis Warrington PA Riley Emily Langhorne PA Rindone Richard Sellersville PA Rios Anthony York PA Rittenbaugh Talia Phoenixville PA Rivera Adiana Laureldale PA Rivera Amanda Columbia PA Rivera Daysmarie Ephrata PA Rivera Nicolas Lancaster PA Rizzo Peach Mount Wolf PA Robb Julia Lincoln Univ PA Roberts Luke Port Deposit MD Roberts Rebecca Glenolden PA Robinson Ethan Leola PA Robinson Seth Pottstown PA Rocap Morgan Estell Manor NJ Rock Patrick West Chester PA Rodriguez Heavynn Lancaster PA Roe Jacob Palmyra PA Rohr Camille Lititz PA Rohrbach Benjamin Boyertown PA Rohrer Claire Camp Hill PA Rojanasoonthon Patitta Lancaster Rojo Rubio Luciana Lancaster PA Rosle Shannon Georgetown DE Rosselli Gianna Pottstown PA Rowe Alaina Lancaster PA Rowland Hailey Leola PA Royer Chad Strasburg PA Rozenberg Olivia Maple Shade NJ Rush Tristan New Providnce PA Russell Anne Millersville PA Russell Emma Oxford PA Rutledge Jenna Parkesburg PA Rybicki Emily Pittsburgh PA Sabater Jeffrey Lansdale PA Saborio Olivia Dover DE Sadowsky Katherine Jackson NJ Saengdara Annisa Manheim PA Salkin Andrew Lafayette Hl PA Sallh Nana York PA Samer Catherine Allentown PA Santana Angel Ridgefield Pk NJ Santiago Megan Mount Joy PA Sapp Lester Willow Street PA Sargen Kelly York PA Sarkissian Elena West Grove PA Sarro Katherine Douglassville PA Saverase Angelina Turnersville NJ Saveriano John Perkasie PA Scarborough Mecca Lancaster PA Schaefer Sarah New Providnce PA Schaeffer Frank Marietta PA Schafer Juliana Ephrata PA Schafer Micah Ephrata PA Schanke Noella Middletown PA Scharff Allison Glen Rock PA Schlack Gweneth Allentown PA Schlegelmilch Joshua Ephrata PA Schmerge Kaleb Manchester PA Schneck Amber Lebanon PA Schneider Emma Myerstown PA Schoonover Alana Macungie PA Schopf Sydney Lancaster PA Schrader Victoria Abington PA Schreiber Kayla Glen Rock PA Schroeder Megan Mechanicsburg PA Schroll Madeline Lebanon PA Schuler Kiersten Marietta PA Schulpen Lotje Newberry Schulz Elinor Lititz PA Schuster Travis Harleysville PA Schwartz Lucas Richlandtown PA Schweidler John West Chester PA Scialabba Emma Aston PA Scordo Isabela Mount Joy PA Scorza Nick Harrisburg PA Scovitch Jackson Keymar MD Seda Jesmary Lancaster PA Sederstrom Anna Airville PA Seibert Matthew Lititz PA Seifert Haily Ephrata PA Seigle Katie Mt Holly Spgs PA Selgrade Skye Girardville PA Senez Trista New Freedom PA Sensenig Jadon Ephrata PA Sensenig Kristy Stevens PA Severn Zachariah Arlington VA Shadle Ruth East Petersburg PA Shaffer Caitlynn York PA Shaffer Haidyn Wrightsville PA Shah Khush Lansdale PA Shank Emily Columbia PA Shapiro William Havertown PA Shaw Makiah York PA Shellenberger Faith Douglassville PA Shellenberger Kristen Dover PA Shelley Acelin Lititz PA Shelley Zachary Willow Street PA Shemanski Grace Bethlehem PA Shenberger Christopher Red Lion PA Shenk Olivia Elizabethtown PA Sheridan Emily Boyertown PA Shiffer Madasan Harrisburg PA Shimmel Malyn Emigsville PA Shissler Hannah Schuykl Havn PA Shockey Jacob Lancaster PA Shookowsky Matthew Downingtown PA Showalter Keene Topton PA Shreve Emily Marietta PA Shue Ariana Ephrata PA Shul Martin Sam Akron PA Shumaker Paige Mount Wolf PA Siciliano Jace Limerick PA Simcoe Elliot New Cumberland PA Simmers Peyton Elizabethvle PA Simone Josephine Glenolden PA Simonetti Ashlyn Millington MD Sims Abigail Garnet Valley PA Singer Hannah