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  • Future Educator Academy Aims to Recruit More Students of Color Millersville University will host the fourth Future Educator Academy for rising juniors in high school from July 23-29. The Academy is part of the Future Educator Pathway, which is a Grow-Your-Own program to recruit and retain more students of color in the field of education. The academy costs $675/scholar. However, there is a limit of 50 participants this year, so students are encouraged to register as soon as possible. “Scholars who attend the academy should be interested in a career as an educator: teacher, school administrator, guidance counselor, school psychologist, or school social worker,” says Dr. Miriam Witmer, assistant professor of Educational Foundations at Millersville University. The first FEA was held in the summer of 2017 and then in the summer of 2018 and 2019. The University was not able to host the academy during COVID. The FEA is part of the Future Educator Pathway program (formerly known as Project Teacher Development), which additionally offers interested students a college student mentor, in-school seminars focused on teaching and coaching and four dual enrollment courses. The academy originally accepted all high school-aged students who were interested in learning more about a career in education, but this year it is focused on inviting rising juniors and seniors. In the past, it only had students from the School District of Lancaster, but this year the academy offers the opportunity to students from all the local school districts. FEA is an interactive residential college experience. Scholars in the program will live in the suites and eat in the dining hall, explore various careers in education, read a common motivational book, conduct micro-teaching, establish personal and professional goals and work as a teacher’s aide to get practical experience. The academy was established by Dr. Miriam Marguerita Gomez Witmer and Dr. Jeffrey Wimer in 2017. For more information or to regis […] “Future Educator Academy Aims to Recruit More Students of Color”

  • Fire Safety During Fireworks and Droughts The summer season calls for all sorts of outdoor fun, including fireworks and bonfires with friends and family. When engaging in these activities, participants must be aware of the weather conditions around them. Even with the recent rain,  Pennsylvania continues to be in a drought, causing a burn ban for some counties (the burn ban was recently lifted for Lancaster County). It is important to stay informed on the weather conditions, so we sat down with Millersville University’s Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Paul Hill and Millersville’s Weather Information Center Director, Kyle Elliott, to provide us with safety tips for the summer season. To begin, when did this drought start? Kyle Elliott:  There was a 1-2 week period of “moderate drought” in April, but the latest “moderate drought” conditions officially started during the last week of May. I do not expect there to be enough rainfall during July and August to end the drought. For a drought to end, it requires a rain surplus over a long period of time. Predicting the severity, intensity and duration of a drought is extremely challenging. Once a region is in a drought, it often takes several weeks or months of a rainfall surplus to ease or eradicate the drought. Despite a rainfall surplus in the past 7-10 days, Lancaster County is still considered to be in a “moderate drought,” while parts of York County and northern Maryland are in a “severe drought. Overall, I expect near- to slightly below-average precipitation in July and August. Heat should ramp up by the middle of July, with several ‘heatwaves’ a good possibility from mid-July through the end of August. Due to the highly variable and localized nature of summertime thunderstorms, one neighborhood may experience a rainfall surplus while another just a few miles away has a rainfall deficit. What should be known about droughts? Droughts are based on a number of factors, including amounts of precipitation, soil moisture, surface water levels (lakes, streams, rivers) and groundwater levels. Ultimately, this means there is a need to conserve water and there is a much higher risk of brush and wildland fires. What should people know about droughts and fireworks? Paul Hill: According to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks cause approximately 19,500 reported fires annually. Fireworks should be avoided during dry periods, such as the one we are currently experiencing. The sparks and flammable fuels used in fireworks of all types, including sparklers and other ground-based effects, burn at high temperatures and can easily ignite dry vegetation. What is the risk of a fire during a drought like the one we are currently experiencing? The United States Forest Service maintains a Wildland Fire Assessment System. Our area is currently listed in the “very high” fire danger classification and is forecasted to remain “high” until considerable rains counteract the dry conditions. Fires spread rapidly and short-distance spotting is common. High-intensity burning may develop on slopes or in concentrations of fine fuels. Fires may become serious and their control difficult unless they are attacked successfully while small. This has been evidenced by the current fires in New Jersey and Canada, which have created significant air quality issues. What should people do to eliminate or lessen the risk of a fire? Approximately 85% of wildfires are caused by humans. The simple answer is people should refrain from having outdoor fires, such as campfires, or burning brush and yard waste, and avoid equipment and processes that are prone to causing sparks. People should also be sure to properly discard smoking materials by not discarding them out the window or in bushes or vegetatio […] “Fire Safety During Fireworks and Droughts”

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    Gap-Filling Weather Radar Installed Millersville University announced that its partner, Climavision, a climate-tech data pioneer, has installed a new weather radar system on campus. The radar, placed on the Millersville University water tank, will supplement weather coverage in between neighboring NEXRAD S-Band radars. Because of regional topography and the nature of weather radar technology, gaps can exist between systems as the radar beam moves higher in the atmosphere the further it gets from the radar location. This leaves some areas, such as Lancaster County, exposed to weather phenomena that often happen in the lower atmosphere, such as flash flooding, sleet, ice, and tornadoes. The dual-polarization, X-Band weather radar is designed specifically to fill these small gaps to provide the highest resolution view of what’s happening nearest to the ground. While all warnings and notices will continue to come through official National Weather Service channels, the system will provide critical visibility enabling forecasters and emergency officials to better plan, prepare, and respond to volatile weather situations. Millersville’s meteorology program has long been considered a nationally recognized flagship program of the University. From its nationally known faculty to outstanding alums, students in the program are immersed in the atmospheric and climate sciences. Now those students will have access to data from an X-band weather surveillance radar, thanks to the partnership with Climavision. “We’re excited about the opportunities the Climavision radar will bring to our faculty and students,” says Dr. Marc Harris, dean of the College of Science and Technology. “Faculty will be able to leverage the data for teaching, research and scholarship activities. Faculty and students will be able to use it for projects, grants, manuscript publications and conference publications.” Professor emeritus Dr. Richard Clark was the impetus behind the partnership. In 2019, Millersville was part of a $90 million proposal to the National Science Foundation for major research infrastructure that would have included buying and deploying a weather radar. The grant proposal was ultimately not funded for nonscientific reasons. Clark then learned about the possible Climavision partnership during a summer meteorology conference held in July 2022, reached out to them and made the introductions to Dean Harris and the facilities department. The new radar will cover the area in between the four closest NEXRADs, which are located near State College, Pennsylvania; Ft. Dix, New Jersey; Ellendale, Delaware; and Dulles International Airport, Virginia. MU alum Dr. Jim Kurdzo, a radar scientist at MIT’s Lincoln Labs, helped design the algorithm that determined that the Lower Susquehanna Valley is one of the top three locations in the contiguous U.S. to experience a gap in low-level coverage. “We’re excited about our collaboration with MU for lots of reasons,” said Climavision cofounder and CEO Chris Goode. “We’re not only closing a critical gap in weather surveillance, we get to support the future of weather science by providing students with an invaluable learning tool.” The partnership allows Climavision to lease the site for 20 years. The installation took place on June 27, and by the time classes start in the fall, it will be fully operational for research, teaching and weather-detection servi […] “Gap-Filling Weather Radar Installed”

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    'Ville is StormReady Severe and high-impact weather poses a regular risk to the University and its surrounding communities. Because of this risk, Millersville University has earned a StormReady Certification from the National Weather Service to help keep the campus safe. “StormReady is a program through the National Weather Service to better prepare communities, higher education institutions, counties, Indian nations, military bases, government sites, commercial enterprises and other groups for severe weather events,” explains Dr. Sepi Yalda, professor of meteorology and the director of Millersville University’s Center for Disaster Research and Education. As part of the StormReady designation, the University hosts a National Weather Service Spotter Training annually. The training is known as “SKYWARN,” where individuals that have earned the certification can volunteer to provide timely and accurate reports of severe weather to the National Weather Service. The training provides information from the basics about thunderstorms to how to recognize severe storm features to learning how to report them. The certification is initially granted for a period of four years. After four years, there will be an evaluation to ensure the requirements are still met. The University has been recognized as Storm Ready since March 2020 and is one of seven universities in PA and one of 307 in the country with this designation. To achieve StormReady status, the University must meet the following criteria: Establish a 24-hour warning point and emergency operations center Have more than one way to receive severe weather warnings and forecasts and to alert the public Create a system that monitors weather conditions locally Promote the importance of public readiness through community seminars Develop a formal hazardous weather plan, which includes training severe weather spotters and holding emergency exercises Yalda recognizes the importance of the certification for the Millersville community’s safety, “It ensures that we have the structure and plans in place to do timely planning and preparedness to protect all MU community members. MU will also serve an important role for the surrounding community in providing timely information for decision-makers in case of high-impact severe weather. This contributes greatly to the MU community’s safety in the event of severe weather,” she says.     […] “‘Ville is StormReady”

  • Newman Civic Fellow Making Most of Opportunities Senior manufacturing engineering technology major. Jordan Branch grew up in Virginia, where his parents divorced when he was six, and he failed English in the 7th grade. It was at this point that the newly appointed Newman Civic Fellow learned his first lesson of accountability. To progress to the 8th grade, he was forced to attend summer school, but his father declined to cover the expenses. Undeterred, Branch took matters into his own hands and embarked on a venture to sell candy to pay for his own summer school. It is this type of perseverance that would help Branch, he says. After graduating from high school, Branch moved to North Dakota and enrolled in Bismarck State College. He didn’t stay long and found an opportunity to transfer to Millersville University. Since coming to the University, Branch has become vice president of the National Society of Black Engineers, vice president of the American Society of Safety Professionals and vice president of the Construction Club. In addition to being a two-time recipient of the Dalton Smart Humanitarian Award, he recently received the Newman Civic Fellowship Award. He was nominated for the award by Dr. Len Litowitz, professor and department chair of applied engineering, safety & technology at Millersville University. Given by Campus Compact, the Newman Civic Fellowship Award recognizes and supports community-committed students who represent the next generation of public problem solvers and civic leaders. Named for Campus Compact founder Frank Newman, the award is a one-year fellowship experience that supports personal, professional and civic development. “I think it’s important to be a part of this fellowship because I can be a role model for the next generation and show them that you can do anything that you want to do no matter where you come from,” says Branch. In the fall semester, Branch organized a coat drive where he collected over 250 coats and donated them to the Food Hub. Branch has a short-term goal of graduating and becoming an engineer. He hopes to earn enough money to one day build a high-tech high school in Richmond, Virginia, a school that would provide hands-on training, be interactive and focus on preparing students for higher education and careers in engineering. For more information about the Newman Civic Fellowship Award, vi […] “Newman Civic Fellow Making Most of Opportunities”

