Lettuce with a come from behind surprise!

So this net photo was taken just a few days ago on 4/2/14, and I have to say I never would have guessed such a dramatic change could occur on the lettuce side of the float! That’s not to say our spinach is slacking though. Our spinach in clay is still coming on strong and healthy looking. But, look at that lettuce in the Rockwool, if that isn’t the definition of growth spurt, then I don’t know what else to call it.



Spring Break Growth

Hi everyone, hope everyone’s plants did great over spring break! Nothing like a nice long break from seeing an object, to coming back and seeing that it has completely transformed.  And boy did our plants change over break! Below are the pictures that were taken on the day we returned which was on 3/24/14.


Two days on their own, and we’re still alive!

Our plants have made it their first 2 days without problems. pictured below is the progress difference between our 3 different mediums for our plants. The first pic is of our coir, then the clay pellets, and lastly the rockwool. And within the pics lettuce is the left row and spinach is the right one. I have to say our spinach in the clay is looking really promising! The last thing we did for today was check our pH which was at 5.8, which is still within range of what both these plants like. Thanks for checking back with us, and I can’t wait to show you our progress after Spring Break!

Last Day of Prep

Hey everyone! Just as our port header implies, today was the last day of prep before we put all the pieces of the puzzle together. For starters our seeds finished germinating, and you can see them pictured below with the lettuce on the left and then the spinach picture on its right. Also, we officially have a team plaque for our project, but a special thank you goes out to Joe  Steinmacher for teaching me how to use the laser engraver. So, the last thing we did was put it all together to make our working system, which is pictured in row 2 on the far left.

Operation Grow Lettuce & Spinach for Turkey Sandwiches. Day 1

Our goal is simple, we just want some green on our sandwiches, but getting there is going to be the tricky part.

For our hydroponic system we chose to use a Floating Raft style. The reason for this was that it would help keep costs low, and it’s a very K.I.S.S (Keep it simple silly!) like system. By using a basic system, it might not have all the bells and whistle, but less variables should mean less complications! The basic system is based off of a 10 gallon container, a fitted piece of Styrofoam that floats freely to show water levels, and six containers for our plants to reside in. Also inside the container is two air stones. The reason for two is that where other systems take advantage of moving water, ours runs the risk of running stagnant, so to off set this two stones were used. (Basic System is Pictured Below)

The next topic on are agenda is the choice of what delicious greens we wanted on our sandwiches. We have elected to go with spinach and a mixed variety of Lettuce. 20 of each seed were picked out and are currently germinating at this moment, there current growth will be in the following post. (Seeds being used are pictured above)