Reflective R2P

(Start to Finish)


To start off,  this experience was something completely new to me. I never expected to start an education class where I was required to put myself out there and post all about my life experiences, as well as my professional one in a digital format for the entire community and beyond to see. I was very scared at first since I had never blogged before. Trying to figure out the formatting, and how to customize my page, was something I worked on continuously, as I kept posting.  However this experience like many others was a learning experience, and I was able to not only learn how to blog, but began to learn what elements are necessary in a blog as well to keep it entertaining.

This newly acquired information came to be known as the Rhetorical Triangle. Where you not only learn how to better engage the audience and the readers, but also how to be a fluent speaker and writer, while fully developing the topic one is discussing. This all brought me to where I am NOW.


However, with all the new insight I have gathered from this experience, it has opened my eyes up more widely to the world of blogging. I find it more interesting now to read posts from other teachers, as they discuss their experiences in the classroom. Talking about what works verses what does not work. I think I will take the knowledge I have been given and use it to my advantage when creating items such as my e-portfolio. Also later down the line, once graduated, I may even start blogging my own experiences to help others in a way they have helped me. Sharing my own personal experiences and classroom structures. This was a well balanced learning experience. Yet as teacher’s we are continual learners, so isn’t this what we signed up for?