  • ‘Ville’s Student Safety Chapter Nationally Recognized Millersville University’s American Society of Safety Professionals student chapter once again received national recognition. The chapter placed third out of 12 schools in the national 2022 – 2023 Outstanding Student Section of the Year Award competition. After winning first place last year, this makes it the second year in a row that the student chapter has been nationally recognized for its outstanding student efforts. “The students organized several technical meetings, hosted events, attended campus fairs, performed training, presented research and helped with a community service project from April 1, 2022, to March 31, 2023, in preparation to submit their 51-page application,” explains Dr. Betty-Jo Bowers, associate professor at the University and lead advisor for Millersville’s ASSP student section. Specific activities performed by the student section include research on crosswalk and pedestrian safety at the University, which 10 students completed and two students presented at the Region 6 ASSP Professional Development Conference, the Lancaster Safety Council and an ASSP Parent Chapter Meeting. The chapter also participated in several other events, such as a winter coat drive, hosting fire extinguisher and other safety trainings, visiting local schools to present safety talks and more – both on the University’s campus and in the surrounding community. The American Society of Safety Professionals is an organization that supports occupational health and safety, providing education, development and a community for workers in the field. The organization supports student sections by providing opportunities for students to learn more about their field of study, offering networking opportunities for students and professionals and more. The award is granted to ASSP student sections that actively make significant contributions to safety education and research throughout each year. The MU chapter earned a $500 stipend for its third-place finish. To apply for the award, student sections must submit a thorough report of their participation during the academic year, along with proof of activity. This verification includes endorsement from a faculty advisor and at least six meetings during the year, among other forms of participation. The MU student section received positive feedback from the ASSP evaluation committee on their application. The committee noted that the section conducted “valuable research for the campus community and stakeholders” and demonstrated “great involvement with the community-sponsored events.” The committee also noted that the MU chapter is a “highly recognized student section.” “The ASSP Student Section board members were dedicated and worked very hard to receive top placement two years in a row,” Bowers concludes. “I am very happy and proud of the ASSP Student Section. Achieving top placement two years in a row is an impressive accomplishment!” Interested in studying occupational safety and environmental health at Millersville University? Click here for more information, or contact Dr. Betty-Jo Bowers, Associate Professor & Occupational Safety & Environmental Health Program Coordinator at Betty-Jo.Bower […] “‘Ville’s Student Safety Chapter Nationally Recognized”

  • Director of Undergraduate Recruitment Hired Joni Klopp has been named director of Undergraduate Recruitment at Millersville University. The former associate director of admissions for Millersville University has over a decade of experience working in Pennsylvania public higher education. Klopp came to Millersville in 2021 as an assistant director of admissions and was promoted to associate director in 2022. “We’re delighted to have Joni serve the University in the director role,” says Dr. Douglas Zander, Associate Vice President and Dean of Admissions for Enrollment Management at Millersville. “Joni’s background in admissions and enrollment has focused on strategic recruitment practices, relationship building with community partners, large-scale visitation programs, working with our most vulnerable students, and championing diversity and equity processes.” Klopp was recently selected to serve as the President-Elect of the Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counseling, a nonprofit association comprised of more than 1,200 school counselors and college admission professionals throughout the state. While her diversity and inclusion focus is rooted within admissions and enrollment, Klopp has hosted several diversity training sessions across the Commonwealth, and she was also the lead coordinator of the Kutztown Solidarity Movement, a Black Lives Matter march in 2020 with over 1,000+ participants in attendance. Klopp graduated from Kutztown University and earned her master’s degree in higher education administration from Tiffin U […] “Director of Undergraduate Recruitment Hired”

  • Millersville & Academic Partnerships to Launch Online Graduate Degree Programs Millersville University has announced the expansion of its online portfolio of graduate degree programs, proudly supported by Academic Partnerships. Launching in the Fall of 2023, the online graduate programs will appeal to students seeking an alternative option to on-campus education. Through this partnership, Millersville will offer its highly sought-after Nursing programs, Integrated Scientific Applications and Emergency Management degrees online. The online programs include: Nursing MSN in Nursing Education Online MSN in Nursing Leadership Online MSN in School Nursing Online Integrated Scientific Applications MS in Integrated Scientific Applications – Weather Intelligence and Risk Management Online MS in Integrated Scientific Applications – Geoinformatics Online Emergency Management MS in Emergency Management With a student-centered approach, Millersville is recognized as one of the top public universities for academics and community engagement in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Partnering with AP to make critical programs like nursing more accessible to students is aligned with MU’s mission of being a community dedicated to high-quality education at an exceptional value. “Academic Partnerships is honored to partner with Millersville University as they increase access to their high-quality graduate degree programs,” said Fernando Bleichmar, CEO of Academic Partnerships. “Millersville has a rich history of serving its students in the PASSHE system and throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We are excited to work side-by-side with Millersville as they expand their footprint and impact.” Founded over 160 years ago in historic Lancaster County, Millersville University has become one of the most highly regarded universities in the Northeast. With a supportive and enriching environment, MU is an integral part of the community. “Millersville University is a powerful economic multiplier. It is connected to the local community, school systems, businesses and the local labor market. This partnership with AP only strengthens our standing in the local and regional community by extending our program offerings further,” says Dr. Gail Gasparich, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. AP, a leading online facilitator focused primarily on adult learners, is a partner to approximately fifty-five universities, primarily regional universities, across North America. AP’s mission of expanding access to top-quality, affordable and workforce relevant education makes it an excellent fit with the University to grow its portfolio of programs. For more information or to apply for these progr […] “Millersville & Academic Partnerships to Launch Online Graduate Degree Programs”

  • Dr. Deborah Tamakloe named Educator of the Year Dr. Deborah Tamakloe is now part of a prestigious group of Millersville faculty and staff. The associate professor of special education was recently named Educator of the Year, the only campus-wide award for educator excellence at the University. The Educator of the Year award is given annually to one faculty or staff member who demonstrates outstanding teaching in all its forms, including counseling, mentoring and advisement. The committee for the award receives a group of nominations and applications and determines the winner based on three categories: behavior/actions, disposition and influence. Tamakloe was presented the award at the undergraduate ceremony for the College of Education and Human Services. Tamakloe’s achievements in education, which contributed to her Educator of the Year status, were described during an address by Dr. Kelly Banna, associate professor of psychology. “The individual (Tamakloe) who has been chosen by their peers as the Educator of the Year for the current academic year has been instrumental in co-founding a new Action Research Conference for student teachers to showcase research conducted in their classrooms,” explained Banna. “Being honored at commencement brought me joy knowing that my little efforts have made positive impacts on my students’ lives and the field of education as a whole,” says Tamakloe. “It also comes with a sense of responsibility to continue striving for excellence in my teaching practices and to serve as a role model for my children who were present.” Additionally, Tamakloe actively involves students in opportunities outside of the classroom, including a trip with 14 students and a colleague to learn about the Regio Emilia educational approach in Italy. She also organizes an Assistive Technology Conference, where she guides students and colleagues to design low-tech assistive technology that they donate to the IU-13. “Being named Educator of the Year is an honor,” says Tamakloe. “It has evoked mixed feelings for me – a sense of humility, accomplishment and validation for the hard work and dedication I put into teaching and mentoring students.” “Personally speaking, being an educator means walking side by side with my students, learning from them as much as they learn from me, while we all strive to become what is ‘essential.’ The recognition from colleagues, administration, students, and the community to me is a mark of respect and appreciation, so I thank them,” Tamakloe concludes. “I dedicate this award to my students and the whole MU community. Let’s all strive to be E […] “Dr. Deborah Tamakloe named Educator of the Year”

    • Deborah,
      Yɛma wo akwaaba. This is well deserved. The students are indeed fortunate to have you as a mentor.
      I wish you the best as you continue your career here at MU. Hopefully, we can finish our book on Buruli ulcer. All the best to your family.
      Cheers, jw

