Reflecting, Remembering, and Moving Forward


While I look back and reflecting on all of the R2P’s I have done, I am proud of myself for giving it my all. I think given the circumstances, the process was educational. Towards the end with R2P 3 and 4, I feel as if my motivation for doing the blogs was gone. With that said, the experience was well needed. Technology is slowly taking over the world whether I like it or not, so finding my strengths in the blog realm is really helpful. I wish I would have been forced to create at least one video and one podcast though. I really had fun reading everyones blog and it gave me ideas for my next post I was going to create. At first, working with MU Blogs was tricky, but I got better and really learned the ins and outs of the website!


One of my favorite blogs I have done was R2P 2! I loved doing research and observing my field placement knowing I was writing a blog on it. I felt like a real journalist. I also liked my Netflix post for R2P 4. Behind the scenes of making that blog, I actually watched every movie and at least the pilot of every series to make sure what I was recommending was good! I also remember a peer of mine who did videos and I thought to myself, “Man I wish I could do that”. So viewing her videos, always gave me a bit of confidence but my doubt won each time.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, I may create my own blog website using a different home base. I think it is a great way for my parents and for my students to get to know me better but also, so I can further my knowledge about this blog process. I think moving forward I want to dabble in the podcast realm because I love listening to podcasts and I love listening to me! Haha just kidding.