Theoren Vela Success Story

Image Credit: Kayla Mitchell

Written by: Kayla Mitchell

Image Credit: Theoren Vela

Theoren Vela is a junior at Millersville University pursuing a degree in Media Arts Production. An involved student with a love for creating digital content, Theoren is passionate about all things “MAP” and is excited for his promising future in the industry.

Why did you choose Millersville University?

I enjoyed the cozy environment here at Millersville and immediately felt at home. I was undecided coming into college, but I felt comfortable with all of the options that Millersville offered. With only 45 minutes to an hour away, I knew that Millersville wasn’t too far from home.

What made you choose Media Arts Production as your major?

Image Credit: Theoren Vela

I received a job offer and worked for QVC in June 2020 where I created b-roll videos for them that would go live on-air when people would be describing the product to the audience. I thoroughly enjoyed the job and I had a lot of fun and realized I loved the environment of working on a professional television studio set and knew I could see myself doing this in my future.

Are you a part of any extracurricular activities, clubs at Millersville University? Any events?

I am apart of Millersville’s BEA as well as participating in ‘Midnight Run‘ last year and intend to participate in it again this year. ‘Midnight Run’ is an experience where students come together in teams to create and produce a short-film in a 24 hour span. We are given the theme, genre, and equipment necessary all in one day and it tests our patience, skills, and teamwork. I create and produce videos for the Millersville Ice Hockey Team and played for the team from 2022-2023.

How have these activities impacted your experience at Millersville?

These activities and clubs have allowed me to meet more people with the same interests as me and have the same career trajectories as me. I really enjoyed getting to meet all of these people and create lifelong friendships, connections, and networking for my life ahead.

What does a typical day look like for you at Millersville? 

A typical day consists of going to my classes, doing homework, and working on projects for my current job. I currently am the Chief Diversity Officer and Social Media Manager for NuTorious Esports Organization, where I help run the Twitter, TikTok, and Twitch channels.

Image Credit: Theoren Vela

Any advice for incoming students?

I would say take every day as a new opportunity to get involved with things and programs that you enjoy. You will only receive benefits and friendships from involving yourself in programs you enjoy!