  • Alumna Blossoms in New Career As gardening enthusiasts continue to nurture their spring flowers, one Millersville alum is busy managing 135 acres of vegetables, greenhouses and an orchard. Erin Spangler graduated from Millersville University in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in geography with a concentration in environmental studies and a minor in biology. Now, she’s putting her degree to good use in a new position as the horticulture instructional advisor for Milton Hershey School. Spangler’s work primarily takes place in the Horticulture Center, a part of the larger Agriculture and Environmental Education program at the school, which focuses on hands-on agricultural learning. Students experience many areas of agriculture, including growing natural resources, creating products from the harvests and the agricultural business. Spangler recently began her new position after beginning as a horticulture program assistant at the end of January. “About one-third of my job is teaching horticulture-based lessons,” Spangler says. “Teachers bring their class to the Horticulture Center, and we do a hands-on lesson that ties into what they have been learning in the classroom.” Along with planning, planting and maintaining the gardening spaces, Spangler also orders seeds, starts them in the greenhouse before their transfer to the field, and she prunes and maintains blueberries and apples on-site. She is also facilitating a beekeeping club while caring for a colony of bees, and she shares that she’s excited to discuss the job she loves. “We grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, celery, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, collard greens, mustard greens, arugula, melons and more,” Spangler says. “I try to make sure that we have the basics growing, but I also like to have some fun with the produce. I enjoy having fun-colored produce, like purple haze carrots and green zebra tomatoes. I am also planning on incorporating some cut flowers within the produce fields.” In addition to leading an eight-week summer internship program, Spangler leads the Project Market, a unique opportunity for students at MHS to sell their produce, products and projects to the public. “Students that attend Milton Hershey can apply for jobs at Project Market, located in the Horticulture Center on campus,” Spangler explains. “During the school year, they come three days a week after school to do work related to the market. That could be anything from planting vegetable seeds, to making items to sell, to running the register.” The market sells the produce grown in the fields and the greenhouse, but there are plenty of other opportunities for students to create a variety of other products. “There are also soaps, candles, scrubs and lip balms made by students in the soap club. All those products are made with milk from goats at the Animal Center on campus,” Spangler says. “The market sells many flavors of ice cream, all of which are made at the Spartan Ice Cream Center on campus.” “Students also like to make teas, dried herb packets and freeze-dried fruits to sell, and the plant club sells succulent bowls, houseplants and cut flower arrangements. Any of the produce that is left over from the market gets donated to a local food bank,” she continues. As for what planted the seeds of interest in agriculture, Spangler credits a class she took at Millersville University. “I took a food sustainability course with Dr. (Angela) Cuthbert, and that’s what sparked my passion for growing food,” she says. “That course opened my eyes to the disparities within the food system in the United States.” “Many people live in what are called ‘food deserts,’ or geographic locations where residents have difficulty securing healthy and affordable food. Many times, this includes low-income households that do not have reliable transportation and live in an area with a limited number of retailers that sell fresh produce.” As a student who graduated during the COVID-19 pandemic, Spangler notes that she appreciated how her professors at the University made sure their students were still gaining beneficial, real-life experience despite the challenges of distance learning for her field. “My botany professor, Dr. (Ryan) Wagner, mailed us seeds and had us collect things from our own backyards so we could do labs at home,” Spangler says. “I remember one lab where I dyed t-shirts in my kitchen with turmeric and black walnuts.” “I really appreciate how many of my professors went to great lengths to make sure that we were still as hands-on as possible,” she concludes. The MHS Project Market is open to the public every Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. More details can be found on the market’s Facebook page. Interested in environmental studies at MU? Visit https://www.millersville.edu/programs/environmental-studies.ph […] “Alumna Blossoms in New Career”

  • Millersville and St. John of India Sign Agreement To help meet Millersville University’s comprehensive internationalization initiatives, Millersville and St. John Technical and Educational Campus in India signed a memorandum of understanding on June 5.  The MOU opens the door for students at St. John’s affiliate institutions to attend Millersville University and for faculty collaboration between the two institutions. Millersville President Dr. Daniel A. Wubah and St. John Trustee Aldridge Dominic D’Souza signed the agreement. The agreement establishes possibilities for dual-degree and transfer-degree programs and non-degree programs. The agreement will allow the exchange of scholarly and pedagogical materials and the development of academic research, workshops, or other joint projects. In addition to President Wubah and D’Souza, dignitaries at the signing included: St. John Attendees Elvina D’Souza Secretary – Aldel Education Trust, Aldridge D’Souza – Coordinator – ACCMI and Trustee – Aldel Education Trust Suhas Pednekar – Advisor – ACCMI, Evans Coutinho – Advisor – ACCMI and Dean of Research, St. John’s Campus Peter Garland – Chair, PennHub Advisory Board, Executive Vice Chancellor Emeritus, PASSHE MU Attendees Stephanie Schwartz, Chair Computer Science Department, Behrooz Etesamipour, Information Technology Program Coordinator, Alex Johnson, Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program Coordinator, Applied Engineering, Safety and Technology Department, Marc Harris, Dean, College of Science and Technology Marc Tomljanovich, Dean, Lombardo College of Business Christina Kinney, Acting Director of International Programs & Services Charity Alinda, Acting Director of International Studen […] “Millersville and St. John of India Sign Agreement”

  • Dr. Herr Named New Integrated Studies Faculty Coordinator In 2018 President Wubah signed the first certificates for two students who successfully completed the Integrated Studies program at MU. Since that time the program has grown to 40+ students and is an integral part of the University that ensures equal educational opportunities for every student. Dr. Thomas Neuville was the first faculty advisor of Integrated Studies and led the program over the past nine years. As he steps down from the position, Dr. Ojoma Edeh Herr will take over as faculty advisor. Herr recognizes the importance of the major and is working to ensure there is a smooth transition for everyone involved. “Integrated Studies is very important because everyone deserves to learn to his/her potential. In addition, we live in an inclusive community/society, which means everyone belongs. Since I accepted this position, I have been working hard to ensure a smooth transition between me and Dr. Neuville.” Herr has much experience in the field and has dedicated her career to ensuring students with intellectual disabilities have equal opportunities. She founded the Olive Branch of Hope, a non-licensed community-integrated program providing opportunities for socialization, self-expression, leisure, outdoor skills and more for adults with intellectual disabilities. In addition, she also founded the Ministry of Mercy, a one of its kind program in Kogi State, Nigeria, that provides housing and education to orphaned, disabled and other disadvantaged children. Herr has also completed research and has many publications in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Behavioral Assessment, Curriculum Development, Teaching Methods for Multicultural Populations and Research Methodology. Neuville speaks to Herr’s experience and is confident in her work as the new faculty Coordinator. “Dr. Edeh Herr has been with Millersville for 25 years. During that time, she has shown herself to be exceptionally skilled in education, teacher preparation, assessment and leadership. She has also demonstrated her strong abilities nationally and internationally. Perhaps the most important gift Dr. Edeh Herr brings to the position is her foundational commitment to each and every student. This is the key to the major of Integrated Studies and the students earning the credential.” As Faculty Coordinator of Integrated Studies, Herr will have various tasks including, but not limited to: Supervising the integrated studies director and success coach Collaborating with the director and success coach on the recruitment, hiring and professional development of the educational support coaches and service-learning mentors Collaborating with the director regarding professional development for MU faculty and staff Advising in matters related to systemic compliance with MU administrative functions (University Housing, Budgeting, Student Accounts Office, Registrar, Admissions, Learning Services, Student Affairs, and MU Police) Herr explains what this new position means to her, “I value this position very much because it gives me the opportunity to do what I enjoy doing most: working with individuals […] “Dr. Herr Named New Integrated Studies Faculty Coordinator”

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    Millersville University Announces its first Marvelous Marauders To celebrate 40 years since it first officially became a university, the Office of Alumni Engagement at Millersville University recently recognized 40 outstanding alumni as Marvelous Marauders. Their graduating classes span from 1950 to 2018, but all the honored alumni are successful in their professional fields and have stayed engaged with the University post-graduation. Millersville was established as the Lancaster County Normal School in 1855 before becoming the Millersville State Normal School in 1859. After being renamed Millersville State College in 1959, the school officially became Millersville University of Pennsylvania in 1983. The Marvelous Marauders program highlights alumni who have demonstrated dedication, professional achievement, excellence and a commitment to staying engaged with Millersville University. A selection committee reviewed 113 nominations to narrow it down to 40 honorees. “The 40 Marvelous Marauder recipients exemplify the spirit of Millersville University, including commitment, passion, leadership and distinction,” says Kristin Schab, director of alumni engagement. A full gallery of the Marvelous Marauders can be found on the alumni webpage, complete with photos, quotes and a snapshot of each alum’s personal and professional achievements. The alumni will also be celebrated and shared on Millersville University’s social media platforms in the following weeks. “This year’s inaugural 40 alumni honorees represent just a sample of incredible success stories from our 74,000 alumni. Selected from more than 110 nominations, these educators, entrepreneurs, government professionals, business executives and nonprofit leaders are innovators in their fields.” Schab adds. “We hope that the incredible MU alumni success stories inspire and motivate current and future alumni Marauders for years to come.” Nominations for the 2023-24 class of Marvelous Marauders will open in the fall of 2023. For more information about the award eligibility and criteria or to nominate a Marvel […] “Millersville University Announces its first Marvelous Marauders”

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    Grant Will Help Finish College People who started their college degree but had to step away for life reasons and would now like to complete their program may be eligible for help thanks to a recent grant from the Lancaster County Workforce Division Board. Millersville University will receive $189,914 as a partner of the ACHIEVE project. “Partnering with LCWDB and ACHIEVE will allow the University to address the inequities that students who must stop out of their degree program face, including higher unemployment and lower wages,” explained Dr. James Delle, dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Associate Provost for Academic Administration. “This grant will allow those students to finish their degrees and enter into the workforce with stronger support.” The purpose of the grant is to help jobseekers re-enroll in educational programs through the Lancaster County Workforce Development Board’s ACHIEVE project. ACHIEVE is designed to assist Pennsylvanians who began studying in higher education for in-demand fields but had to leave their degree after two or three years. In total, the PA Department of Labor and Industry awarded more than $6 million in grant funding to four local workforce development boards in the state. As a part of the ACHIEVE project, the University is partnering with the LCWDB, the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce, PA CareerLink of Lancaster County, Elizabethtown College and the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. ACHIEVE ultimately seeks to help students return to higher education through various rapid credentialing strategies, including online and asynchronous accessibility and a network of support, including case management and career guidance. From the University’s portion, $140,714 will be allocated to tuition assistance and cost of education support (such as textbooks or childcare costs) for about 15 returning students, provided outside of other financial aid. The funding can be used to assist eligible students in any program, but outreach will primarily focus on recruiting students returning to complete their bachelor’s degree in social work, bachelor’s degree in education or associate degree in applied technology. There is a need in the community for these fields, and through the grant, students can earn their degrees and enter the workforce quickly. Tuition assistance will also be available for students who are pursuing online degrees and certifications, including in the programs previously listed, which offer online courses. “Combined with the robust student success network already in place at the University, the ACHIEVE grant will help returning students complete their programs efficiently and, in turn, provide Lancaster County with workforce-ready graduates,” says Delle. To be eligible for the grant, students who left their program after May 2021 (two years ago or less) must be able to reenter their program and complete their degree by June 2024. This means the grant is recommended for students with 30 or fewer credits left to complete their degrees. Students do not have to have previously attended Millersville University but must have previous credits from an accredited university. Interested students can contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Millersville University.   […] “Grant Will Help Finish College”

