A Lot of Buds

Today we walked in to class and found that our plant had a lot of buds all over it. This made us really excited and hopefully we at least get to see the beginnings of some peppers. We also found out that our pH was really low at a 5.8 so we added some pH up and brought it up to a 6.3. Since our jalapeño plants started budding we decided it was time to start pollinating the plants so we took a brush and brushed all of the plants with it and then we just blew air over the plants to simulate some wind.Our roots are also looking very healthy. Below you will find a picture of one of the buds and the root structure.

2 thoughts on “A Lot of Buds”

  1. No we did not allow our plants to have access to the water in the reservoir the entire time. In fact only 2 of our plants have actually reached the water in the reservoir. I’m not sure exactly how long it took for the roots to reach the water, but I know it is around a month

  2. Your crops seem to be very successful for the ones that are growing. I am interested in knowing how long it took for your roots to reach water because in our system, our roots wound up building up in the bottom of our cup however I can see in your plants that the freedom of roots in the water has caused for more successful growth. Have you allowed access to water the entire time or did the roots reach this point gradually?

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