Looking fresh – Day 7! 5/25/2011

It’s day 7 and our plants are looking fresh! We have seen a significant improvement in growth since the beginning of the week. Our plants have taken over our cups and we think they could possibly extend above them by the end of the week. Our pH is still at about 6.5 and our water temperature remains at about 25 degrees Celsius. Our plant may not compare to the lettuce heads we saw at Sunset View Farm but we sure hope to see something similar at some point!

Day 6 – 5/24/2011

It’s day 6! It doesn’t look like our plants made any significant change over night but they are still alive, so that’s good! Our pH still remains at about 6.5 and our temperature is at 25.1 degrees Celsius which is equivalent to about 77 degrees Fahrenheit. It seems like we lost some water due to evaporation so we may have to add some more to bring the level back up. Everything seems to be going smoothly and we hope it continues to do so.

Day 1 – 5/19/2011

Day 1 – 5/19/2011 – We have successfully completed building our bubbler hydroponic system. We used a fish tank as our container, we used Styrofoam for our flotation device, and we placed five cups evenly across the Styrofoam. We used Rockwool for our germination process. We are growing Mesclun which is a type of lettuce. We checked the PH before we left today and it was at 5.0 the perfect reading for Mesclun lettuce.  We hope to see some kind of improvement next week on day two.

Day 1
Day 1