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    Dean's List for Spring 2023 Congratulations to the 1,285 students who were named to the Dean’s List at Millersville University for Spring 2023. A student is eligible for the Dean’s List if they earn a semester GPA of 3.50 or higher. Acharya Snigdh Kathmandu Adams Cayla Mountville PA Adelman Samantha Conestoga PA Ahrens Brock York PA Ajala Kristen Hummelstown PA Albert Mary Mcmurray PA Albrecht Amanda Warminster PA Aldinger Skyler Lancaster PA Alley Kacie Stewartstown PA Almonrode Eric Avondale PA Almuhtaseb Israe Pottstown PA Altland Chayse Airville PA Ames Natalie Port Carbon PA Amico Leah Lancaster PA Amis Ethan Royersford PA Amoro Joshua Lancaster PA Anders Vanessa Emmaus PA Anderson Madilynn Levittown PA Andrews Stacey York PA Angelo Aleese Aurora OH Aniceto Julianne Ambler PA Aparicio Elisabeth York PA Apolinario Mallqui Gloria Lancaster PA Armbruster Zachary Denver PA Armendáriz Llanos Miguel Pamplona/Iruña Armstrong Kara New Providnce PA Armstrong Steven Morgantown PA Arnold Hannah coatesville PA Asprea Michael Milford PA Atcavage Logan Wilkes-Barre PA August Donovan Millersville PA Aument Ryan Selinsgrove PA Aviles Emily Ephrata PA Ayala Escobar Gabriela West Grove PA Azizkhan Abigail Mechanicsburg PA Bachman Madelana Mechanicsburg PA Baez Yesenmarie Lancaster PA Bailey Camryn Kinzers PA Bailey Isabella Wrightsville PA Baker Aleia Carlisle PA Baker Grace Waynesboro PA Baker Jadyn Myerstown PA Baldree Aiden New Market MD Balducci Amanda Gilbertsville PA Bangs Kate Southampton PA Barndt Riannah Columbia PA Barnes Madicyn Newville PA Barnes Steven Millersville PA Barnhart Zachary Abbottstown PA Barnum Sarah Souderton PA Barranco Victoria East Berlin PA Barrick Carlee Mc Alistervle PA Barstow Julia Pylesville MD Barton Joanna W Colls Hgts NJ Barton Stuart Lancaster PA Basile Michael Lancaster PA Bass Rashawn Myerstown PA Battavio Makenzie West Chester PA Battle Mark Sprng Brk Twp PA Baublitz Brady Westminster MD Bayraktar Ali York PA Beaghan Jessica Wrightsville PA Beattie Ben Lancaster PA Beauregard Samuel Lancaster PA Becerra Chloe Gettysburg PA Becher Nikolaus Harrisburg PA Beehler Christopher Schwenksville PA Beichler Emily East Berlin PA Bekhit Habeba Manheim PA Belamo Lidya Landisville PA Belliveau Lindsay Wallingford PA Bengough Larry Gilbertsville PA Benzel Jillian York PA Berglund Rebecca Erdenheim PA Berkel Alison West Lawn PA Bertoldi Mia Hummelstown PA Bertoni Michael Millersville PA Bess Melanie Lititz PA Bevan-Xenelis Theodora Quakertown PA Bevil Daniel Mount Wolf PA Beyer Albert Lancaster PA Bhanot Eshika Lancaster PA Bibus Grace Millersville PA Billie McKenna Downingtown PA Binder Shyanne Marietta PA Bittner Coulson York PA Bixler Megan Lancaster PA Bixler Zachary Hummelstown PA Black Kyleigh Macungie PA Blackman Hannah Athens PA Blair Emma Oley PA Blankenbiller Garet Oley PA Blankmeyer David Downingtown PA Bloom Jaxson East Berlin PA Boesenhofer Cassandra Oxford PA Boguslowski Valerie Shillington PA Bolden Carolyn Mechanicsburg PA Bomgardner Mollie Mifflinburg PA Bonanno Nina Manheim PA Bonene Kyle Lancaster PA Bonner Rachel Lititz PA Borchert Tina Honesdale PA Borluca Madison Easton PA Boughton Kiara Howard PA Bowlsby-Sclafani Morgan Palmyra PA Bowman Allison Pottstown PA Bowman Daniel Pequea PA Bowser Brayden Ephrata PA Boyd Emma Glen Rock PA Boyer Derrick Millersville PA Boyer Margaret Palmyra PA Boyer Patrick Elizabethtown PA Bragg Caroline Paradise PA Braim Keriann Breinigsville PA Brant Luke Chambersburg PA Breen Summer York PA Brendle Olivia Denver PA Breniser Sasha Columbia PA Brewer Paige Fairless Hls PA Brooks Dylan Annapolis MD Brougher Jake Harrisburg PA Broussard Madison Pottstown PA Brown Anna Media PA Brown Bryan Ephrata PA Brown Ian York PA Brown Jenna Peach Bottom PA Brown Kamron Lancaster PA Brown Luke Wayne PA Brown Natalie Camp Hill PA Brunnabend Makayla Breinigsville PA Bryant Cooper Elizabethtown PA Bryant Tyjae Philadelphia PA Buckwash Maretta Franklintown PA Bueno Marquez Maria Lancaster PA Buitron-Zavala Alexander Nottingham PA Burke Taylor Telford PA Burkholder Haley Hagerstown MD Burnham Delaney Elkton MD Burns Alexis Woodlyn PA Burnside Jayden York PA Butler Emelia Millersville PA Butterfield Rebecca Enola PA Button Brayden Pleasant Gap PA Cabanas Melissa Leola PA Calloway Alyna Castaic CA Calogero Kylie Hanover PA Calv Brendan Asbury NJ Cambridge Marlisa Coraopolis PA Campagna Taylor Swedesboro NJ Campbell Aurelia Lebanon PA Cannon Thomas Eagleville PA Cantero Aitor Altsasu Alsasua Capozzoli Michael Newport PA Carrigan Alena Lebanon PA Carroll Austin Millsboro DE Carslake Haley Fairless Hls PA Carter Ermioni Hanover PA Carugno Ralph Mays Landing NJ Cascario Mya Danielsville PA Casey Bailey Lancaster PA Casler Sarah Harrisburg PA Catalanello Grace York PA Caudill Krystina Lancaster PA Cazad Caitlin Landisville PA Cedeno John Elizabethtown PA Cellasio Christian Bensalem PA Cerquetelli Santina Philadelphia PA Chapin Maxwell New Holland PA Chapman Morgan Nottingham PA Charles Joey Allentown PA Charles Sarah Lancaster PA Chaundy Abigail Hamburg PA Chehovin Jena Mechanicsburg PA Cherif Molka Caen Chernich Brenna Lebanon PA Chin Jared Lancaster PA Chisholm Gabrielle YORK PA Chiume Edas East Stroudsburg PA Choate Kelsie Hummelstown PA Chowansky Zachary Ringtown PA Chubin Jordan Norristown PA Clark Briannah Easton PA Clark Dekklan New Providnce PA Clark Kiarra Easton PA Clarke Catherine Lancaster PA Clouser Taylor Marysville PA Cloutier Kaitlyn Etters PA Coca Lauren Mechanicsburg PA Coco Cassandra Nazareth PA Cogliano Abigail Arendtsville PA Coldren Jordan Mifflintown PA Coleman Faith Sykesville MD Collins Abigail Ambler PA Collins Kara Harrisburg PA Colon Ariel Harrisburg PA Colosi Kaitlyn Lancaster PA Cominsky Leah Royersford PA Commero Jonas Lancaster PA Compton Katelyn Lancaster PA Cona Matthew Haddon Twp NJ Confer Cicily Red Lion PA Connors Gabrielle Hainesport NJ Conrad Aurora Barto PA Conway Coby Douglassville PA Cook Allison Millersville PA Cook Carsyn Forest Hill MD Cook Conor Philadelphia PA Cooney Jayde Dillsburg PA Coons Claire Greencastle PA Cope Ashlyn Allentown PA Corpus Brendan Plymouth Mtng PA Cortez Jovanne Coplay PA Costanza Kaitlin Bloomsburg PA Costigliola Kayla Lanoka Harbor NJ Covington Nevaeh Lancaster PA Coy Colin Dillsburg PA Coyle Ella Sewell NJ Crabbs Hunter Hanover PA Craig James Airville PA Cramer Kate Lebanon PA Crawford Cara Red Lion PA Crawford Jillian Fallston MD Cremins Julie Mount Joy PA Crimmel Erin Mifflintown PA Crose Alyson Wyomissing PA Crowell Lily Leesport PA Cruz Catalina Lebanon PA Cruz Jerason Lancaster PA Cushey Elliot Marietta PA Cylc Christina Quarryville PA Dale Anna Boulder City NV Daly Tarrah Shoemakersville PA Daub William Zionsville PA Daveler Matthew Lincoln Univ PA Davi Julianna Freehold NJ Davies Leah York PA Davis Hope Hellertown PA Davis Michaela Millerstown PA Dawson Ahmir Harrisburg PA De Koning Jasper Zeist, Utrecht Deardorff Elizabeth Lancaster PA Deibler Dakota Boiling Spgs PA Del Toro Sarah E Stroudsburg PA DeLanzo Andrew Manalapan NJ Delong Sydney Hanover PA DeLorenzo Dominick Carlisle PA DeLuca Naomi Prospect Park PA DeMay Alina Allentown PA DeMay Lauren Allentown PA Denk Shayla E Petersburg PA Deseta Maggie York PA DeVinney Claire Millersville PA Devitis Anthony Schwenksville PA Devlin Brett Ephrata PA DeVoe Aliza Fawn Grove PA Diaz Angeliz Mountville PA Dichter Kevin Conshohocken PA Dick Nathaniel Lancaster PA Dickson Caleb Huntingdon PA Dieckman Jessica Perkiomenvlle PA Diehl Tanner Downingtown PA Diehm Alexis Millersville PA Dietrich Maggie Newtown Sq PA DiJoseph Giovanni Christiana PA DiMaggio Alexa Coatesville PA Ditzler Anya Lancaster PA Dixon Gabriella Harrisburg PA Dobb Charlie Robesonia PA Dobson Leah Coatesville PA Dolan Tatum Bushkill PA Donato Michael Langhorne PA Donough Brendan Mount Joy PA Dougherty Katlyn York PA Dowell Jennifer Manheim PA Dowlin Kaitlyn Exton PA Downs Julia Lititz PA Drahusz Hannah York PA Dulal Aayushma Landisville PA Dumbrowsky Jenna Sassamansville PA Dunn Madison Pottstown PA Dunst Madylin Woodbine MD Dutton Sarah West Chester PA Duva Lauren Glenmoore PA Duvall Kyle Breezewood PA Dwinal Kylee Reading PA Eager Joshua hummelstown PA Ebbert Andrew Pittsburgh PA Eberly Claire Lancaster PA Eberly Natalie Nazareth PA Eberly Serena Ephrata PA Ebersole Olivia Newtown Sq PA Eby Kathryn Lansdale PA Eby Thomas Lancaster PA Eckert Leah West Lawn PA Edwards Joshua York PA Effinger Kya Exton PA Eichelberger Whitney Millersville PA Eifert Lydia Dover PA Einheber Emma Southampton PA Elia Elena Willow Street PA Elko Andrew Newtown PA Elwell Emma Millersville PA Emmell Kacey Willow Grove PA Emmett Olivia Middletown DE Engle Kiersten Lancaster PA Englehart Casey Downingtown PA Englehart Sierra Lancaster PA Engleman Madeline Berwyn PA English