Reflecting On This Experience

My First Thoughts

At the beginning of this process, once we were made aware of the objectives for the course, I was honestly confused as to how this assignment connected. It was a bit overwhelming at first and I did not know yet what each post would be, so I remained open-minded. I started out with the blog format because I am someone who would prefer to write. I also thought that it would be the easiest option, but really if you put your all into it, it is not the easiest. I decided to stick with the blog format so that I could learn more about the creative aspects that you can implement into a blog.

My Experience

Throughout the process, I began to see more of a connection between the assignment and the class objectives. I took what I know and applied it, which is the big idea of this class. As a pre-service teacher, I need to start learning how to apply my knowledge more and more. My favorite blog post was when we took an observation we made in the field, asked a question about it, and then research it. I liked this because it is important to make meaningful observations in the classroom. Although the assignment was changed up a lot with getting sent home during this huge pandemic, I do think we still learned another essential lesson; this essential lesson is to adapt. Being able to adapt as a teacher is extremely important and so this experience helped me grow in my ability to adapt.