In a Blink of an Eye!

2020 Vision

Well, it’s November 19, 2019, so that means that the semester is coming to an end. This means that my Research to Practice project is also coming to an end. I

would like to reflect on my observations, questions, research as well as my reflection and technology throughout this whole project. Lets flashback to my previous blog posts about my experience throughout the semester.


Just another reminder that I go into a Head start classroom every Tuesday for four hours. Being in this classroom I got a chance to observe how a head start classroom is ran and how different it is from a general education classroom. I have been able to make a lot of connections to our readings and content that I have learned at Millersville University. There are definitely ups and downs that go along with this type of class, but at the end of the day, it is well worth it. To see how different teachers interact with the students, it makes an impact on me that there are educators that want to help these students go to the next grade and help them succeed in life.


At first, I had many questions about the student’s behaviors and what triggers them. I did not expect to see different kinds of behaviors from a single student in just four hours once a week. Behaviors can go a long way especially if the teachers don’t know how to control it. But then once I continued to be in the class, I have witnessed some pretty unbearable actions. My last blog I talked about having different teachers throughout the whole school year and what that does to the students. To continue my Research to Practice project, I questioned why teachers decide to leave and how having new teachers affect the students in the classroom.


The questions that I asked throughout my project were mindful to my educational philosophy. Researching my questions definitely gave me some of the answers I was looking for. To better my knowledge of behaviors, I have some great articles that supported information about different types of behaviors and why those behaviors occur. When I researched new teachers throughout the school year, I got a lot of articles and responses to what would mostly happen with the students. This research helped me become a better educator by showing me how to handle different behaviors and what to avoid to not leave my students with a new teacher.


As a future educator, I will always reflect on my work and what I could do better and what went well. There won’t be a time where I won’t seek to better my lessons for my students so they get the education they need. This project has been a challenge since the first day, but as it is coming altogether, it’s finally making sense. As I get closer to having my own classroom, this project has taught me alot, and I am glad that I was able to gain more knowledge on what I have observed in other classrooms.


When we were first introduced to this project, I knew right away that I wanted to create a blog. I actually have planned to have my own blog for my own classroom so that the parents can also be involved with the class and see how each week went. I like to write my thoughts down so I can go back and reflect on what had happened. I was very eager to learn more about blogs and how to create a good blog post to keep the audience engaged and have them wanting to read more.

Eye of the Tiger

If you were to experience the R2P project again, what would you do differently?

Honestly, I would have asked more questions to the teacher I was within the classroom I was placed in. By asking questions, it could have made my blog posts more organized and more informational. But another thing I would do differently would be myself throughout the whole blog. At first, I was formal and was typing it as a research paper, instead of being myself and typing what I would normally say in person if I had to do anything else but a blog post. being more creative with my blog posts and building a sense of humor in the beginning.

What are you taking away to your future teaching practice from this R2P project?

There are a lot of things that I took away for my future teaching practice, but the most important value would be reflections and observations. These skills are useful as an educator because we are always observing students and how well they do or what they need to improve. Our classrooms are always changing but making observations could help the students feel safe in my classroom environment. Making reflections throughout the school year will make me a better educator.

What advice would you give to the next ERCH 496 students about the R2P project?

Oh man! the advice I would give to the upcoming students would to be ready for anything that is thrown their way. There is not one day that is predictable and there is always something happening around. Have your eyes open and think outside the box. This project will definitely help you think farther than you’re used to so be prepared to expand your thinking.

What advice would you give to Tatiana for the next iteration of the R2P project?

The advice I would give Tatiana would to explain this project very well at the beginning and give the students an idea of what to expect. It would be helpful to know what they are researching exactly, maybe have the students create a question before the go into field placement and have them observe what they about their questions. I appreciate the time and effort that Tatiana put into this project for us and for us to see the bigger picture as we are starting to become educators for our own classroom. I will definitely look at my project to get ideas and reflect on what is happening in my own class with my own students.