Isabel Downingtown PA Enright Breanna Lititz PA Erb Zachary Lancaster PA Erickson Olivia Mifflinburg PA Esbensen Ryan Reading PA Esbin Colton Conestoga PA Eurillo Kasey Douglassville PA Evarts Tessa Lancaster PA Fabian-Chavez Brayan Reading PA Fair Emma Ijamsville MD Fallows Julia Newtown Square PA Farmer Hannah Harrisburg PA Farmer Marissa Marietta PA Farrell Ronald Mansfield PA Farrelly Kaitlyn Garnet Valley PA Fazekas Daniella Pocono Summit PA Feng Marshall Millersville PA Ferguson Austin Lititz PA Ferguson Reagan Hollidaysburg PA Ferster Madison Lancaster PA Feuda Aimee West Grove PA Figueroa Jeremiah Denver PA Finkey Lindsey New Holland PA Finnell Christina Croydon PA Fischer Julia Langhorne PA Fischer Kaitlyn Columbia PA Fitzkee Carrie Manheim PA Fitzwater Victoria Ephrata PA Flaharty Emma Windsor PA Flaig Rhiannon Lancaster PA Flament Juline Elbeuf Fleegal Logan Harrisburg PA Flickinger Mandy Palmyra PA Fodale Brian Howell NJ Fogel Jackson Landisville PA Folcarelli Zoe Millersville PA Foresman Casandra Souderton PA Fornoff Eden Delta PA Forry Shelby Dover PA Foster Andrew Etters PA Foster Samantha Dublin PA Fostik Alyssa Gettysburg PA Foxx Jeremy Reading PA Francis Samantha Mechanicsburg PA Francklin Roudenie Lancaster PA Frank Alayna Holland PA Frankel Avery Ardmore PA Freeman Isabella Reading PA Freese Elizabeth Stewartstown PA Frey Gabrielle Millersville PA Frick Carrington Mountville PA Friedenberg Jacob Philadelphia PA Fries Eliza Reading PA Fritz Ashley Lehighton PA Fry Colin Strasburg PA Fry Edward Willow Street PA Frymoyer Clayton Wyomissing PA Funk Kaleigh Collegeville PA Funston Erin Royersford PA Gabel Jason Denville NJ Gable Anna Lebanon PA Gable Kaelin Lancaster PA Gabler Jack Chambersburg PA Gallagher Teagan Pottstown PA Galvan-Ayala Joseph Lancaster PA Gangl Mari Lancaster PA Ganzke Ryan Garnet Valley PA Garcia Abigail Lancaster PA Garcia Jacob Immanuel Willow Street PA Garlinger Zachary Enola PA Garno Olivia Mechanicsburg PA Gartner Erin South River NJ Garwood Jayda Reading PA Gaston Maxwell Lancaster PA Gaughan Brennen York PA Gaus Alyssa Waynesboro PA Gautieri Connor Williamsport PA Gearhart Joshua Hummelstown PA Gebhard Kailyn Manheim PA Geesaman Julia Gettysburg PA Gehret Sarah Mechanicsburg PA Geiger Ty Emmaus PA Geisel Shane Milford PA Geleta Yohannes Lancaster PA Gentile Angelina Mohrsville PA George Luke Bethlehem PA George Sydney Carlisle PA Gerace Valerie Birdsboro PA Gerber Jakob Elizabethtown PA Gibson Caitlin Elkton MD Gilfert Aaron Selinsgrove PA Gill Evan Emmaus PA Gill Madison Lincoln Univ PA Gingrich Joshua Lancaster PA Ginter Jacob York PA Girton Carmen Mechanicsburg PA Girton Elliana Mifflinburg PA Glatfelter Madison York PA Glick Brody Lancaster PA Glick-Lynch Adam Lititz PA Gober Kylie Ringtown PA Goldman Alexandra Lancaster PA Goldsborough Taiyana Chestertown MD Goldsman Abbi Southampton PA Gomba Philip Lancaster PA Gonzalez-Evans Nyomi Lancaster PA Good David Elizabethtown PA Good Toby Ronks PA Goodge Thomas Macungie PA Goodman Sydney Blue Bell PA Gordon Rachel Norristown PA Gorham Reagan New Freedom PA Gottlieb Drew Chalfont PA Graham Benjamin Souderton PA Graham Ronald Levittown PA Grant Justin Perkasie PA Grant Riley Elkton MD Graves Sanyaa Yardley PA Gray Ava Yardley PA Greb Gabriel Mifflinburg PA Green Nyckoli Lincoln Univ PA Green Taylor Philadelphia PA Greenawalt Abigail Ephrata PA Greene Willow West Chester PA Greider Syra Manheim PA Grey Cassidy Harrisburg PA Grey Jackson York PA Griffin Caroline Napanee ON Griffiths Kaden Lititz PA Griffiths Sydney Pine Grove PA Grim Fayth Manchester PA Gromlowicz Luke Wind Gap PA Groshong Garrett Lancaster PA Grossman Noah Lancaster PA Grumbein Jackson Palmyra PA Gruver Justin Hanover PA Guinther Paige Souderton PA Guiseppe Antonio Wyomissing PA Gurney Gillian Palmyra PA Haas Emily Summit Hill PA Haer Christopher Levittown PA Hahn Mackenzie Hanover PA Hahn Rebecca Nazareth PA Hahn Ryan Lancaster PA Haines Ashley Fayetteville PA Haines Maeve Millersville PA Hall Endiya Harrisburg PA Hallman Taylor Etters PA Halsey Caroline Chester Springs PA Halza Tabytha York PA Hamm Jack Middletown DE Hammaker Mackenzie Bainbridge PA Hammaker Shana Carlisle PA Hampton Ava Brownstown PA Hanes Richard Camp Lejeune NC Haney Elizabeth Bloomsburg PA Hansen Kate Yardley PA Harchuska Kayla Lebanon PA Hardin Amanda Camp Hill PA Hare Michele Bowie MD Harley Milan Philadelphia PA Harmon Cory Palmyra PA Harris Sean Lancaster PA Harsh Briana Lancaster PA Hart Jonathan West Chester PA Hart Madelyn Airville PA Hartman Avery Lansdale PA Hartranft Abigail Shillington PA Hatzmann Des Heerde Hauf Darian Denver PA Hawbecker Eliz Camp Hill PA Hawkins Nate Delta PA Hayes Chad Kirkwood PA Hayes Conor Cranberry Twp PA Heavner Sara Lititz PA Hedglin Sara Malvern PA Hedrick Lauren Jefferson Twp PA Heft Karlie Denver PA Heilman Cora Mechanicsburg PA Heindel Carly Wrightsville PA Heiney Tyler Millersville PA Helduser Brian Glen Mills PA Helsel Jenna Richland PA Herman Maci Nazareth PA Hertzog Abigail Ephrata PA Hess Hailey Marietta PA Hess Olivia Lancaster PA Hessler Sarah Lincoln Univ PA Hessling Emily Easton PA Hetrick Jessica Enola PA Heverin Nathan Kinzers PA Hickey Ashlyn Quakertown PA Hicklin Mikayla Harrisburg PA Hie Clémence Surtainville Hildebrand Dorothy Sunbury PA Hill Charles Mechanicsburg PA Hilliard Frey Lancaster PA Hintz Eleana Ephrata PA Hipple Jack Pottstown PA Hirsch Samantha Nazareth PA Hoats Emma Dallas PA Hoffman Matthew Harrisburg PA Hoffner Abigail Dillsburg PA Hogan Lisa Gilbertsville PA Hogsett Anna Millersville PA Holden Beth Biglerville PA Hollinger Anne Maytown PA Hollinger Ian Elizabethtown PA Holmes Rebekah Watertown CT Holtzinger Haley York PA Homa Corinne Phoenixville PA Hook Owen Macungie PA Hoopes Nicholas Ephrata PA Hoover Elva Millersville PA Hopkins Alexa Port Richey FL Hopton Gideon Cogan Station PA Horne Kiley Lancaster PA Hossain Karina Bushkill PA Hostetter Abigail Lititz PA Hostetter Taryn Lancaster PA Houser Dale Marietta PA Houser Spencer Mount Joy PA Howell Emma Erie PA Howell Garrett Millerstown PA Hrouda Karoline Philadelphia PA Hrouda Shelby Philadelphia PA Htwar Noelle Sykesville MD Huber Emily Lititz PA Huber Morgan Millersville PA Hughes Jamie Lancaster PA Hungerford Zachary Flemington NJ Hunt Kelsee York PA Hurdle Isabella Lancaster PA Hurst Sam Newmanstown PA Hussman Megan York PA Hynoski Alexandria Red Lion PA Ilgaz Ozlem Lancaster PA Illes Hailey New Holland PA Intriago Angela Lemoyne PA Irgang Noah Milford PA Iseminger Calvin Everett PA Itwaru Crystal Ephrata PA Jacobs Sarah Yardley PA James Alexus Coatesville PA Janiuk Morgan Barto PA Jarrell Abby Wilmington DE Jean-Louis Bethlyne Lancaster PA Jessel Anna Beaver PA Jimenez Aaliyah Columbia PA Johnson Adelaide Harrisburg PA Johnson Emily York PA Johnson Samantha Dorothy NJ Johnson Sam Carlisle PA Johnson Sarah Willow Street PA Johnston Bradley Mechanicsburg PA Jones Erica York PA Jones Jordan Lancaster PA Jones Keshaun Deer Park NY Jordan Palina Catonsville MD Jovic Nemanja Enola PA Kane Hannah Harrisburg PA Kantner Kaylee Denver PA Kappler Carly Dallas PA Kast Campbell W Hampton Bch NY Kauffman Ethan Mountville PA Kauffman Ethan Marietta PA Kauffman Paige Langhorne PA Keenan Tyler Lincoln Univ PA Keene Devon Millersville PA Keeney Rachel Jarrettsville MD Keller Alyssa York PA Kellogg Alexis Lititz PA Kephart Dalton Frederick MD Kepley Alexis Strasburg PA Kerr Ethan Bayville NJ Ketchum Kayla Lititz PA Khuc Kaithlyn York PA Kimball Madelyn York PA Kindness Sarah Langhorne PA King Gwendalyn Easton PA Kinsky Joshua High Bridge NJ Kleinfelter Isaac Palmyra PA Kline Andrew West Chester PA Kline Kyle Macungie PA Kline Kyle Macungie PA Kline Samantha Huntingdon Vy PA Knaub Mackenzie Dover PA Knott Kevin Mechanicsburg PA Koch Alison Glenmoore PA Kohajda Dennis Felton PA Kohajda Sophia Felton PA Kok Lauren Uppr Chichstr PA Kolinski Reagan Derry NH Koser Jadyn Danville PA Koser Zoe Chambersburg PA Kotelnicki Travis Columbus NJ Koterwas Erica Red Lion PA Kothari Yash Mumbai, MAHARASHTRA Kouakou Arianna Perkasie PA Kovack Taso Lancaster PA Krady Leilani Lancaster PA Kraynak Jonathan Peach Bottom PA Kraynak Olivia Norristown PA Krebs Katlyn New Freedom PA Kreider Cassandra Lancaster PA Kreider Madison Manheim PA Kreider Michael Fredericksbrg VA Kreiser Richelle Fredericksbrg PA Kresge Avi Winterport ME Kriesman Adam Cherry Hill NJ Krol Emily New Cumberlnd PA Kudia Nicole Quarryville PA Kuehn Alex Exton PA Kuhn Bryley New Oxford PA Kulp Allison Camp Hill PA Kulp Hannah Quakertown PA Kurten Michael Dillsburg PA Kurtz Megan Lititz PA LaBar Matthew Sussex NJ Lacey Ebonny Waynesboro PA Lackner Daniel Perkasie PA Lake Emily Paoli PA Lamb Rachel Langhorne PA Lambert Jane Morgantown PA LaMotte Courtney York PA Landis Alexis Glen Rock PA Landis Eliza Lancaster PA Lane Maura Honey Brook PA