Coatesville PA Skidmore Emily Lititz PA Slentz Sierra Middletown PA Slusky Ryan Kng Of Prussa PA Smith Canyon York PA Smith Grace Harrisburg PA Smith Hannah Muncy PA Smith India West Grove PA Smith Kaidence Dover PA Smith Lilygrace Schwenksville PA Smith Mia Perkasie PA Smith Shawn Elizabethtown PA Smutek Kaylie Hanover PA Snyder Megan Camp Hill PA Snyder Natalie Lancaster PA Sobkevych Bozhena Chester Springs PA Soiferman Adam Wynnewood PA Solderitch Lindsay Whitehall PA Solis Rebekah Lancaster PA Solomon Kathryn Harrisburg PA Soo Hui Jen Miri, Sarawak Soucy Ellie West Hartford CT Sowers Mason Carlisle PA Spahr Treson Strasburg PA Spalla Jordyn Lewisberry PA Sparwasser Devin Quakertown PA Speers Jake Portstewart Spoerl Bryn Chalfont PA Spong Alicia Carlisle PA Sprenkel Kelly Sunbury PA Springer Caleb Middletown PA Stahl Savanah Greencastle PA Staker Benjamin Middletown PA Stankus Austin Port Republic NJ Stanley Rob Gambrills MD Stanton Riley Saint Clair PA Staub Collin New Oxford PA Stauffer Kelsey Warminster PA Stauffer Matthew Akron PA Stavarski Dillon Reading PA Steck Benjamin Marietta PA Steen Sebastian Dillsburg PA Steinman Allison Holtwood PA Steinman Melissa Holtwood PA Stetler Gabriel Mifflinburg PA Stetter Grace Lemoyne PA Stevenson Brennah York PA Stewart Aidan Delta PA Stewart Benjamin Harrisburg PA Stewart Brooke Sinking Spg PA Stewart Isabella Bel Air MD Stief Victoria Reinholds PA Stigelman Kyler Lancaster PA Stirk Lillian Pottstown PA Stitt Ashden Hollidaysburg PA Stoltzfus Jack Lancaster PA Stone Olivia Forest Hill MD Storero Christine Ambler PA Storll Samuel Port Matilda PA Straub Kyleigh Walnutport PA Strawser John Port Royal PA Strickler Martha Mountville PA Strijdom Kristin Benoni, Gauteng Strohecker Aubrey Yeagertown PA Stroman Keelan York PA Strunk Tia Hamburg PA Stueckroth Nicholas Grantville PA Stumbaugh Madalyn Waynesboro PA Stump Sara York PA Sullivan Alexander Hazlet NJ Sullivan Riley Harleysville PA Suwalski Evan Easton PA Swan Julia Chester Sprgs PA Swarter Robert Downingtown PA Swartz Tyler Olyphant PA Swartzentruber Eden Milton PA Swengel David York PA Swinton Crimson Lancaster PA Swoyer Makayla Jonestown PA Sykes Emily Lancaster PA Tawfick Zacaria Millersville PA Taylor Cadence Lancaster PA Taylor Nathan York PA Teare Matthew Plumsted NJ Teeter Landon Willow Street PA Tempalski Ty Manheim PA Then Kaitlyn Gettysburg PA Therng Bunnak Lancaster PA Thievon Edward Southampton PA Thomas Haven Walkersville MD Thomas Julia New Freedom PA Thomas Julia Broomall PA Thomas Lauren Lewisberry PA Thomas Paola York PA Thompson Brooklyn Coatesville PA Thomson Brooke Lititz PA Thomson Daina Hillcrest Thorn Myra York PA Thorne Megan York PA Tipton Katelyn Myerstown PA Tita Kelly Bath PA Tolmachewich Anastasia Jackson NJ Toomey Benjamin Adamstown PA Topper Mason FPO AE Toran Jacob Huntingdon Vy PA Tracey Kayla Red Lion PA Tran Long Lancaster PA Trawitz Hunter Millersburg PA Tregea Tanya Hummelstown PA Trego Kelly New Holland PA Trelease Meredith Easton PA Trone Carson Hanover PA Truong Khanh Ho Chi Minh Tuckey Joshua Gardners PA Tull Dylan Lebanon PA Tushar Lauren Coatesville PA Tworkoski Autumn Bernville PA Twyman Trinity York PA Umbro Jacob Yardley PA Uzat Hannah Felton PA Valverde-Gomez Richard Lancaster PA Van Ingen Matthew Mountville PA Van Voorhees Jake Landenberg PA Vanek Karlie