Welcome to the Lombardo College of Business

Business is about success. Our faculty is committed to helping you succeed through high quality teaching and other activities that will prepare you for a rewarding lifetime. All our programs provide a core of business, economics and mathematics courses that prepare you to enter the world of business.

The Lombardo College of Business provides the tools and experiences for which employers seek. Our goal is to develop critical thinking, oral and written communication skills, teamwork and leadership skills for every student. We emphasize hands-on learning through internships and projects that bring the real world into the classroom. We promote your involvement in local professional societies and will assist you in obtaining the professional certifications that are appropriate for whatever career path you choose. We can help you identify a program of study and internships to pursue a specific industry specialization if that is your goal. Our objective is that you will graduate with the necessary skills and knowledge to be an immediate success and to contribute to your profession and the community.