Lang Nate Dover DE Lanius Sophie Felton PA Lardani Rachael Bensalem PA Larry Emily East Petersburg PA Latshaw Isaac Mount Wolf PA Lavelle Mitchell Frackville PA Lavin Chloe New Park PA Lawrence Nia Stockbridge GA Lawson Brianna Hatfield PA Lawver Taryn York PA Leakway Morgan Lititz PA Lease Rebecca Harrisburg PA LeBlanc Leah Mount Bethel PA Lebo Alexandriya Millersburg PA LeBrun Kaytlyn Delta PA Lefever Ripley Millersville PA Legarht Hunter Pine Grove PA Lehman-Foley Laurence Harrisburg PA Leib Griffin Reading PA Leitholf Daniel Dillsburg PA Leitner Rose Shippensburg PA Lenker Aubrey Herndon PA Lennon Morgan Elverson PA Leong Dane Lititz PA Lerch Timothy Coopersburg PA Lesinski Heather Collegeville PA Letner Makayla Dillsburg PA Levine Max Holland PA Levitan Emma Manheim PA Lewars Ashton Reading PA Lewis Christina Centreville MD LiCalzi Nicholas Green Lane PA Lilly Mattison Palmyra PA Lin Nanga Millersville PA Lindahl Douglas W Friendship MD Lingenfield Jessica Camp Hill PA Linker Mark Wynnewood PA Linkous Megan Elkton MD Linthicum Ella Stewartstown PA Little Cameron Hanover PA Livingston Charles Philadephia PA Lizasuain Leyshmarie Lancaster PA Llewellyn Jennifer Chalfont PA Lloyd Alexander Schnecksville PA Lloyd Nicholas Dover PA Lobeck Elizabeth Lancaster PA Lockhart Alexandra Old Bridge NJ Lohmann Hunter Elizabethtown PA Long Andrew Shippensburg PA Long Jacob Willow Street PA Long John Ephrata PA Longazel Caitlyn Harleysville PA Longenecker Clarke Manheim PA Lopez Alexander York PA Lopez Andres Millersville PA Lopez Elizabeth Maplewood NJ Lopez Jalise New Holland PA Lopez Pulido Thalia York PA Lopez-delaCruz Christopher Lancaster PA Love Rebecca Etters PA Lovegren Jacob Spring Grove PA Lower Erin Mifflinburg PA Lowery Ambrosius Lancaster PA Lua Anette East Berlin PA Lucas Shaun York PA Lucera Raymond Uppr Blck Edy PA Luckey Kevin Milford PA Ludwig Emma Gilbertsville PA Lundberg Kate Lancaster PA Lutsky Dana Old Bridge NJ Lutsky Jared Old Bridge NJ Lutz Alyssa Windsor PA Lutz Anthony Lititz PA Lutz Logan Felton PA Lynn Seth Danville PA Lyons Alexander Sayre PA Lysle Mark Avondale PA MacDonald Lucy Langhorne PA MacDougall Brecken Glen Rock PA MacDougall Logan Glen Rock PA Machamer Gwen Hummelstown PA Mack Alexa Gilbertsville PA Macminn Dacey Etters PA Magdalinski Mason Shillington PA Magill Evan Lancaster PA Maharjan Rohan Lancaster PA Maier Sydney Paradise PA Maiers Rachel Thornton PA Malach Maddison Harrisburg PA Malecki Megan Bethel Park PA Mamo Fikir Wynnewood PA Mantsevich Samuel Ephrata PA Mantz Caleb York Springs PA Manzella Bridget Hainesport NJ Marshall Lael York PA Martin Alexander Lebanon PA Martin David Dallastown PA Martin Gino Douglassville PA Martin Jared Lancaster PA Martin Nicholas Annville PA Martin Savana Lititz PA Martinez-Manahan Melodie Mechanicsburg PA Martoccio Emma Lattimer Mnes PA Massa Alexander Califon NJ Massage Emily Hummelstown PA Master Anastasia Lititz PA Mattaboni Rosaline Carlisle PA Matthews Anabella Hershey PA Matto Rachel Lancaster PA Maynard Aaron Chambersburg PA Mays Stephen Ephrata PA McCabe Megan Ashland PA McCarthy Katie Chalfont PA McCarty Collin Columbia PA Mcclair Courtney Columbia PA McClelland Jane Trenton MI McCloud Michael Whitehall PA McCoy Bishop Hookstown PA McCrea Thomas Jenkintown PA McCullough Amber Ridley Park PA McDonah Oscar Millersville PA McFadden Nicholas Wynnewood PA McFadden Rachel Purcellville VA McFarlane Trinity Lititz PA McGuire Bryan Canandaigua NY McHugh Brianna Harrisburg PA McIlvaine Zachary Chalfont PA McKell Emmitt Camp Hill PA McLaughlin Katherine Bethlehem PA McPeek Victoria Akron PA Meakim Bo Hatboro PA Medina Christian Lancaster PA Mengel Allison Northampton PA Mensak Nathan Elverson PA Messenger Gabriella Etters PA Meyer Adora Lewisberry PA Meyers Kaitlyn Harrisburg PA Miksa Leah Doylestown PA Mikula Sadie York PA Millard Miranda Birdsboro PA Miller Abigail Manheim PA Miller Bethany Hollidaysburg PA Miller Hope Sinking Spg PA Miller Kamryn Mount Joy PA Miller Keikoa Glenmoore PA Miller Miranda Birdsboro PA Miller Scott Lancaster PA Miller Tanner Westminster MD Misher Kayla Dresher PA Mitton Ethan East York PA Modrovsky Emma Honesdale PA Moktan Punam Lancaster PA Monkiewicz Kaitlyn Wind Gap PA Monroe Ryan Madison Twp PA Moody Patrick Wrightsville PA Moorthy Crystal Waymart PA Morales Evelyn Lancaster PA Morales Nayeli Ephrata PA Morano Violet Sellersville PA Morgan Gavin Horsham PA Morral Brody Wellsboro PA Morris Annie Lancaster PA Morris Jada Atglen PA Morris Makenna Shippensburg PA Morris Matthew Red Hook NY Morris Samuel Spring City PA Moser Timothy Dover PA Moser Timothy Dover PA Motich Sam Dillsburg PA Mowery Sonja Conestoga PA Moyer Eric Peach Bottom PA Moyer Ryan Elizabethtown PA Moyer Stephanie Levittown PA Mroczka Daniels Alyssa Scott Twp PA Mucha Erin Phoenix MD Mullaney Holly New Freedom PA Mummert Cameron York PA Mundi Stella Hummelstown PA Murray Kylie Pottstown PA Murray Lillian York PA Murrell Brooke Perryville MD Murtaugh Joshua Spring City PA Musselman Katelyn Mount Joy PA Myer Kaitlyn Stevens PA Myers Colin Glen Rock PA Myers Kaitlyn Mechanicsburg PA Myers Sarah York PA Nagle Ellie Quakertown PA Nardi Taryn Cochranville PA Nasser Angelin Manheim PA Nauman Malia Manheim PA Nauss Heidi York PA Naylor Drake Lewisberry PA Nazarchuk Kyle Lebanon PA Nedved Abbi Harrisburg PA Nesbitt Brittany Lebanon PA Nevins Rayne Manheim PA Newland Danielle Douglassville PA Newman Elliott Fleetwood PA Newman Evan Fleetwood PA Nguyen Dennis Lancaster PA Nguyen Tommy Lancaster PA Nickey Amber East Berlin PA Nogoduka Qhayiya Millersville PA Norgaard Sydney Mount Joy PA Nossbaum Mayah Maple Glen PA Nye Sarah Wellsville PA O’Neal McChesney Lancaster PA Olivares Heinsel Lancaster PA Oliver Jordan Lancaster PA Olson Erin Lancaster PA Olt Alena Pine Grove PA Omahen Elizabeth Greenland NH Ortwein Brenna Easton PA OShea Shane Plymouth Mtng PA Ossman Jarod Ashland PA Ou Yongqiu East Petersburg PA Ouk Delanie Leola PA Owens-Patterson Lily Berwyn PA Oxford Mya Downingtown PA Pacharis Sarah Mohnton PA Palmore Angelica Norristown PA Pappas Nikolas Folsom PA Parker Jaida Warriors Mark PA Parker Keith Downingtown PA Parkin Matthew Bethlehem PA Parmar Krisn’ Lancaster PA Parry Benjamin West Chester PA Pascarella Peter Rochelle Park NJ Passarelli Kathryn Manheim PA Pastelak Liam Manasquan NJ Patton Emily Mount Joy PA Paules Christian Dover PA Pauser Justin Ephrata PA Peakes Kayla West Chester PA Pedmo Bridget Houtzdale PA Peeleman Zoe Kennett Square PA Pelegrin Alex Kennett Sq PA Peluso Elias Pennsburg PA Pena-Pabon Angel Lancaster PA Pento Jacqueline Harrisburg PA Perez Daica Lancaster PA Perez Melissa Lancaster PA Perez Yaneris Ephrata PA Perez-Crespo Josue Ephrata PA Pernia Zachary Riegelsville PA Peroni Victoria Reading PA Perreault Kyle Lancaster PA Peters Essance Lancaster PA Peters Mikayla Manchester PA Pfeiffer Kaylee Maytown PA Phillips Charissa Conestoga PA Pinto Francisco Hershey PA Pirhalla Kathryn Downingtown PA Pleasanton Sydney Downingtown PA Plempel Jordan Harrisburg PA Pletz Victoria Wellsville PA Poe Halley Avondale PA Pogachar Taylor Lorain OH Porrecca Maya Collegeville PA Posey Ashley Gap PA Preston Zakara York PA Price Caden Zelienople PA Price Hailie Lancaster PA Price Zachary Exton PA Prince Harrison Thornton PA Pringle Sierra Fairless Hls PA Procopio Kyle Lansdale PA Puffenberger Taya Strasburg PA Pugh Shailyn Waymart PA Quandt Megan Lititz PA Quinn Cassidy Mohnton PA Quirion Olivia Lititz PA Raab Kaitlyn York PA Radulski Alexa Williamsport PA Radzanowski Jordan West Chester PA Rafferty Dana Warminster PA Ramelli Jamie Howell NJ Ramey Blake Shrewsbury PA Ramsey Brian Akron PA Rangel Munoz Cesar Newport PA Rapant Ilynd Quarryville PA Rarick Jessica Pocono Summit PA Rauchut Sydney Lebanon PA Rawlinson Luke Horsham PA Reagan Leah Philadelphia PA Redanauer Julianna Philadelphia PA Reed Rachel Orrtanna PA Reed Sierra Elizabethtown PA Reidinger John Trevorton PA Reilly Christina Holland PA Reinhart Eric Lititz PA Reitnauer Brianna Millersville PA Reitnauer Delaney Millersville PA Remollino Grace Strasburg PA Renninger Crosby Lancaster PA Rhode Madison Pottsville PA Ricketts Mackenzie Reading PA Riddell Alexis Warrington PA Ridge Mikayla Pottstown PA Rife Julia Schwenksville PA Rikli Cory Ephrata PA Riley Emily Langhorne PA Rios Mendoza Andrea Kennett Sq PA Rivera Alexis Coopersburg PA Rivera Amanda Columbia PA Rivera Daysmarie Ephrata PA Rivera Kayla Columbia PA Rivera Nicolas Lancaster PA Rizzo Peach Mount Wolf PA Rizzo Shannon Willow Grove PA Robbins Lindsay Cape May Ch NJ Roberts Shaziya Catasauqua PA Robinson Ethan Leola PA Rodriguez Anthony Landisville PA Rodriguez Julissa E Petersburg PA Rodriguez Izquierdo Gabriella Lancaster PA Roe Jacob Palmyra PA Rohrbach Benjamin Boyertown PA Rohrer Madelyn E Petersburg PA Rojas Guadalupe Lancaster PA