Kutztown PA Vargas Elijah Lancaster PA Vazquez Kaylinda Columbia PA Vega Antonio Millersville PA Velazquez Ivan Lebanon PA Velozwong Lisamarie Lancaster PA Verespy Caitlyn Warminster PA Verrastro Dhana Emmaus PA Verrecchia Olivia Pottstown PA Vogelbacher Andrew Lancaster PA VonNeida Madison Harrisburg PA Wager Maja Lancaster Wahba Andrew Lancaster PA Wahba Sandy Lancaster PA Walker Kate Bethlehem PA Walker Elliot Gettysburg PA Walters Tehya Annville PA Walton Kaeley Orwigsburg PA Wampler Ollie Pottstown PA Ward Aidan Quarryville PA Wardwell Leah Landenberg PA Warner Hannah Langhorne PA Wascavage Mya West Reading PA Waters Jonathan Collegeville PA Watkins Darius Dallastown PA Watlington Hailey Middletown DE Watt Emma Manheim PA Watts Jayden Wyomissing PA Weakland Mackenzie York PA Wealand Luke Lititz PA Weaver Claire Allentown PA Weaver Grace Peach Bottom PA Weaver Hunter Gap PA Weaver Micaiah Reinholds PA Webb Ryan Mount Joy PA Weber Owen Mount Joy PA Webster Paige Lewisberry PA Weidner Nicholas Lancaster PA Weinmann Natalie Downingtown PA Weiss Mary Lancaster PA Welker Alex Reinholds PA Weller Mason Sinking Spg PA Welter Taylor Renfrew PA Wenger Ashley Sinking Spg PA Wenger Delaney Lebanon PA Wenger Luke Lancaster PA Wentling Hope Annville PA Wentzel Marenthia Lititz PA Werley Emily New Tripoli PA Wert Tyler Annville PA Wertz Rachael Manchester PA Wescott Riley Clarks Summit PA Wesley Jenna Fstrvl Trvose PA Wettig Gabriella Manheim PA Whalen Ellie Lancaster PA Whitaker Eugene East Norriton PA Whitcraft Desire’e Mount Joy PA White Samantha Myerstown PA Whited Madeline Lancaster PA Whitehead Colton Dover PA Whitehead Tamia Philadelphia PA Whiteman Rebekah Lancaster PA Whitfield Logan Conestoga PA Wicht Elizabeth Lititz PA Wickenheiser Hailey Columbia PA Widmaier Greta Selinsgrove PA Wieder Abigail Bethlehem PA Wiener Owen Harrisburg PA Wiest Dylan Morgantown PA Wilhelm Aaron Bally PA Willard Jayla York PA Williams Brogan Danville PA Williams Lauren Quakertown PA Williams Leah Boiling Spgs PA Williams-Elmer Arianna Lancaster PA Wilson Aimee Bel Air MD Wilson Aryssa YORK PA Wilson Jade Elizabethtown PA Wilusz Luke Lehighton PA Wimberly Mkenna Mount Holly NJ Winters Joshua Morgantown PA Wirt Brock Sunbury PA Witmer Emily Nazareth PA Witmer Trinity Red Lion PA Witte Cameron Waynesboro PA Wodaski Sinovia Mount Airy MD Wojciechowski Anna Middle River MD Wolf Amanda Millersville PA Wolf Mikaela Mechanicsburg PA Wolford Gabe Hughesville PA Wood Caroline Lititz PA Wood Ryan Mechanicsburg PA Woodard Benjamin Mountville PA Wriggins Jack Pike creek DE Wright Benjamin Lancaster PA Wright Bobby New Holland PA Wysocki Allison Maple Glen PA Yantis Abigail Carlisle PA Yantis Kayley Carlisle PA Yarnish Lauren York PA Yeager Rebecca Middletown PA Yerger Kristina Shillington PA Yesko Myah Myerstown PA Yetter Riley West Lawn PA Yoder Jadon Quarryville PA Young Jenna Downingtown PA Zarkovich Brenna Enola PA Zayas-Garcia Genesis Lancaster PA Zeigler Andrew York PA Zewe Julia Hershey PA Zhang Ryan Rochester NY Zielke Madelyn Collegeville PA Zimmerman Sabrina Johnstown PA Zink Noah Gap PA Zipko Ethan Lititz PA Zirpoli John Milford PA Zook Jocelyn Elizabethtown PA Zurcher Niya Coatesville PA Zurita-Zavala Leslie Kennett Sq […] “Congratulations to Spring 2024 Dean’s List”

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