Jaylen Hodge Alumni Success Story


Image Credit: Kayla Mitchell

Written by: Kayla Mitchell

Jaylen Hodge is a 2022 Millersville University Alumni originally from Carlisle, PA. Jaylen graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts Production and was an active student while attending Millersville. Due to his involvement in MUTV coupled with his work in the University’s Athletic’s Department, Jaylen now has a job working  as a Part-Time Operations Technician for Wgal-TV Channel 8 in Lancaster, PA.

Image Credit: Jaylen Hodge

Why did you choose Millersville University?

I graduated high school in 2012, and back then Millersville held a high school video competition and my broadcasting class took part in it and actually won, so whenever we came to campus for the competition and I got to see the facilities and the apartments and things like that, that’s when I chose to go to Millersville.

Image Credit: Jaylen Hodge

What made you choose Media Arts Production as your major?

I chose MAP because I’ve always wanted to be in sports journalism.

Are there any favorite classes you took or professors that you’ve learned from? 

My favorite classes were Dr. Spicer’s news writing class, Dr. Woodall’s podcasting, and Dr. Irwin’s Tv production class, but honestly I feel like I’ve learned a lot from all of the professors in the Comm department so I’m grateful for all of them.

How has what you learned throughout your years at Millersville University impacted your career and knowledge now?

Without Millersville, I wouldn’t even be in my career right now all thanks to Dr. Irwin, she helped set me up with my internship here that got my foot in the door, and I had a job waiting for me as soon as I graduated.

What is a typical day in the life of your current job.

A typical day for me is a lot different than what would be expected because i do a couple of different roles depending on the day. Usually I work in the studio, running cameras or teleprompter during our newscasts. Some days I’m out in the field filming sporting events or gathering news, and I’m editing packages that will run during the newscast or sportscast.

Image Credit: Jaylen Hodge

Any advice for incoming students?

My best piece of advice for any incoming student would be to find out where your passion is within the MAP department, and get involved with the different clubs and orgs on campus. For example, since I was always into sports, I worked with the athletic department and MUTV on In The Zone. My internship at WGAL reinforced everything that I had learned working in the studio

Millersville Parade 2022

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You can watch Jaylen as an alumni guest on the MUTV’s 2022 Millersville Homecoming Parade live-stream by clicking the link above!