Rojo-Rodriguez Irving Aspers PA Rosle Shannon Georgetown DE Ross Allison Havertown PA Ross Kayla Wrightsville PA Ross Kennedy Kennett Sq PA Ross Nichole Littlestown PA Roussey Lauren Exton PA Rowles Kaitlyn York PA Rozenberg Olivia Maple Shade NJ Ruiz-Roman Gabriel Lebanon PA Rushlow Joshua Lancaster PA Russell Anne Quarryville PA Rutledge Jenna Parkesburg PA Sadowsky Katherine Jackson NJ Salkin Andrew Lafayette Hl PA Salois Kierra Hanover PA Samsel Andrew Downingtown PA Sanchez Yamiles Lancaster PA Santiago Ana Elizabethtown PA Sarro Katherine Douglassville PA Sauble Briar Hanover PA Sauder Austin Stevens PA Saveriano John Perkasie PA Scarborough Mecca Lancaster PA Schaefer Alexandria Gilbertsville PA Schafer Juliana Ephrata PA Scharff Allison Glen Rock PA Scheitrum Ashley Summit Hill PA Schmeltzer Leah Allentown PA Schneck Amber Lebanon PA Schneider Emma Myerstown PA Schofield Bryce Pine Grove PA Scholes Evan Lititz PA Schopf Sydney Lancaster PA Schor Alexander Red Lion PA Schotsch Emma Philadelphia PA Schroll Madeline Lebanon PA Schuler Kiersten Marietta PA Schwartz Abigail Richlandtown PA Schwartz Anna Hershey PA Schwartz Lucas Richlandtown PA Schweidler John West Chester PA Scialabba Emma Clifton Hts PA Scritchfield Kayla New Holland PA Seda Jesmary Lancaster PA Seibert John Lititz PA Seifert Haily Ephrata PA Sensenig Annie New Holland PA Shaffer Haidyn Wrightsville PA Shaffer Jordan York PA Shah Khush Lansdale PA Shank Alyssa York PA Shapiro William Havertown PA Sharrow Cassandra Catawissa PA Shaw Makiah York PA Sheeley Amy Gardners PA Shellenberger Faith Douglassville PA Shellenberger Kristen Dover PA Shelley Acelin Lancaster PA Shelley Zachary Willow Street PA Shemanski Grace Bethlehem PA Shenberger Christopher Dallastown PA Shermeyer Jack Brogue PA Sherrard Megan Carlisle PA Shissler Hannah Schuykl Havn PA Shoemaker Amber Kirkwood PA Shreve Emily Marietta PA Shubert Alexandra Fleetwood PA Shue Ariana Ephrata PA Shyver Briana Mountville PA Sileski Jacob Womelsdorf PA Simmers Peyton Elizabethvle PA Simone Josephine Glenolden PA Simonetti Ashlyn Millington MD Simpson Evalyne Mechanicsburg PA Singer Ella Harrisburg PA Singer Hannah Coatesville PA Slentz Sierra Middletown PA Slusky Ryan Kng Of Prussa PA Smigo Elizabeth Kintnersville PA Smith Abigail Manheim PA Smith Alexis Columbia PA Smith Haley Wilmington DE Smith Hannah Muncy PA Smith Jacob Lancaster PA Smith Kaidence Dover PA Smith Kyle Millersville PA Smith Mia Perkasie PA Smith Shawn Elizabethtown PA Solderitch Lindsay Whitehall PA Solis Rebekah Lancaster PA Solomon Kathryn Harrisburg PA Soo Hui Jen Miri, Sarawak Soucy Ellie West Hartford CT Sowers Mason Carlisle PA Spalla Jordyn Lewisberry PA Sparhawk Caitlin Downingtown PA Spong Alicia Carlisle PA Spotts Serena Royersford PA Sprenkel Kelly Sunbury PA Sprenkle Elise York PA Springer Caleb Middletown PA Sprossel Sean Smithfield VA Sprout James Quarryville PA Sroczynski Clare Bel Air MD Stadler Katie Harrisburg PA Staggers Justin York PA Stanek Alexis Mountville PA Stanko Lucas Lewisburg PA Stanley Michael Coatesville PA Stanley Rob Gambrills MD Starliper Brianna Fairfield PA Statuti Lauren Souderton PA Staub Collin New Oxford PA Stauffer Kelsey Warminster PA Stauffer Morgan Lancaster PA Steen Sebastian Dillsburg PA Steigerwald Dylan York PA Stein Angélique Marburg Steiner Keelie Sharpsville PA Stengel Alexis Lancaster PA Stephenson Kendra Myerstown PA Stern Brooke Windsor PA Sterner Caperton York PA Stetler Gabriel Mifflinburg PA Stevens Justin Hanover PA Stewart Aidan Delta PA Stewart Isabella Bel Air MD Stief Victoria Reinholds PA Stiffler Kendall Middletown PA Stillman Grace Lancaster PA Stirk Lillian Pottstown PA Stocker Andrew Kirkwood PA Stoltzfus Dale Kinzers PA Stoltzfus Jack New Holland PA Stone Abagail Lancaster PA Stonebraker Kelci York PA Storll Samuel Port Matilda PA Stouffer Brooks Spring Grove PA Stover Alyssa Lock Haven PA Stover Claire Gettysburg PA Straub Kyleigh Walnutport PA Strausbaugh Breauna Columbia PA Strausbaugh Faith Wrightsville PA Strickland Kate Telford PA Strijdom Kristin Benoni, Gauteng Strohecker Makenzie Millersburg PA Strohl Katelyn Whitehall PA Strubhar Clark Leola PA Stumbaugh Madalyn Waynesboro PA Stump Kyle Red Lion PA Stump Sara York PA Stutzman David Lancaster PA Sullivan Abigail Halethorpe MD Sullivan Alexander Hazlet NJ Sullivan Kylie Branchburg NJ Sutton Hannah Elizabethtown PA Swarter Robert Downingtown PA Swartz Oakley Lancaster PA Swartzentruber Eden Milton PA Sweda Hannah Millersville PA Swoyer Makayla Jonestown PA Sykes Emily Tehachapi CA Szafran Lillian Conestoga PA Szeltner Emily Palmyra PA Tanguay Kayla Philadelphia PA Taylor Jonah Lititz PA Taylor Nathan York PA Taylor Nicole Drumore PA Teare Matthew Plumsted NJ Teeter Landon Willow Street PA Tekele Barok Lancaster PA Teklu Henok Lancaster PA Then Eric Gilbertsville PA Then Kaitlyn Gettysburg PA Therng Bunnak Lancaster PA Thomas Julia New Freedom PA Thomas Lauren Lewisberry PA Thompson Brianna Manheim PA Thompson Jonnece Harrisburg PA Thompson Katie Red Lion PA Thompson Shianna Lewisberry PA Thomson Brooke Lititz PA Tillotson Kylah Williamsport PA Tintera Madison Havertown PA Tipton Katelyn Myerstown PA Tita Kelly Bath PA Tolmachewich Anastasia Jackson NJ Tomac Sydney Bethlehem PA Tomlinson Tyler Fairless Hls PA Toutant Sean Coventry CT Towle Morgan Ashburn VA Tracey Kayla Red Lion PA Transue Evan Walnutport PA Travitz Kaylena Etters PA Trawitz Hunter Millersburg PA Treibley Marissa Lititz PA Trissler Rolynn Manheim PA Trout Madison Camp Hill PA Truckly Irelynn Allentown PA Tshudy Ashley Lititz PA Tucci Amanda Wilmington DE Turner Gabi Millersville PA Uebersax Tucker Bel Air MD Ulsh Ariana Thomasville PA Umbenhaur Kyla Auburn PA Umbrecht Sarah Berlin MD Urteaga Contin Olga Pamplona Uysaler Izem Folsom PA Uzat Hannah Felton PA Vail Rose Phoenix MD Valverde-Gomez Richard Lancaster PA Van Horn Mackenzie Pottstown PA VanHorn Jamie Highspire PA Varallo Christopher Horsham PA Veneziale Stephen Lansdale PA Verrastro Dhana Emmaus PA Vidal Destiny Lancaster PA Vineyard Alexis Dubois PA Vitti David Allentown PA von Berg Gavin Springfield PA Vulgaris Taylor Lancaster PA Vyhonsky Marissa Harrisburg PA Wafula Sitawa Lancaster PA Wagner Alyssa Bolivia NC Wagner Hali West Chester PA Wagner Hayley Fairfield PA Wahba Andrew Lancaster PA Wakefield Odette E Petersburg PA Walker Elliot Gettysburg PA Walker Kaitlyn Bethlehem PA Walker Nicolas Mechanicsburg PA Wallace Benjamin Denver PA Waller Crysta Etters PA Walsh Lauren West Chester PA Walters Hannah Quarryville PA Walters Tehya Annville PA Wang Claire Cherry Hill NJ Wanger Peyton Millersville PA Ward Aidan Quarryville PA Ward Alaina Lewistown PA Wardwell Leah Landenberg PA Warfel Zoe Landisville PA Warner Hannah Langhorne PA Warner Nicholas Forest Hill MD Warner Olivia Columbia PA Wartluft Lauren Jonestown PA Weakland Mackenzie York PA Wealand Luke Lititz PA Weaver Claire Allentown PA Weaver Grace Peach Bottom PA Weaver Hunter Gap PA Weaver Micaiah Reinholds PA Webber Claire Newark DE Weber Dakota Lancaster PA Weber Owen Mount Joy PA Weinmann Natalie Downingtown PA Weinstein Madison Bethlehem PA Weise Karlee Oley PA Weiss Mary Lancaster PA Weller Kaylee Reading PA Wenger Ashley Sinking Spg PA Wentzel Marenthia Lititz PA Werner Hannah Mount Joy PA Wesley Jenna Fstrvl Trvose PA Whitaker Eugene East Norriton PA Whitcraft Desire’e Mount Joy PA Whitehead Colton Dover PA Whiteman Rebekah Lancaster PA Wicht Elizabeth Lititz PA Widmaier Greta Selinsgrove PA Wieder Abigail Bethlehem PA Wiest Dylan Morgantown PA Wilcox Morgan Stevens PA Wilhelm Aaron Bally PA Willans Tyler Plymouth Mtng PA Willard Jayla York PA Williams Alyssa Watsontown PA Williams Brogan Danville PA Williams Devyn York PA Williams Emma Lancaster PA Williams Leah Boiling Spgs PA Williams Shyanna Slatington PA Wilson Aimee Bel Air MD Wilson Nate Kennett Sq PA Wilson Nicholas Lancaster PA Wimberly Mkenna Mount Holly NJ Winchock Morgan Bridgewater NJ Wirt Brock Sunbury PA Witmer Emily Nazareth PA Wolf Amanda Millersville PA Wolford McKenna Palmyra PA Wood Kaden York PA Workinger Elijah York PA Wright Morgan Shrewsbury PA Wright Tanner Halifax PA Wright Tyler Exton PA Wuori Pam Lebanon PA Wysocki Allison Maple Glen PA Wyszynski Victoria New Oxford PA Yeager Rebecca Middletown PA Yeagle Lauren Lancaster PA Yerger Jordyn Macungie PA Yergey Sara Pottstown PA Yesko Myah Myerstown PA Yetman Julia Leola PA Young Jenna Downingtown PA Younger Cooper Lancaster PA Yurasits Morgan Hellertown PA Zabkowski Michael Stewartstown PA Zablackis Sabela E Stroudsburg PA Zaman Huda Lititz PA Zayas-Garcia Genesis Lancaster PA Zegarra Aleman Nicolle York PA Zeigler Andrew York PA Zerebilov Olivia Lancaster PA Zewe Julia Hershey PA Zhang Ryan Rochester NY Zielke Madelyn Collegeville PA Zimmerman Jonathan Schuykl Havn […] “Dean’s List for Spring 2023”

