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    Millersville Students Help out with PA Mammal Atlas

    Written by Lindsey Heffernan. Posted in Announcements

    12/21/15 – Future students in a class that will be taught by Professor Aaron Haines of Millersville University may well become a valuable asset to the Pennsylvania Mammal Atlas. Professor Haines plans to have his students create a field notebook and document mammal observations throughout the semester. The students will take a picture of the mammal and record biological data such as species, date, time, and location. The students will also have to prove they did indeed take the picture, and one way includes taking a ‘selfie’ on location. In addition to submitting their field notebook at the end of the semester, Professor Haines will encourage the students to submit their best pictures to the Atlas website as part of a friendly competition. Many thanks to Millersville University, and we hope that other schools will consider doing the same!