Looking Pretty Good

So we were not in the class last Wednesday because we were on a field trip to a waste water treatment plant, but we came in today and found that the plants that had started growing before are even bigger and look pretty good. We were relieved to find that our system had remained dripping throughout the entire week without any signs of slowing down. We also checked underneath the plants and found that the roots of the plants growing looked pretty healthy. The one plant mentioned last post that looked like it had started to grow and died looked like it was a little greener so there still may be a chance of it growing. We also found that one of the cups that hadn’t grown anythings is starting to grow a very small amount and the last up still has nothing growing so unless there are signs of life soon we might have to try replanting new seeds. The pictures below are of the overall system and the root structure that is starting to take shape.

5 thoughts on “Looking Pretty Good”

  1. As far as support go it is not a definite that pepper plants always need support. Pepper plants usually don’t need support, however, sometimes they can tend to droop if the peppers get too heavy, but I can’t anticipate our plants needing support. If it turns out they do need support we will just use stakes with garden ties.

  2. I noticed on your design that you have wooden stilts supporting the dripping tube. since the outside of the tube doesn’t come into contact at all with the water why not make it extra secure with tape? It would only take one slip for no water to feed your plants.

  3. Do peppers need any kind of support once they get to a certain size like tomato plants do? If so, have you guys thought about what you are going to do for support?

  4. I had no idea you guys were growing peppers!! Very cool!! Now that you guys have the small problems fixed with the water, the health and growth of the peppers will probably be great!

  5. I like the idea of growing peppers! Its also good to see that the problems that have been interfering with growth have been fixed. Everything seems to be right on track with all the kinks out of the way and hopefully you guys have successful growth from here on out!

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