  • Demand for Cybersecurity Prompts New Concentration and Minor As the technological world continues to evolve and becomes more essential for business, new skills are needed to keep information secure. Because of this demand, MU students can now pick up a concentration or minor in cybersecurity beginning in fall 2023. Dr. Marc Tomljanovich, dean of the Lombardo College of Business, notes the importance of this program at MU. “As governments, businesses and the global security landscape become increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, skilled cybersecurity specialists are in great demand to design more secure systems, protect data and prevent devastating losses in organizational assets. This concentration and minor will help students find a job in Information technology and cybersecurity after graduation and apply their skills to navigate the challenges that today’s organizations face.” These academic offerings will be part of the Information Technology program in the Lombardo College of Business. Tomljanovich explains that students who add a concentration to their degree will learn the essentials of cybersecurity from our distinguished faculty, which includes Dr. Behrooz Etesamipour, who directs the IT program. “This proposed cybersecurity concentration adds to the fundamental topics in information technology that INTE students learn through the program’s core requirements, providing students with the necessary and durable skills needed to effectively protect personal and organizational information systems and tomorrow’s technological threats and risks in the cyber world.” One of the key benefits of the 18+ credit minor is that it can be integrated into many degrees, including computer science, economics, business, mathematics, business analytics and communications. As students work their way through the concentration and minor, they will gain the skills needed to succeed in the field. “The cybersecurity concentration and minor in the INTE program provide training that helps students develop technical skills to identify threats and recognize system vulnerabilities to mitigate cybersecurity risks and respond to cyberattacks. These offerings teach students risk-management strategies and how to identify security risks. Students will also learn how to develop communication plans for interacting with businesses and their users when it comes to integrating cybersecurity plans. As part of risk assessment strategies, the program teaches students how to make predictions of potential problems before they turn into genuine threats,” Tomljanovich explains. These programs will be a great asset to not only the Lancaster community but many other communities around the world, “We are thrilled to be able to offer our students this exciting new program, which conveys such tangible skills, experiences and opportunities to organizations in the Lancaster communi […] “Demand for Cybersecurity Prompts New Concentration and Minor”

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